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  1. my sincerest condolences to you and your family. Ed was a good guy. very likable. when you were in his balloon he would come out of left field with random stories that seemed random but in the end tied up whatever we were yapping about at the time. i was in his basket 3 diff times in 3 diff years and as many states. i was also on the first load of his final load of 10 jumpers. the weather was near perfect and we landed on the dz without incident. i was very saddened to hear about this some time after our jump. it hurts my soul. i shared some of the happiest moments of my life in ed's basket. he shared one of his last happy moments with me. BSBD good buddy. your already missed. -agent. --------------------------------------------
  2. 18 in a day...50 in 4 days --------------------------------------------
  3. jimmy t! --------------------------------------------
  4. wow alot can change in a year!! the landing area looks AMAZING..great job! sadly this will be the first time in the last 5 events that i have to miss it. have fun!!!!!! --------------------------------------------
  5. thanks man, that was a fun one to do. --------------------------------------------
  6. Just stumbled across this thread. Its hard to tell from a 15 second clip but it sounds house of pain-esque. I think I'd like nobodys fool a lot. I'm not a die hard rap fan but I do like listening to "RAP" not the gansta buulshit where everyline is either how the artist will kill ya to get what he wants or some sort of vocal tagline of his name or bandname. From the few clips I listened to it sounds decent. I'll sit on it for a few days and check again. If I still think I'd like it I'll buy it. thanks man!! i can promise there is no gangsta shit going on on this album, just real people talking about real life. nobodys fool seems to be a favorite so far. --------------------------------------------
  7. i didnt get any opinions. all of my reviews are 5 stars. none of them came from here. no biggie. whatever --------------------------------------------
  8. thanks for nothing guys. --------------------------------------------
  9. you guys may remember me from this video --------------------------------------------
  10. hey thanks man!!! the skydiving community really came out in herds to support this album. we are already ranked @ #69 on the mainstream itunes charts. if you like hip hop, like, real hip hop then you should give the music a listen, if you dont like hip hop you may find all of your stereotypes about rap music to be crushed, and end up boppin your head along with the rest of us. thanks for the love and support! 5 star ratings and comments mean more than sales believe it or not. trying to break into the top 50 on itunes! were close, we just need a small push!! help a fellow skydiver out will ya? --------------------------------------------
  11. please excuse if this is posted in the wrong forum, figured this was the best suited forum for it. wondering if anyone knows of any good places for ground launching in the socal area? been looking to give this a shot since i moved out here and havnt found anyone who is really into it yet. please advise.
  12. RIP sir. a line i said everytime i saw him... "the go-rilla, knows he gon leave footprints, so he buy his shoes a size or so bigger" --------------------------------------------
  13. you have to understand that the skydiving community as a whole consists of very strong personalities. everyone wants to be on the soapbox at the same time. --------------------------------------------
  14. Frowns for safety? wak... landing restrictions usually will make me cross whatever boogie/dz it is right off the list... a 180 is a more dangerous turn then a 270 anyway...its a retarded rule.. --------------------------------------------
  15. leaving on tuesday...cant wait.. --------------------------------------------