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  1. Butt secks? I mean... gay male porn stars make much more than the hottest females. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  2. oooh email me pics email me pics!!!! Either on fb or to thanks!! I only found a few on FB. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  3. What?! We put up 3 loads today! I was on 2
  4. I am glad to see that his story made the paper- my parents actually mentioned this to me the other day. I was lucky enough to meet both of them last month at SDC. I am so happy to see this story, this truly is heartwarming and inspiring.
  5. I totally want to go down to the farm... I miss you guys!!!!!!!!! I will see what I can do- I know August I will be in Atlanta for work. Is there a boogie scheduled this year at all at the farm? Best Girl Scout Ever.
  6. You should both come jump in Chicago. SDC is amazing! Hope to catch you at a boogie Best Girl Scout Ever.
  7. **UPDATE** I am now at jump 25 - Did my first hop/pop today Using a saber 2 170 which is loaded 1:1.1lbs Landings have been wonderful- I am losing my tunnel vision every skydive and becoming more aware of the skydive. Free fall always can be improved but that comes with time. My exits have been much better than AFF levels. I am deploying stable, and have complete altitude awareness. I've been looking around for a rig- so I can start jumping alot more. However its been quite difficult to find a small enough harness.... So I have just a few more things on my A card to fill out and I should get ready to obtain my license! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  8. I am headed to the farm in August- and then we can work on your arch..... :) Best Girl Scout Ever.
  9. Trust me- I am ready- and I always keep my word. When I first went to SDC- it was insane- the good insane. They have a bar/lounge and all these other goodies- volins play and doves fly out when you first open the doors. ahahha You really should check it out. I rather close to the dz. (about an hour and change) Let me know what you decide and I can give you the grand tour..... I am harmless- so don't listen to what the other men say. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  10. Billy - I don't know why you are so tickled by the thought of me and my favorite pastimes. He's in for a good time. I am excellent company. Chicago is awesome city and SDC adds to it. I say jump there visit the city and what it has to offer and visit a lovely young woman named Daisy. It will be most fun. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  11. Ahem- Go to Skydive Chicago can stay with me......if you want Best Girl Scout Ever.