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  1. Contact the folks at Arsenal. I believe it either was Curtis or Jason you saw in the video (if it's the video I think anyway... Then again, it's a few years ago, It may have been Jeffro... Damm memory! lol) Remster
  2. Who cares... I realize the subject may not be your cup of tea, Mark, but keep an eye out for those Vegas romp photos Remster
  3. So, which color is Amy getting? Remster
  4. Especially considering the display would show it and no complete it's activation sequence on the next power cycle... Remster
  5. Not that they're anything wrong with that.... I actually look rather good in pink! I really miss having gay hall mates in university. Those two gay guys were friends with the HOTTEST girls who on average would never talk to engineering students. But thanks to my gay friends, not only was I well dressed but they would introduce me to these very nice girls!
  6. Not that there's anything wrong with that.... Edited coz me not know english speak. Remster
  7. Too right!!! (I deleted it straight away... I didn't leave the nasty comment, because I thought it made the other person look like an ass...) ETA - Well, I deleted the *second* nasty comment, anyway... The first one I left because, well, I'm a bit of an ass!! I could comment appropriately is _someone_ would accept my friend request Remster
  8. Strange... I though you'd be all over that! Remster
  9. Now, I'm really hoping some sordid photos from that romp in Vegas surface in the media! Come on paparazzi, someone, somewhere must have been following NPD MP candidates around for coverage? No???? Remster
  10. What do you mean "you people"? If the average IQ bin fits... Remster
  11. No, 50% chance you're below the median! Also incorrect - this would only be true if there were 0 people AT the median, which obviously is nonsense, since the median is the most frequently occuring number. You're thinking "mode." Median is the number that falls directly in the middle, with the same number of values above and below. Mode is the one that occurs most often. Sorry, just had to get the last word on that one! Ah ha ha!!! Well, that would make you correct in your original statement only if exactly zero people fell on the precise number which is the median. Which seems unlikely. Still, I think "most people are of average intelligence" is the most accurate statement. You people are thinking in discreet terms, IQ points. Intelligence is more a continuous continuum... So 2 people who test at, say, 100, will be of different intelligence, but "rounded" to the same value. Besides, you two need to stop worrying your pretty little heads about this... Remster
  12. Remster


    I think the name was entirely appropriate for the initial event that came in reaction to the Toronto police comment since he's the one who used the "slut" comment. As a general, North american wide movement, who knows.... Remster
  13. I never said it does My only comment was to what was posted The reasons Obama is in place is very much the same People did not know who they were voting for ect Of course, you are right. Never mind that now 2 people who have lived in both the US and Canada, and come form the opposite end of the political spectrum are saying you don't know what you are talking about. Remster
  14. Remster

    Camera shy?

    That, in itself, is pretty cool! Remster
  15. You need to stop worrying your pretty little head, baby... Remster
  16. In most cases, you must choose 2 of these 3. WTF?? Really?? Love and respect you shouldn't have to do without... Intelligence is relative, so if you're "dumb" all you need to do to fulfil this third criteria is find someone who matches your (low) level! (I mean "you" in the generic sense, of course ) Remember: there's a 50% chance that you're below average in intelligence... Remster
  17. Sounds a lot like our current president Sounds nothing like the US situation actually. I think you are wrong Didnt know who they were voting for, will accomplish absolutly nothing, keep welfare coming, is delivering nearly nothing he campained on I think I got it right You realize the NPD is the opposition, right? So you are in fact making that analogy for the Republicans... Remster
  18. Sounds a lot like our current president Sounds nothing like the US situation actually. Remster
  19. Ok I was off 1 girl per 6 dudes. Still sounds like a buyers market to me. But I coudl be wrong, we need to start a thread called "Post the picture of the hot engineering chick" By we I fully mean you have fun, for make your own post and stop highjacking all these threads into a pity party. PS: 1 in 6 women in engineering is not even close as your claim of 1 in 10 in sciences. If you're going to spew stats, better back em up. PPS: I didnt realize engineering school was a market. Get your priorities straight and maybe your life will suck less. Remster
  20. Remster


    It started in Toronto from some police representative comment. There may be one in your neck of the woods. For example, there's one in Tucson on Friday. Remster
  21. Try having Klingelhoefer as a last name...... Impossible to go Incognito. I get busted on my first name ... not too many of us around.
  22. That was interesting to me. Do people actually put hobbies on resumes? I don't have or put any on mine. I keep my personal life out of my work life except when coworkers become friends. None of anyone's business. Over here we use CV's which are very similar to Resumes but are structured a little different. On most CVs you would have an 'Interest and Activites' section. To not have this section would look very bad. I used the word resume as the majority of posters are in the US. No one is really interested in your hobbies. In the US, or Europe (I worked in Europe a few years). Only include things in your resume/CV that add to how your are presenting yourself. as an example, when I had the extra space in mine, I didnt list skydiving per say, but I general certifications, I had my coaching and instructor ratings. Remster
  23. So, getting back to the OP...... Yes, that did bug me, especially in HS. I was taking all the math & science classes (not required by the last 2 years), plus my required humanities, so my day was full. By best friend was only on half days our senior year because she had fulfilled all the other actual requirements. In college, everyone had to take at least one class in 8 required subjects (all at the 100-level, although there was a list of the bare minimum classes). Essentially, everyone had to get out of their own department the same as everyone else. It was probably easier for me to read Shakespeare than for the literature majors having to take Biology for the first time since their early years of HS. Yes, back on topic please... There would be lots of benefits for "social studies" students if their curriculum included some science / math classes. Some of the successful peers I have that come from that side to the campus often are the ones with a more rounded approach to things, or who can do some basic dB programming for example. Heck, a good friend of mine if a very successful sales development manager at one of the big pharmas, and she has a history degree, but is one smart cookie (and before Shah goes on about how she must be a tall hot blonde who flirts her way to the sales, looks wise, she's fairly average looking). Remster
  24. By the way, how long ago did you make that up? 2 hours? :p Remster