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    I have no idea how this got so complicated. I'd just do it. There are some basic rules like don't use a slider with grommets significantly wider then your cell. Depending on the length of your stabilizers your slider should not be setting on your bottom skin when packing. If it's so much wider that it's just crumpled on the bottom skin the fabric will not be holding the grommets up the lines till they slide low enough to lift the fabric off the bottom skin. Only then will the wind be holding it up. That's a fairly extreme limit but I have seen people make that mistake. Don't people futz with there gear any more? Lee
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    Be aware security may demand you open the main and reserve. It does not matter if you have the X-ray cards and USPA letter and all, they can demand it and you can't expect to change their mind. Be aware that carrying your rig around exposed might cause some nervous Nellie to get security involved. No matter how cool it might seem to get on a commercial flight with your rig on your back, it draws unwanted attention and could result in skydivers being treated worse in the future.
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    Seriously. People who work full time jobs and spend their weekends instructing (and even making instructors like someone I know well) have NO right to steal from those who choose to "live the dream". Doesn't matter how much experience the part timer has (although I guess it's worse if they have more than the OP). Those non-"professionals" should go back to their real life jobs and leave the skydiving... or do I mean ride operating? - to those who have dedicated their lives to it. </sarcasm>
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    Spoken as the true Airtec lover and defender you have always been here. Two points. Airtec no longer requires, only recommends 5 year servicing on the new units. Which means that almost no one will bother, making one of your points moot. And the other thing is that the demand for used AADs far exceeds the supply. This makes buying a new one the cheapest option on a per year cost basis.
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    Spoke with them this week and they are in process of transitioning to new factory and hence not taking new orders. They are making new parts and dealers have contact details of Chris. They are definitely still in business and just transitioning at the moment.
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    Show up, ask at the front desk if there's anyone looking to jump with other newbies. It might be a newbie, and it might be an old fart who likes jumping with newbies. Slow days increase your chance of jumping with the same person twice is more likely, and doing that will really make it easier for you to figure out what you're doing, so that you can either do more or less of it. But slow days decrease your chance of having someone at all -- ask at the front desk if there are people whom you normally should be looking for. Be honest that you can't afford to pay for coaching right now. And if you can afford to stay at the end of the day, do so, listen, and feel free to contribute beer if it's needed. There's no guarantees, but it beats nothing. Wendy P. (old fart who likes jumping with newbies)
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    Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this happening to them? Seems unlikely thing to worry about.
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    Not saying this is a scam but these prices seem way too low to be real. That Solo II used sells for around $140.... If real, then these are great deals
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    It makes it very difficult to give you the benefit of the doubt when you deny the obvious.
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    Robert, you are not honest about a lot of things. lets start at the beginning. you told everyone on this thread Skipp contacted you. that was false. you laid claims the house was bought for cash. that's was incorrect. the funny part was showing a mortgage while stating it was a cash deal One of your witnesses even said Kenny paid cash for the house. how could that be true. then the DNA fable and the 10 bucks for a lot. it goes on and on. we corrected you over the years and it irritates you to no end being wrong. it has nothing to do with being slanted. you asked for years for people to look into your story. well, that's what we did..
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    Tom Colbert fell prey to confirmation bias and motivated reasoning. But, he’s hardly alone for those with favorite suspects in the Cooper case.
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    If you boil a funny bone, it becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.
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    Well thanks! I rarely ventured into SC back in the day except by accident! Nice to see you! I found some pics of RevJim on my computer and made me think of everyone else.
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    My point about getting a used unit applies not just to Cypres. I understand that the used market is tight. Sometimes the per year cost matters less than the "right now" cost. For some, the desire to have a predictable cost (warranty that lasts) is important. I am a fan of the Cypres, but will be considering others when I need to replace mine in few years. The competitors definitely have some advantages, as I have mentioned. I even bought an Astra way back when I returned to jumping after several years away. Fortunately others persuaded me to reconsider and I was able to return it. Back then the only other choice was the original version of the Cypres. The exchange rate at the time allowed me to buy it at perhaps the lowest price ever.
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    just came across this,,,,get well soon jimmy!!!
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    This thread started with a simple product announcement … perhaps not within the letter of dz.com policy, but almost harmless. If the OP used "fucking sexy ass skydivers" as a verb, that is correct English, Dutch, etc. However the choice of vocabulary might offend some of the delicate flowers in the audience. Back in the good-old-days, skydivers were lewd, crude, vulgar, etc. and the dz was a safe place to vent our frustration with the "real world." many skydivers prided themselves on their "dirty biker" image. Sadly, most dzs have become more and politically-correct during this century. Boring! I have used skydiving as a cure for depression for almost 40 years. I started as a sport jumper back when sex was safe and skydiving was dangerous. Sadly, I was kicked out of the skydiving crowd after a plane crash. Bullies started the pushing, then my boss parked airplane wreckage where I had to look at every day on my way to work, then lawyers insisted on dragging out a simple lawsuit for 8.5 years. The odd thing was that I worked hard at physical rehabilitation during the year immediately after the crash. I could not explain clearly why I was working so hard, just knew that I had to "get back on the horse." I only lasted a year and a half until the airplane wreckage was permanently parked near the airplane gate. Since then I have been diagnosed as: insomniac, anxious, depressed,acid reflux, heart murmur, PTSD, etc. I have read dozens of books about PTSD and earlier today watched Sebastian Junger's videos on PTSD. Hopefully this new book offers advice on how to recover from that sort of long-term depression.
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    If you want to try Florida, recommend either Skydive Deland or Skydive City in Zephyrhills. Both have very robust AFF programs with a number of options. Both have fun jumper groups on Facebook that often post rooms, apartments, houses for rent for reasonable prices. They both fly seven days a week in the winter, so you could jump as much as you want. Both dropzones host many international jumpers over the winter, so you would be able to meet with a very diverse group while there. You would probably even be able to find others there who speak Canadian. And yes, Zephyrhills is the home of water, so you would also have that going for you. Good luck wherever you opt to learn. Have fun, and remember, a good arch cures a lot of problems.
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    I suggest going to Lake Elsinore. Smaller than Perris and lots of friendly people-As I discovered when I went there as a newbie with 40 jumps.
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    I don't know how I missed this gem! I totally think you should kick out those fake weekend instructors like myself. Then you will have to hire more full time instructors to handle the weekend capacity, and you will have to share more of your weekday jumps. The math will totally work out in your favor, trust me I am certified public accountant who pretends to be a skydiving instructor on the weekends. I will get to fun jump more, so screw it, and I don't really care if you have to switch from Dinty Moore stew to Alpo because you suck at math.
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    Anyone who disbelieves the dangers or disregards the predicament they are in after exiting an aircraft in flight best remember... Skydiving is an activity where you can do everything right and still die. The air, like the sea, is unforgiving to those who err.
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    This brought me a smile. My first reserve ride was on a 26' Navy Conical that was four years older than I was.
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    I love Xenia. I don't get over there much, my back doesn't like the drive, but when I can get out to a DZ that's the one. It always feels like pulling into home.
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    this is what I have been using https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-legend-se-4-knee-brace "Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me" Dorothy
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    Try this thread -- Jeff My Skydiving History
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    hello, this is for my first rig, and I'm trying to figure out what the dolphin has/doesn't have against the Wings rig. On this website, http://www.para-service.com/ the dolphin 2000 is listed a $790, and the wings would be $840. Also as part of the package, i would get a Tempo reserve from PISA, and a 9-cell ZP Hornet main. Are those good canopies for beginners, the wingload will be close to 1.0 if not less. Thanks alot for your guys/gals advice, you save me from the frustration that comes with shopping.