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    Because done properly, it's not just testing. You test positive, you isolate and the people you have contact with get tested. Those who test positive isolate and the people they've had contact with get tested, etc. Compared to the alternatives of locking down everyone and having no economy, and locking down no-one and seeing huge numbers of infections this is a good thing. I've gotta be honest, at this stage of the game I really wonder how someone who appears to be interested and has been actively discussing the subject for months doesn't have even a passing awareness of the concepts involved.
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    It's a simple solution really. Name all the bases and put up statues in honor of those 3,520 Medal of Honor recipients. Of those, 90 of the MoH's went to 89 African-Americans (Sweeney was awarded twice). Who's gonna take exception to an MoH recipient.
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    If it requires belonging to some group, no. If it means I'm against fascism, yes. If it means I think all government, or all conservatives, or all police, are evil, then no. So 2 out of three means a "no" vote. But then I'm not real big on formal groups that seem to demand allegiance. Wendy P.
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    Since illegal immigrants bother you so much, a simple solution is for Trump to order an end to counting them. Then the numbers will drop to zero.
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    Robert, I know you're not a skydiver, but if you thought this was funny you should look for a video called 'Good Stuff' by Joe Jennings.
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    Oh please. We're well into the "horse smoothie" phase.
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    I'm getting this almost every day. I do wonder if people accessing the site via mobile and leaving their browser running on their phone is keeping a connection open. Maybe try a timeout option that closes connections if they're inactive?
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    I spoke with Chris Dales (Parachute Systems owner) yesterday afternoon for over half an hour, and here is the latest on Parachute Systems and their product line and service. The factory in South Africa is closed. Negotiations are ongoing with a possible new manufacturer for the Vortex harness/container that would be made here in the US (thus removing one of the bigger reasons given by US jumpers for not buying the Vortex). However, COVID-19 has greatly slowed the negotiating process. Chris hopes to have Vortex production resumed in the US by year's end but nothing is certain due to the uncertainties of COVID-19 and the negotiating process. There are no current plans to resume Volt and Hurricane main canopy production, at least not in the US. There's a slight chance of production resuming in South Africa at some point in the future but those plans have a lower chance of panning out compared to the resumption of Vortex production. If canopy manufacturing does resume, odds are that the Parachute Systems Decelerator reserve canopy will not be produced - only the Volt and Hurricane main canopies. Their crossbraced canopy was discontinued a couple of years ago according to Chris. Some good news - regarding support for the Vortex and canopies, Chris still has the equipment and materials needed to support spare parts which include but are not limited to reserve free bag and pilot chute, main cutaway, reserve ripcord, and line sets for the main canopies. Presumably this is why their website is still up despite the factory being closed. Later this year I'll try to get an update and if so will post the latest info. Hope this helps.
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    We're lucky that in the UK you don't have to follow the manual anyway. Unpicking and then retacking a slink on very packjob is going to do more harm than good, fight me.
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    The police in Atlanta are calling in sick to protest the murder charges against the cop. Two thoughts: 1. Fuck 'em 2. Fire 'em
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    “Bolton writes that the House should have broadened its impeachment inquiry to other areas of his foreign policy, contending that he can document — and identify witnesses to — "Ukraine-like transgressions ... across the full range of his foreign policy,” Well it would have been nice if he’d had a fucking spine and said something at the time instead of saving it for a book deal.
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    One of the most ridiculous things happened to me today (even though it's completely my fault, I find it very very very improbable set of coincidences). I jumped hop 'n' pop from 1200m and didn't bother to put on my jumpsuit and went with shorts and shirt instead. After packing the canopy, I put my pull-up cord in the pocket (no zipper or anything). Upon jumping and deploying, the cord slipped from the pocket, went up into the canopy at some point during the snivel, passed through the slider grommet and locked the slider up. I managed to get it down somewhere a bit above 700m. I've had my hard deck set for ~650m (the decision to cutaway). There was a lot of thermics and the canopy seemed too unstable to be safely landable. I've always looked at "don't jump with stuff in your pockets" as "you can drop that stuff and lose it + it could kill someone below. Never considered it could also go up. The takeway: don't jump with wih stuff in your pockets (that could slip out).
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    Punctuation and inflection is very important when you say that . . .
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    Nobody is on my ignore list. And if they were; I hope I'd have enough class to not feel the need to announce it to everyone else for some brownie points.
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    No, and that's the problem. Not everyone who saw the video knew it was wrong, not in the sense you imply. For example, the DA didn't "know" it was wrong in the sense that the bastard, and his asshole buddies, needed to be immediately locked up on murder charges. Of course looting and arson is wrong. But for just one second try to imagine living a life where you and your friends were not only deprived equal access to all society can offer, just owing to your skin color, but also subject to police harassment and murder. Then add to that the fact that the cop who killed someone who looked like you, or your family member would probably get away scot free. Can you imagine, for just one second, eventually being so pissed off you might want to break something? You know, just to remind yourself you aren't completely powerless in the face of what you deal with every damn day. Think about it.
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    A recession is when your neighbor loses their job A depression is when you lose yours And recovery is when Donald trump loses his
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    How many trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb? None, he tells them that it’s fixed and they all sit in the dark and applaud him.
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    You mean WHITE people are finally afraid and angry. People of color have been in that situation their whole lives.
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    You say that, but the rest of your posting record shows the opposite to be true. This has been discussed before. To which you replied: Oh, but I am just trolling. To me that just says: I don't have the balls to stand up for what I really believe in. It is like Ron saying he doesn't understand why people think he is racist.
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    "The Times reported that President Trump and the White House's National Security Council were briefed on Russia's bounty rewards in late March. They discussed an appropriate response, ranging from making a diplomatic complaint to Moscow and economic sanctions, but the White House had not yet authorized a response"... trump bag boy stated "Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said it's "imperative" to get answers and urged the Trump administration to tell Congress what it knows about Russia's efforts to pay bounties to kill American soldiers. "I expect the Trump Administration to take such allegations seriously and inform Congress immediately as to the reliability of these news reports," Graham, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, tweeted." Above from FOX news so you know its true.
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    Seriously? You 'haven't been paying attention'? So you don't realize, that with 4% of the world's population, the US has 25% of the deaths. You haven't been paying enough attention to realize that much of the industrialized world has this under control? That New Zealand has eradicated it? The main reason the US is so far behind is simply because Trump didn't do anything substantial for several weeks. He was waiting for it to "go away". He stopped travel from China (and proposed stopping travel from Mexico - remember that argument?) because they have dark skin. He DIDN'T stop travel from Europe, even when it was clear that Italy had a pretty severe problem... Because they were white. He 'fiddled while the corona burned' (and didn't even get that it was an insult). Now we're opened up. And it's spreading. The positive cases found today were almost certainly infected 2 or 3 weeks ago. So, even if we closed everything down again (and the Trumpettes won't let that happen), it will be 2 or 3 weeks of 40k+ new cases... EVERY DAY. Do the math. 17 days of 40k is... SIX HUNDRED EIGHTY THOUSAND NEW CASES. We're fucked. Thanks to Trump.
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    Irrelevant to the point. Seeking asylum IS legal. Just because you may not be approved doesn't make it illegal.
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    You've done the correct thing by choosing your main and reserve first, and then finding a container to fit. Don't worry about downsizing for now.
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    A lifetime of practice at being antisocial is finally paying off.
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    When used repeatedly until the victim is dead should at least deserve some consideration. More so when a physical interaction was entirely uncalled for in the first place. What 911 center responds to calls with the initial question "Is he black?". To me, he seemed confused but not intoxicated. Fully cooperated. He's then asked to walk a line that doesn't exist. Yet is does have an unstraight crack in the pavement along his path. Fully honest and open with the officers. Seems he is trying to understand his rights and whether or not to take a breathalyzer. Whic can easily be incriminating and why a lawyer typically advises you to not take, especially if you have been drink at all any time within the day. On probation, so he wants no part of a police interaction. THIS is where he changes his thinking. A black man, on probation. He's fucked in most places right here. The interaction alone, without any charges or consequence, can cost him dearly on the probation requirements. Depending on the jurisdiction, the minimal over the limit blow on the test, he could have received a minor citation and driven home if he left his car there. Which to some cops makes it a judgement call. IMO, he wasn't "drunk". He was fully interacting, direct, honest, eye contact, no slurring, no stumbling, no risk to anyone it would appear. Even addressed the officers by NAME. Fully aware. As soon as 2 cops take his hands, he flipping panics. This is where killed while being black comes in to play IMO. I don't personally understand or know this fear. I have friends that do. I at least can understand it. They had his ID, they knew who he was, knew he was on probation, and could have easily located and taken him into custody. Why did they need to kill him? He was no threat to them in any way when he was shot in the back and murdered. Most of the techniques cops use for restraint, work against the body. The body responds. It's not resisting when the natural human response is always to stop the pain the technique is causing. What it is, is the first charge of resisting arrest and justification of murder. 3 shots. In the back. Running away. With a useless piece of plastic. Taken from a clueless cop who doesn't understand how he just used his weapons. Anyway. Chokeholds should not be used either.
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    Well, a good start would be to require bodycams with audio on ALL cops. Make turning it off a firing offense. And one that revokes the qualified immunity (see my next point). Another good start would be to revoke the qualified immunity for any action that goes against department policy or regulation. For example, the cops on the scene at the McDonald shooting in Chicago falsified reports, changed witness statements and destroyed video from a nearby Burger King. Those actions should end up with the officers becoming personally liable. If the cops knew that they could be held personally responsible for what happened if they violate the rules, I would think the rules would be violated less.
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    Stop thinking you are the best at everything and the whole world wants to be like you....and start learning from other countries.
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    You know why, right? Federal funding of testing sites not only doesn't directly WIN him votes in November, it actively HURTS his reelection campaign to see those numbers continue to rise. But a second stimulus cheque in the mail, well, that'll get him a few votes, and that money needs to come from somewhere. He doesn't give a shit about anything, or anyone apart from his reelection.
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    I wear a Vigil neck buff. When I'm trucking I isolate myself in the truck. Shippers and receivers in the US are mostly taking things seriously. I don't go into truck stops and I do my best to bring all the food I need for my normal 6 days on the road. Manitoba has a small population and is not a travel destination in the early spring. We are lucky that way. But we have been taking the same precautions as everyone else. Schools closed, bars and restaurants closed. We are re-opening now slowly. The DZ is now open and doing some tandems, but not me. I'm taking enough chances already for a 63 yo with a wife who is a working nurse.
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    That's the real story. Whatever happens as a result of the court's actions will be sorted out on appeal. If the judge is doing something illegal it will be fixed and the 'correct' legal action reinforced in precedent. What Barr's Justice department is doing is a separate and far more important issue. He is destroying the fundamental principle that all men are equal in the eyes of the law, and substituting for it his preferred idea that justice depends on who your friends are. It's mind boggling that up until now this mature democracy has depended solely on participants respecting the convention that President's don't tell AGs what to do and AGs don't meddle in political cases. If it prompts the gov't to actually taking some kind of action to fix that it might just be that Trump and Barr are doing you a favour by ripping that convention to shreds, but I doubt it.
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    So, there were no black men that could have played the part? Civil Activist Paul Robeson played Othello on Broadway in 1943. At that time it was said that no white man should ever play Othello again.
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    Yes, thats correct. Renewing your Instructor rating also renews your Coach rating.
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    There used to be a distinction between an Instructor rating and a lower Jumpmaster rating, but the JM rating was phased out quite some time ago. Perhaps that now applies to a Coach rating.
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    Somebody forgot to call Oklahoma. Every year everyone goes to the lake for Father's Day weekend. It's a rule. :)
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    I like this version better:
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    Turtle, it's rational to think about the current president. A sitting president and their policies are pretty relevant to most Americans. Wendy P.
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    If it's not even fun doing non-work jumps, it might be time to take a break. Don't sell your gear right away though.
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    OK, but this thread isn't about Republican politicians.
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    Hi Ken, I've heard that the vaccine will be available on Nov 3rd. Jerry Baumchen
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    Unions started as a great idea - give workers an organized voice to speak out against workplace abuse and unsafe working conditions. Many of them have since morphed into profit centers that sell their political power to benefit the union's leaders.
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    I can’t like This post because of the content. It’s too awful. But thanks for putting it out there. It’s serious. Wendy P.
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    A NASCAR fan reminded me that the Confederate flag is still waved prior to the last lap.
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    From that perspective, our entire country has and is repeatedly humiliated and debased by Trump and his supporters.
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    My memory is that it was a French way of making sure both risers left before the RSL activated the reserve. Used for at least some time on parachutes de France rigs, at least some of them.
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    It's too bad that sometimes posters that I am ignoring show up in quotes. But when it does happen it usually confirms that they are not worth my time to read.
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    Me, I'm the Queen of Fucking Everything -- it even says so on my jumpsuit! Wendy P.
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    Everyone you interact with knows you're special.
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