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  1. micro

    instersting finds...

    pics 4-7 japanese wwII back mounted rig... much more traditional looking
  2. micro

    Whats your Monthly Nut$$?

    more than my wife is happy about, I'm afraid.
  3. micro

    Don't turn low.

    "Girl you know it's true! (Oo oo oo I love you...)" -milli vanilli
  4. micro

    Breaking myself video

    how are you healing?
  5. go FAT boy is right! doesdick loves ya baby!
  6. micro

    Parachutist Cover Pic

    what's w/ you getting yours before May is even over? LUCKY
  7. micro

    Tennessee rigger needed

    i've got a good one not far from you in antioch... give me a call and i'll hook you up... he's a rigger, AFF instructor and local S&TA... PM coming w/ my numbers...
  8. I wonder why you aren't asking about price differences as well? Paradise Skydives has a Porter for sale for 675k whereas you can get a good 182 for 100k or less.
  9. micro

    Bored after 20 years

    tried a wingsuit? edit... or just take a break! nothing wrong w/ that.
  10. micro

    Lost at Skydive Sebastian

    Well, at least you didn't lose your dignity.
  11. i thought it was a requirement to wear an emergency rig if you have jumpers aboard. am I wrong?