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  1. johan420

    norbase...goodbye my friend

    ...he didn`t post much in here(mostly because he was banned most of the time) but i think he deserve a place here anyway...he was my best basefriend and we shared some good times out there, i can only tell he didn`t behave in real life like he did here on this board.. or the board on the other side of the wall...not even close!!! we started skydiving and BASE on same time..he passed away in a car accident tuesday morning...i will miss him like hell
  2. johan420

    Rig Color choice...... help vector3

    hey man...why not just give a shit about what other people think? it`s you who gonna spend your hard earn`d money on this creative, make your own design... good luck!
  3. is someone putting a gun to your head and force you to read this damn thread?????? not everyone one this board is BASE haters...."triple bonus rolling eyes"
  4. johan420

    Nitro/Nitron for wingsuiting?

    nitro is the shit......look how fast top fuel racers are....
  5. johan420

    Overloading a 7-cell canopy

    We share the same weight..i do jump a vented Troll245(260PIA spec), i know i could easily go for a 240 range(i used to jump that before)....i thinking about buying a Hybrid L/D and a Trango185(200PIA spec)-or 205(219PIA spec)...i probably go for a 205.....
  6. there may be some wingsuitflyers who don`t like the xtra bulk the springPC would add..but what about putting this PC below the rig in a pocket on the jumpers ass? hmm, maybe not
  7. johan420

    Overloading a 7-cell canopy`s the Trango im refering to.. Nick and Hookitt....this thread should be a sticky on the other side( in the BASE articles.. thanks...very informative..
  8. johan420

    Overloading a 7-cell canopy

    the manufactors will always set a recomanded wingload...just to be on the safe side on the road, but this wl could always be pushed...the manifactors will never tell how much it could be pushed.. Bu i have gone the other way before and underloaded canopies..with poor headingperformance as a seems like a overloaded CP would turn the other direction..better heading performance.. Im just guessing here...heading performance is the most important thing here since i would use it in base.. Riggers are welcome to chime in here..
  9. johan420

    Overloading a 7-cell canopy

    What will exactly happen if you overload a canopy witch are designed for very low loading..ex a BASE canopy? this canopies are likely designed for 0,6-0,8.. Im up for buying a low volumpacket non vented BASE canopy for the sake of a low profile design rig.. Im posting this here because of the lack of rigging knowledge on the other side of the wall
  10. i just buzzed thru your post...i see what u mean now
  11. the club u are talking about is the biggest dz in norway, so u can`t compare this dz with the other small dz`s in norway where they use cesnas and they actually doing funjumps and people pack studentcanopies for free..
  12. johan420

    DB cooper was...

    why do u think he`s alive? no..., he`s not alive...he landed in my i shoot him and took his wallet and his his rig....he doesn`t even had money in the wallet...that sucked balls....but i love the canopy....i still jump it(PD 170)
  13. johan420

    DB cooper was...

    a homo, and i hate that other DB cooper thread flame away fuckers....
  14. johan420

    I'm as dumb as fuck....