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  1. hmmmm...isnt the good vibes boogie thrown by team one at the farm?? FAIL
  2. this guy is back witha new email Hi agent lead, On 16-Jan-2009 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => muller URL => Name => Dan FromEmail => City => london Country => united kingdom Comments => Hello seller i saw the advert of your Main Canopies i am hihgly interested in buying it and i will like you to get back to me with the follwing Main Canopies : 1)How long have you owned it? 2)Is there any damages on it? 3)Any available photo? 4)The last price of it? 5)Means of payment will be by Money Order or ceritified check Thanks Hope to read from you soon
  3. agent_lead

    when is your canopy-course!?

    jeff "jeffro"provenzano is giving a canopy course at the ranch in ny may 24-25th $150 per slot plus jumps... will cater to newbies and exp pilots... slots are filling up fast...see my post in events forum for more info
  4. agent_lead

    SpeedFlying Tandem

    how does one land a speedflying tandem?
  5. agent_lead

    glide katana?

    in full flight the katana will sink alot more then your sabre 2...its not that great in deep brakes/rears slows the descent rate down some but still nothing compared to a sabre2/stiletto
  6. agent_lead

    Xtreme Divers

    I cant recall having a better time at a boogie as I did at the 2007 boogie they held in Feb.. First of all the location is amazing..beach jumps...all that good stuff.. Jason and viv are 2 of the nicest DZO's I have come across in skydiving in general.. I strongly recommend the pretty much guaranteed a terrific time..
  7. agent_lead

    Balloon Jumps Northeast??

    theres a guy named tony in jersey who takes jumpers up to like 8grand in a balloon...
  8. agent_lead

    Under Canopy through Cumulus Clouds

    here are some amazing cloud formations i would have loved to fly through
  9. when they originally annoucned this change 2 years back they had said that the us virgin island and puerto rico WOULD be included on that list of needing passports... they kinda changed that one at the last minute.. glad i wont need to get one to goto the PR boogie..
  10. agent_lead

    WFFC 2006 - Gear Rental / Questions

    i may also need to rent gear depending on how fast my shit gets here... cuttin it close...
  11. agent_lead


    where are you guys from?? ive always found the people at sdli to be cheerfull and helpfull.. great dz to learn at...
  12. agent_lead

    Arizona tunnel trip report

    i can handle wiseass remarks.. im new to the tunnel forum so correct me if i say something wrong..
  13. agent_lead

    Arizona tunnel trip report

    im looking forward to my trip there as well... going from the 19th to the 26th...already booked our tunnel time...i think its about 10 of us going...should be GOOD TIMES... im more amped that ill be getting coaching from jeff provenzano...a world class swooper among other things... ahhhh...eloy i dream about you! just cant wait..
  14. agent_lead

    When to buy and when to rent?

    better if you tell them your weight and height and imo a 170 sounds a little small for 13 jumps under your belt.. im flying a spectre 5'10 180
  15. agent_lead

    finished aff

    congratz man..i also just finished aff... and ive been to 2 diff dz's since and still havnt gotten my solo jump..due to winds.. i aint mad or nuthin...just wanted to get it in before it gets too dam cold.. but yeah congratz man..good stuff..