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  1. Bad news :-( We had a really nice summer in Norway, will never forget it... You are a legend RIP Benni Be careful out there, the ground is hard
  2. Big loss again... Sad news, condolences to your family.. We had a cool trip around Romsdalen couple of years ago....
  3. This suck.. Fly free dude... Tom Erik
  4. I have tested the Acro suit from Phenix and posting some feedback on it. I have been testing it for almost 3 months now... (from plane and mountains.) The design on the suit is really nice, ecspecially for beginners and jumpers who want to fly close to things. It flies really good due to it has small wings, flying it deep and putting up speed is fantastic easy on the suit. Doing acro`s like rolls, backlflying is pretty simple in the suit. And off course the pull is really nice, no hazzle with wings over the pilotchute. I will reccomend this suit for beginners in wingsuit, and extreme flyers who wants to fly close to walls and other stuff.. This is one of one of the easiest suit i have tried. People and other jumpers saw it and tried it during the extreme week and came wtith the same feedback. I Have compared this suit to Birdman Classic, S1, S3, Matter Mtr3, S-Fly Expert. There are off course a lot of different suits to choose between, but this is a safe beginner suit, and could be a hardcore fly by suit.. Have a good one Tom Erik Molde BASE ACG BASE Norway
  5. The registration fee for Participating at the Ekstremsportveko is estimated to 120 US, 750 nok. This includes parties with big concerts. Check out the programme.... The atmosphere at this happening is extremely good... There is different slider up / and down cliffs who is really nice. So just show up with good attitude and you will leave with a big smile :-)
  6. The reason that there are few foreigners in the 3 walleys is due to Really long hikes aprox. 3-5 hours. Steep all the way. Dangerous cliffs, difficult to find the exits. The Police hunt down basejumpers with dogs. I would prefer going to Lysebotn, where you can do 3 jumps a day, and keep the police away. You need to be very experienced with the climatic, and the mountains up there, because the weather is unpredictable... For the guys who knows it :-) Have a nice day Tom Erik
  7. I did it from the other side of the Valley of K.Tind in Romsdalen... The exit is on ca 1600 meters.. The conditions wasn`t the best.. A week earlier i had 48 sec and pulled very very high... I had about 44/45 sec from K.tind 1370 meter high.. This is with the fly pants... I have done about 100 jumps with the smokepants, they are good, but the flypants gives you more speed and altitude...
  8. Soon we will do over 50 sec... The pants rules......
  9. I have over 100 jumps with ad smokepantz and they are really good, but the flypantz just take off... I have jumped a couple of different places in Romsdalen, and they give me long flights... Last from K 44 sec frefall ca 1km long flight high pull(left my handbag at the exitpoint) The functionality on the pants are good, easy to get on, and easy to fly... They flies almost as the classic, i have some great video from the ground and my speed horisontally is just awesome... by times it seems that i dont loose any hight.... I just take my hat off, and Im ready to get out there and play more.... The fly pantz rules !!! Tom Erik Heimen MOLDE BASE ROMSDAL BASE edit: site name ~TA