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  1. It is... well over 90% of the time. Remster
  2. Very nice write up. Factual. PS: it's over the last 20 years. Remster
  3. What did they bust? The 5 point tandem attachment system? Remster
  4. Where the f' have you been? It was in Indianapolis a few years ago, and before that, F1/Grand Prix races were held in Phoenix, Vegas, Dallas, Detroit, long Beach, Watkings Glen and Riverside. You need to get yourself more learned... PS: The best GP is still Montreal Remster
  5. You think the temperature, and density of 10 feet worth of air (what would be inside) has any significant impact on the pressure coming from 330,000 feet of air on the outside? Remster
  6. "How you doin'?" (Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.) careful what you ask for. Remster
  7. I think there's plenty of blame to go around both generations PS: if you REALLY want to feel good about yourself, try watching "Hoarding: Buried Alive" Remster
  8. Means you'r a Californian now ;-) Remster
  9. Some headhunters are just resume chasers. Others, once they find you, will spend a considerable amount of time coaching you and working with you. LinkedIn and, yes, Monster are the places that they seem to find me more than others. That, and through personal references. And like Amazon said: if you skills match what's in demand right now, they will find you. Also, if a head hunter who seems to know what they are talking about contacts you, and you are either not interested, or the fit isnt right, try and find a name or 2 to pass on to him/her (or vice versa: I prefer to pass the name of the HH to my contacts). Remster
  10. Calling yourself a friend doesn't mean anyone else is actually calling you a friend, Don. Remster
  11. Remster
  12. Since you seem to be bothered by it, why don't you list them? Remster
  13. It is required on every phone but you can turn it off. You can't on most. You can turn off GPS features on the phone, but most of the time E911 GPS cannot be disabled (yes, I know, if you hack your phone, you probably can turn it off, along with making your phone dance like a dead chicken, but, you know...) Remster
  14. Not a comment on them, but... Squeak? Is that you? Did someone hack into your account? Remster
  15. E911 Services now can use your GPS information to determine your location without you having to tell them anything. Welcome to 1984 Remster
  16. All I know is that MTL v BOS is gonna get dirty.... Lots of bad blood this year... Remster
  17. Poor Paul.. He's not pulling.... Remster
  18. Calling a tuque, a beanie. Remster
  19. Gopro? How many rafting trips have you done before? Remster
  20. Knowing Ryoder, so was his comment.. :D Remster