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  1. Stein

    heli boogie '07

    Hi all. On behalf of Stavanger B.A.S.E klubb, I will thank everybody who came to the heliboogie 07. Here is some numbers for you. We made about 1000 jumps in 4 days. No serious injuries, but we had a couple of close calls. The worst was the cliff strike in free fall , but he made it without any serious injury . I think the worst injury we had was 4 stiches in the forehead after hitting a rock during landing . The weather was the best ever, and the party saturday was also the best ever Stay safe Regards SBK Stein
  2. Hi All Just want to let you know there is still slots open for the heliboogie
  3. Thanks to all of you who participate this competition. There was many good objects to choose from. To day we can finally announce the winner of this competition. and the winner is: Brook Willard, from Orange, California. The graphic that was chosen can be seen if you click this link: SBK T-shirt Congratulations to you Brook, you will have a free season pass. Just let us know when you will come visiting us, you are most welcome. Regards SBK
  4. Stein

    norway gear?

    EQUIPMENT Your equipment must be approved by an instructor before jumping. Note ! Only equipment manufactured for fixed object jumping will be approved. Basic rules for B.A.S.E. Jumping at Kjerag Stein
  5. Thor Alex with a virgin, note that the virgin is taking the final steps Stein Tandem base
  6. Stein

    Make my day

    Ski base Norway
  7. Trying to get this clicky? Heliboogie 2007 teaser Looks like I made it, enjoy
  8. Looking forward to a lot of fun this season Stein basekjerag edit to fix clicky ~TA
  9. 5 more weeks to participate this graphic design comp. Graphics must be received by April 1st, 2007, for consideration. Remember to send it to Vibeke at this E-mail: [email protected] Stay safe Stein
  10. Hi Rick, met your brother and Rick P. last year. Hope to see you both this year then.
  11. Finally we got the permit to use a helicopter to fly basejumpers from all over the world to the top of the famous cliff Kjerag in Lysebotn. For more Stein
  12. The last ferry leaves 2:20 pm from Lauvik. From the airport to Lauvik with a taxi takes about 60 minutes, it will be expensive but less expensive than stay the night in Stavanger to the next morning. the cost will be around 600 NOK (100 usd). If there is several jumpers to split the cost, it wont be that bad. See you soon Stein
  13. Stein

    Fatality in Norway

    My thoughts goes to his family and friends. Stein
  14. Stein

    Heli Boogie 2006

    Untill now there is 116 signed up for the Heliboogie. I assume there will be around 100-120 jumpers on site douring those 4 days we are flying the chopper. See you soon Stein