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  1. meh, it aint so special And the locals are a bunch of wankers... Remster
  2. Denotes a style/flavor/heritage in a broad sense. Whisky in general is either made in Scotland or the founders of the company were descended of Scottish ancestry and their product reflects that tradition and flavor. Scotch whisky is exclusively made in Scotland, but there it's simply called whisky. (Much like "real" champaign comes from the Champaign region of France.) Americans have a similar thing going on with bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. I find Oban 14 to be a great, middle of the road, not too expensive whisky. And, if you're going to call it "real", at least call it "Champagne" Remster
  3. Un-fucking-believable. I bet their marketing gurus even came up with names that resonate with their target markets! Something like... mmm.. I don't know... vegetables? Remster
  4. Did you still do it to get help for the next pack job? Remster
  5. What? Really? An injury lawyer firm is being sleazy? Next on news at 9, dog bites man. Remster
  6. Yeah... I wanted my money back when I found out, but they told me to get stuffed, so now I'm stuck jumping anyway. If I were you, I'd find a better DZ that offered proper customer service then... Remster
  7. Dormier 328? no thanks.. I'll stick to An-72's.... But yeah, It's hard to justify large planes when the trend has been to smaller ways (due a lot to freeflying being more popular I would guess). Also, keep in mind, jets were never popular. the 727 did a few loads most for a few years at Quincy / Rantoul, Perris has their DC9 that seems to be a magnificent white elephant, and Espace had the An-72 for their boogies in the late 90s early 00s. Remster
  8. It died from silicone poisoning like that spider in my house last week died from excessive gravity..... As my foot fell on it Remster
  9. Hit up Remi, he's in Tucson, or sweet talk Karen, then she'll TELL Remi to let ya stay Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full... Remster
  10. You think? And I think the people suggesting it should take a deep breath and re-read the entire incident thread, especially the post from someone who was on the jump, and reported that jumpers were told to open just below 3k. It's not like the jumpers were told to suck it low, like in the old days (and by old days, I mean a couple years ago only) Remster
  11. There were free letters??? Dammit! lol Still got 41, without cheating Remster
  12. Although statistics don't know what history was, I did find the last few months very quiet. Considering how overall infrequent fatalities are, I was also wondering if the pat in the back the USPA gave skydivers for lower numbers in 2010 was really deserved. Remster
  13. Was it THE physician assistant? Remster
  14. 5'6 and 145 lbs doesnt seem that extreme to me. My wife is 5'5 and 120, and there are plenty of other skinny folks out there who jump regularly. So don't try to use that as an excuse Edit: I remember a buddy in Edmonton who must have been 6'2 and 160 Remster
  15. Bit OTT, huh? Meh. I'm a little bored today! Yes. Very OTT. Especially without pics. With pics, it's more educational. Remster
  16. Good news - you just earned a VIP sticker on your woman card Honey, I had that on my card about 10 years ago - mine is a platinum card by now!! Nat: there's a fine line between boasting, and bragging... Remster
  17. You won't know until you ask him! Remster, the tragedy is that he finds the very idea appalling Oh well.. He has redeeming features And the meta-tragedy is that you also find it a tragedy... Yes Ryoder: time to send it the J. Remster
  18. try malwarebytes as proposed above. Remster
  19. 3-way? So, was she hot? Make something up for all of us to enjoy. Something better than advice for someone new to the area. Was she buttering you up for Ryoder's suggested 3-way? Sorry.. Nope. But if my man was into 3-ways, I wouldn't object to her joining us You won't know until you ask him! Remster