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  1. SkyDivinRyan

    Canadian getting a job at a skyventure tunnel

    pm me for the canadian tunnel
  2. SkyDivinRyan

    S-fly help

    is it just a material cahnge
  3. SkyDivinRyan

    finally got to Newhamshire

    heres some pictures Im the fat serious one one
  4. SkyDivinRyan

    ParaCommander Birdman (wingsuits & round canopies)

    wow Nice job peter to bad I was at the Tunnel maybe next time Ill se it
  5. SkyDivinRyan

    Miles Daisher

    well im just going to remove this there seems to be a pattern insueing Ive made my choice and if you must know pm me haha
  6. SkyDivinRyan

    The Best Way to make a first jump

    why would you post that man now you gonna get bashed lol
  7. SkyDivinRyan

    Mass Jumpers

  8. SkyDivinRyan

    BASE from London Eye

    ive been on that nice
  9. i very new but if we all jump for our own reasons then why does it matter im not trying to put down you topic but who cares as long as we all walk away happy cause in the end we all hang out together because we all have somthing in common that is to jump for ourselfs and thats it ps sorry im a little drunk lol but seriously
  10. SkyDivinRyan