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  1. Scott, what are your thoughts on that "out and back" pattern for multiple groups ? I think my first scenario was maybe a bit much, but here's the thing, at our DZ there are more and more WS all the time and I was just looking for some ideas on exit and flight patterns. Thanx to all for the input
  2. Sorry, at my DZ it's wingsuits only or nothing. (DZ of the Future) On second thought, you could do the spectator ride, for half price.
  3. This is purely hypothetical with as many go 'rounds or 180's as you want. All solos will remain solos. Jump run could be started much earlier and extended longer. Thanks for any input
  4. 20 wingsuit jumpers on one load 7- solo 4- 2 way 1- 5 way How would you exit and flight plan it ?
  5. ultraviolet


    Thank you very much for the translation, was totally unaware of that problem. Has anyone heard how she's doing ?
  6. Click on "detailed view" at the top of the container page and there are pics of all risers types open and closed.
  7. " The biggest hurdles are in the mind " -Reinhold Messner "Reality will elude all those who do not seek it" - " A man passing through an airport turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok " -
  8. Let us know where it is and we'll check it out for you
  9. Go for Potash instead. People have taken 5 there.
  10. Taking this into consideration how would you exit with your leg wing if you had to ensure early separation ? ( like how much are you bending your knees and how much of your leg wing is exposed ? )
  11. "Keen and Able" is the latest BASE flik from Jimmy Halliday. www.jimmyhalliday.com and JT is a BASE jumper.
  12. In "Keen and Able" JT outracks the talus of HD with what looks like just PF pants.