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  1. Oh I am def getting a contractor to check it out before I do anything. The spouse isn't happy about me doing any more projects. I re did the stairs and they put some stress on shit. That picture of the interior had three doors and I took two of them down. a door to the hallway and a door to the closet and then a door to the bathroom.... I've been busting ass on some house reno, and it has paid off. So these stairs turned out cool, they were fucking horrible and I thought I was just gonna rip up some carpet...then it turned into a full blown stair project. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  2. Sweetness. That was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!!! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  3. Yeah that door is the bathroom and that is staying for sure. I just wanted to open the closet into the room to make it more of a wardrobe area than a closet. I am going to take pics of the ceiling and its not looking very good. I just took a peek upstairs.... photo to come! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  4. I meant the exterior portion of closet. If u look outside of the house and see that bulge what is it called? I have not seen many houses where the closet is half inside and half beyond the exterior walls of the house Best Girl Scout Ever.
  5. So the bulge that sticks out of the back of the house are three exterior closet walls...with no window. Im going to be crawing up in the attic to see if the walls are load bearing to see about removing as much of the interior walls to create an open concept closet. What is a name for a closet that is half inside the house and the rest bulges out of the exterior walls? Ive been googling shit but cant find a proper name for this... is there a name for this? Any help is appreciated. My goal is to create open concept closet. And i also attached interior pic of the walls i want to tear down... And the last pic is what i want my current closet to look like open and with an ottoman for seating...etc. Thanks. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  6. Wondering if there will be an app? Maybe? That auto feeds new posts and an reply to posts? Im on a droid, 4g my touch slide. Works well, but some times I cant respond to posts...etc. Didnt know what was in the works.... Best Girl Scout Ever.
  7. Fuckin right! Nothing says, "good day" like an orgasm. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  8. Awesome news! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  9. I am rarely at my desk, any talks about mobile friendly? I can post but some pages I can't. Going to tapatalk? Hahaha Best Girl Scout Ever.
  10. You are looking wayyyy to far into it. I just wanted to hear good news. And I officially retired last year. Being offered an agreement to be in a new reality series, I declined., I've got better shit to entertain: myself! Haha The last thing I did was an indie film produced by zack galfinakis. I grew out of it, needed a fresh start, something new! Good shit from my end: shits never been fucking better! And getting up in the air december in melbourne. Wooo! Been traveling a fuckton. Best Girl Scout Ever.
  11. Did u get pics of puffer fish? Did it puff as much as u expected? Best Girl Scout Ever.
  12. Here are some you are not the father dance compilations. Enjoy! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  13. Fuckin Right! Nothing like kitten stories to get the day going. FUcking love kittens...then they turn into cats. I wish there was a way to keep kittens little kittens FOREVER! Oh so cute!!!! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  14. Hehehehehe! Best Girl Scout Ever.
  15. Its been a while, let's hear some good shit! Go! Best Girl Scout Ever.