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  1. Surprised the new black magic hasn't been brought up yet. For under 1k seems reasonable with the bonus of getting better glass in front of it.
  2. SkyDivinRyan


    Well seeing as I can see the inside of it I'm thinking its pooched lol.
  3. SkyDivinRyan


    Yes I just put my n3 through the wash wooohoo
  4. Love my T4i low light is ok using a cine lens aswell.
  5. Have any of you tried the Shaun T Insanity workout... I start may first.
  6. Im now using for learning norwegian..
  7. on vimeo now
  8. [/url][url] This guys pretty good.
  9. Yep you should have no problem the only thing you will need is a set of av cables for you Iphone. Does you set up us av cables?
  10. Im using a free program for simple words. does anbody any suggestions for programs to use to learn Norwegian.
  11. I got my email conformation it stated you will recieve your order the last week in november. I ordered mine today