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  1. My both children started jumping in 14 years. Itself I started jumping in 16.
  2. systems old Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo de Varadero Carretera Vha Blanca, Km 1s, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba Phone: +53-45-667256 but it is old number. what now precisely I don't know
  3. Jumping every day. MI-8 helicopter. Jump along with rental and laying costs about $ 50. If you jump with your system, then $ 30. Rent from 120 to 280 feet. If you come back home through the US. Don't take with itself the Cuban cigars. Don't take with itself anything Cuban. There can be a trouble in US.
  4. What are you so worried? The change applies only to the functionality Vigil users of new devices. Therefore, management should have changes or additions to these users. It was logical to place the information on changes to the site Vigil. Change the instructions are not the best option. Many devices has never been sent to update the program.
  6. This device often shows that he wants to, and not in reality.
  7. . There is no control unit (the separate module). There is a button of remote control.
  8. There was another device will work on the ground.;search_string=cypres%20fire;#4115862 Airtek gave a strange answer technically illiterate. It was the instrument of 2007.
  9. :) CYPRES 2 User's Guide English 1-2012
  10. Yes. You name known to many facts. But I think that they are contrary to the marketing policy and manuals airtek.
  11. In Russia service life of a spare parachute is limited by departmental normative documents. No more than 12 years. Even if the parachute was made by god.
  13. This requirement is a national standard. According to the standard PD reserve life of no more than 12 years.
  14. Nice slogan. Nothing more. Look on page 175. For a machine. When did the machine flies. Who done.
  15. Several years ago, it was firing the cartridge. Chuck flew out of the anvil (bush). There was little damage to the tissue (escaping a knife) of the container about 1-2 inches long. No other injuries were not.