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  1. As far as an informational site in order to keep your self alive, i think that if you need the site to stay alive then you might not have enough common sense to be a BASE jumper Common sense says that if you rig or pack your gear wrong then you will probably die. common sense would also tell you that if you fail to have a canopy above your head at a reasonable altitude you will also not survive. common sense tells you that if you strike the object you just jumped from even if it is not your fault chances are you are not going to make it.
  2. I believe this was said earlier. make it a memorial site not a list. take out the numbers there is no point for numbers.
  3. It appears that the one common thought about the BFL is that it serves some higher purpose in the form of education. It's not that aspect of the list that I find abhorrent. these words are at the top of the page... "Published for its Educational, Historical, and Memorial Value . . . " It's the subjectivity of the keeper of the page in his depiction of people who he never even knew that I find disrespectful and counterproductive to BASE jumping in general. How is it his ethical role to write anythiing memorialistic about these people? And what do the the dot dot dots stand for? Obviously very few of you agree with me...
  4. I do not agree with you. there is no need for a "death list" the list is definitely an unnecessary evil. I searched many sports including snowboarding, diving and climbing and there are no "death list". there were a few mentions of good athletes who died, but no list. these sports seem to be doing just fine without a fatality list. Which just proves that there is no need for one. When i was learning to BASE jump the one thing that people repeatedly said was that both me and my parents should read the list. Finally i did and i found it sickening that someone who has never met 90% of these people thought he/she had the right or "responsibility" to tell there story. I think the list is a sick portrayal of who BASE jumpers are and i think that if the list should stick around it should be up the the friends or parents of the ones who died to tell there story, not someone who has ample amount of time on his/her hands.
  5. Good stuff good stuff!!!! love it
  6. Both of my parents like it, my mom realylikes the font!! she said that she likes that i got it on my head so i can cover it up if i want, she also said i should keep my head buzzed for a while because it looks good
  7. hahah i shaved my head and got the tattoo about a year and a half ago
  8. dont have a picture, but You can see the finished product on youtube
  9. Hey at least i put it in a place where i could hide it even if it came out lame (which it didn't) I happen to realy like it so HIDGAF
  10. Cory Rich took a lot of thoes pctures
  11. Well congrats... You owe Jimmy $1000.00 for saving you $1000.00 on a first jump course. he wants it in $20's thanks
  12. I went to Norway last year and did a bunch of jumps, I did learned how to skydive before that. I also had a few 1600ft antenna jumps.
  13. learning how to skydive is a godd idea. altho it is not nescary to learn to jump . I would not change how or what i did, but there are some dissadvantages to not learning how to skydive first. it would pose no problem if you jumped ideal subterminal with open landing areas like some pt's and the perrine the entire time, but if you want to jump biger terminal cliffs with more technical landings (I am not saying it is impossiable) but it is much safer,easier,and all around smarter to learn to skydive. everyone who askes me about learning to BASE jump I tell them the same thing most of you do... learn to skydive first. most people are kinda dissapointed because i was the 16 yr old who learned with no skydives. they were expecting me to say that they should go for it and then offer my services.
  14. I started to jump at 16 with no skydives and n tandems. I had 8 BASE before my first tandem and 15 before my static line course.