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  1. My name is Taylor, US Parachute Team, member of Too Wrapped Up, BASE jumper.... and I need help passing on knowledge of my revolutionary story company. We, as a community are amazing story tellers, but technology is not helping the next generation be so. Please check out Burble (not the manifest company) and share, pledge, or dismiss. Our community is amazing and my 15yrs in it has shown me the love we are capable of in supporting one another. BlueSkiesMag-i114-Burble-byMaraLucien.pdf
  2. Way to go Laura! Can't wait to do more CRW with you soon! -Coach (Taylor Cole)
  3. Updating my review: I absolutely love this place, the people, and the culture. There is a reason Skydive Danielson has won best small DZ 2 years in a row by Blue Skies Mag. Slip n Slide landings, unicycle bonfire hopping, river floating, CRW chopping mayhem, port a potty packing ..... keep the stories going and get to this DZ. A must visit!!!! Taylor 'Too Wrapped Up'
  4. Not bad at all. ;) Great to see the old CRW tapes. ~Taylor (Too Wrapped Up) -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  5. Elsinore Too Wrapped Up's Kevin ingley and Eric Gallan share the wonders of CRW with San Diego on the local news. :) Love my Teammates Taylor ( -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  6. Make CRW (Canopy Relative Work) a discipline you learn shortly after getting your 'A' license to improve canopy skills and meet amazing people (ie Crewdogs)!! CRW is a big piece of Skydive Elsinore and at many other major dropzones across the US. Take the time to ask about this AMAZING discipline! 'Like' our fan page to keep up with CRAZY wraps, CRW Pup Camps, and Record Breaking Rotations!!!!! We're heading to Dubai for the 2012 World Parachuting Championships and any support through our page is greatly appreciated!!! We are the easiest going people on the DZ and welcome questions about everything from Rigging, Cutting Away (both w/ handle or w/ knife), BASE, Unicycling, CRW, PBR, Wingsuits, and XRW. Get out to your local DZ and try CRW!!!!!! Elsinore is your BEST Option!!!!! ;) -TWU -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  7. This Saturday..... 25 February @ 8AM!!! 'Too Wrapped Up' A and B teams will be out to get new pups up in the air dancing on canopies. We have plenty of gear, so just bring a rig and a smile..... and maybe a few beers for when the day is over!! And friend Too Wrapped Up on FACEBOOK!!!!! :) ~TAylor -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  8. Plan a weekend at Elsinore some time and plan on staying at my place! LeeAnne and I have a room available for badass CRW peeps and we are (Thanks to Ken's Judging skills) the 2011 home of the Oka Cup. ;) Taylor (Red Canopy - Too Wrapped Up) -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  9. As a response to a dare, this is Kevin Ingley's Response: "Sorry it took so long for the video. We shot it the weekend after the dare, but I've been on the road ever since and haven't had time to edit and post it till now. Glen Fafard and Chris Lowder shot video. Taylor Cole and I did a Mr Bill out of an Otter under a Lightning. After we came back to consciousness, Eric Gallan muscled his canopy down to dock on us. Taylor climbed from me down to Eric to complete the Mr Bill pass, then he hopped up and sat on his slider just for the fun of it before jumping off. See the "Bill Pass" link below. OK, so we got one point. Bet ya can't turn two. " Bill Pass -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  10. Some great points. being that the sport is so new, progression would probably lead from big flock and slow ==> big flock and fast. Haven't flown the big suits, but seeing some flyers brand new to wingsuiting on them scares me a bit. Good times... and Good Luck to all you flyers on the record. See ya at elsinore!! -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  11. If belly flying has 0 horizontal component and wingsuit base has a possible 3:1 horizontal component, where are all these big way flocking jumps at? In other words, I see more and more massive suits coming out that give a wonderful control range for limited horizontal speeds, but to me, add nothing more than increased danger to a pilot that possibly couldn't fly the previous suit to full range. Should flocking records have a vector attached? Is a 10 way flock at 3:1 (horizontal:vertical) more worthy than a 100 way flock at 1:3? Not taking sides, just asking the question. -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  12. On heading cliff strike!!! :) Thanks for the pic Amanda! -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  13. mysty429

    Freefall 200'

    Hey Eric, send me your phone number, I got a new phone. Greeny would be the one to ask on this one, I'm sure he'll chime in. Tha 'B' you speak of are my lowest freefalls so far and all went well, no US405 landings. ;) I've seen a lot of freefalls in the 160-190' range by Greeny and he has them down. But shit does happen every once and a while. Be safe!! -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  14. mysty429

    TF this weekend

    Nice unpacked 2-ways we had!! In perfect spirit with the TF tradition. Send me your contact info when you get a chance. I wanna head up North for a trip sometime. -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"
  15. Couldn't find this one on the forum. Where's the best place to pitch a tent? -Taylor "Can't plan fantastic!!!!!"