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  1. Hey , I just got in my Vector 3 Micron V304 and am having some issues with acceptable closing loop(main), and cypres loop tensions. Background: I have a PD Optimum 113R and a Velocity 90 main, both new. According to the website, this container should hold a PD Optimum 113 and in this configuration is considered “full fitting”. My main canopy is considered “standard” fitting and I chose this incase I wanted to go up or down a size. This container is equipped with a skyhook, and I am jumping a cypres 2. Packing the reserve: I am not a rigger, but am completing my pack jobs to get my ticket in the future. Since I have never packed a skyhook, I elected to have my master rigger pack the reserve, in its entirety, to learn how to properly install the specific system. After the canopy was in the bag (which at this point did not look any different, or specifically “overstuffed”) we took the pre installed cyres loop, which I believe was at 4” and tried that. Not even close. Using tensioning devices, we could not even get the loop through all the flaps WITHOUT the pilot chute installed. Long story short, the reserve container is closed with a 5” closing loop and the pull tension is just legal, but legal none the less. Also, the grommets of the flaps are stacked. However, I spoke to a rigger at UPT and he stated they do not recommend a closing loop length for the 304 in excess of 4.5”. You touch the reserve container and it feels like there is a cinder block in there. Main: The reserve is now packed. However, no matter how I pack my main, roll it over like normal, leave the bottom of the d bag pointing straight up, it isn’t even close to acceptable. In either circumstance, the grommets from the left and right flap are 2.5” apart, it’s so tight I’m not sure that the PC has the balls to pull it out, and b/c of the spacing of the grommets, my pin and closing loop are over a half inch outside of my pin cover when it’s closed. Also, I had my main packed properly in the d-bag. I have it in the bag so tight there is NO fabric exposed whatsoever. The reserve was packed as the rigger at UPT instructed. Not separating the pack job as shown in the Sunpath manual (not saying that is wrong in the case of the odyssey) and with as little fabric as possible in the ears. I fully trust the abilities and competencies of the rigger who packed the reserve, who has been in the industry for 35 + years and has thousand upon thousands of R pack jobs, countless of which have been on Vector 3’s. I am basically trying to figure out if this is common and if there is some packing trick/technique etc.. I am missing for this specific rig. I just thought I would ask you guys first before I call UPT back and bother them more than I already have. Any responses at all are greatly appreciated….sorry for the long post. Best, BK
  2. Who here has experience (wearing them) with these helmets compared to Rawas. Which is more comftorable. Best BK Note to the Moderator: If Lepka responds, please kick him off this site forever.
  3. Both of those helmets came to my village when I was a child. They burned my home and killed my father. If either one of those helmets ever shows up at my DZ, I'll attack and have my revenge. Oh my God, I didn't know helmets could be anti semitic.
  4. Hey, Just needed to know if anyone has experience with both/either of these and has opinion on which is better. Anybody got anything against these helmets? Thanks
  5. It's obvious that you don't remember the evening to well. I didn't mind getting shocked, in fact, I kinda liked it. To tell you the truth, my taint was getting shocked, and it was awesome, I wouldn't mind sitting up there for an extended period of time, with some lotion or something. I'm a mans man, after we jumped I went and lifted weights and then built all sorts of shit. BK aka Mans Man
  6. Going for the first time, rolling solo, anyone gonna be there? PM me Thanks, BK
  7. QuoteCincinatti is where old carnival workers and retired clowns go to pass away. That was awesome.....I miss your man hands Mike....come back soon.
  8. RPetrie

    My new Baby

    Wait a second, why doesn't that thing say Asylum on it. Just kidding, my best friend jumps one of those and its sick....good lookin rig. BK
  9. Dick Walk(l)ing. Kinda like dead man walking, but not really at all.....really just like a dick walking around.....i heard after all that happened he even changed his name. I love you Trebec
  10. Since we're on the subject, thinking about going to Norway for a couple weeks this summer. Just curious, since I have no idea, how much money you need to have per week in Norway. I know this is variable depending on the individual, but if anyone has a ballpark, that would be nice..
  11. Jason, Are the ponds going to be so big and accommodating of the “average” fall rate so if you do open low you have no chance of getting land? I have class all day today but will go home tonight and pull up a google earth image and photo shop it to try to give some pretty decent rough estimations. Hopefully if will be helpful b/c the object I’m speaking of is 1500’, so pretty close anyway. Get a hold of T.J and Jimmy, they got a shit load of jumps of it over the past summer with wingsuits, regular clothes, and tracking suits. Also, what the hell is this about and where…..don’t leave us hanging. BK Edit: Didn't read your second post before I wrote this...so you answered part of it.
  12. Big Hips, Big Balls, Sculpted Biceps and Abs; those are only a few attributes of this almighty figure. Since birth, TJ has been somewhat of a real life X-Man, or mutant if you will (or if you won’t, I don’t give a shit). Impenetrable by almost anything this world has to offer, he defies all laws of physics and reason. For example, if TJ were to go in clean, all he would have to do is wipe the grass stains off, for he would actually be fine. That’s why he is pulling so god damn low all the time. But for all of these super human strengths, TJ has one fatal, filthy, disgusting flaw. This flaw exposes his one TRUE weakness, the sunlight. TJ was born with Gingerism. Gingerism, the word alone sounds horrible, but not nearly as horrific as the condition itself. Gingerism, in layman’s terms is someone born with filthy red hair, red like the devil. The word alone has been proven to make Charles Manson vomit in his post mortem state. Webster’s defines the virus as follows---Gingerism: the foul condition of a sub species of human where the hair is red and the skin is the color of pancake batter. The most obvious symptom of this condition is when the filthy pancake batter skin is exposed to any form of light it produces millions of freckles or “demon portals” for the filth to escape from. Just know everyone, you can’t trust anyone who isn’t a day walker, and they ruin everything they touch. Be safe out there “If we can put a man on the moon that means in the future we could put a ginger on the moon. And if we can put one ginger on the moon that means someday we can put all of them on the moon, forever.”-----Jesus Christ
  13. Thanks BGill, I read that stuff and also the website information (essay) that is available. So if there is any info on a list of schools that would be great. Kinda doubt there is but we'll see. BK
  14. I am attempting to start a skydiving club at Akron University in Akron, Ohio. However, the risk management department is thinking of denying the request before I even begin the application process. Basically, I need to get some numbers together to attempt to convince them otherwise. I was wandering if anyone knew of a database or something of the like of University/Colleges who were operating active clubs. Also, I was wandering if the U.S.P.A might have any information on the subject. So basically, lets get a list going. Thanks, and any info whatsoever would be extremely helpful. BK Note to Moderator: Any info on other posts that are relevant would be great.
  15. RPetrie

    WV is hot-hot-hot

    Just letting you know....there is an 870 something foot S in WV that is hot as hell. No blatent foul play...middle of the night some peeps almost got the smack down b/c some bitch at a hotel has a loud mouth, a hotel where every other employee goes above and beyond to help you out b/c they enjoy your business in the winter when nobody else is there. So just letting you know....be very careful C-Ya