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  1. We were at an awesome restaurant on Wednesday... a few of us ordered a pig's head. When asked how it was prepared before ordering it,the waitress explained, as matter of factly as possible: "It's a pig's head, with a lobster on top of it". At that point, we had to. We started joking around how totally OTT it would be if the freaking lobster would be in the pig's mouth.... Well.... Remster
  2. Two boobies and a belly button.... Well, that's good, face? There is always a paper bag Yes I have a face Get a room you 2! Remster
  3. As someone said: speaker phone in a quiet place. Also, keep in mind that your voice will be how you present yourself. If you would take the time to make sure you were dressed and disposed suitably for a in person interview, apply the same logic to how you present yourself on the phone. Make notes of what you want to talk about, questions you want to ask them, etc... Remster
  4. And do what most experienced folks who dont have a hard on for swooping the beer line do: stay our of "the corner" (not the "oh shit I turned too low" corner, but the area over Coop's packing area, ie, if you land going south on the alternate, set up your pattern to end up on the East side of the LZ, and if you land on the main, set up your pattern so you land on the North side of the LZ). Or, land out. Remster
  5. Proof! PROOF! Undeniable proof! I'm definitely charging tonight's dinner on my Amex, and leaving an outrageous tip! Remster
  6. Duh... Winning! (I think it's appropriate to bring back the spirit of Charlie for this one...) Remster
  7. The DZ (not the the town of Eloy) is about 6km from the Toltec Motel6. cant seem to find one in Toltec, only the one in Casa Grande Stupid marketing... lol...,-111.554844&sspn=0.15216,0.338173&g=eloy&ie=UTF8&ll=32.841808,-111.613541&spn=0.144802,0.338173&z=12&iwloc=A It's called Casa Grande, has an Eloy address, but is in Toltec It was OK when we used it a few years ago, but the Travel Lodge is still a better option.,+7190+S+Sunland+Gin+Rd,+Eloy,+AZ+85131,+United+States&aq=0&sll=32.808991,-111.652508&sspn=0.036214,0.084543&ie=UTF8&hq=Travelodge+Casa+Grande,&hnear=7190+S+Sunland+Gin+Rd,+Eloy,+Pinal,+Arizona+85193&ll=32.81707,-111.665769&spn=0.018105,0.042272&z=15&iwloc=A Remster
  8. Remster

    RW Base

    I believe this to be a widely held MYTH. I believe interference drag is the main reason formations slow down as they build. Not only is this consistent with the laws of physics, it is also born out when comparing fall rates of tightly packed formations with those of loose, open formations. I'm actually sure its a combination of both. Especially in smaller big ways with not so dedicated big way jumpers, there is a lot of relaxing ager docking: otherwise, the inside base wouldn't feel lifted from the outside as is iden the case. Remster
  9. In casa grande or in toltec? We've stayed at the a few ears ago and it was ok-ish. The travel.lodge in toltec is much better now: newly renovated rooms. Remster
  10. Not just you, but all the other posters: What's wrong with you guys? Can't you see a scam when one punches you in the mouth? Remster
  11. European or African? Remster
  12. It probably was a Javelin. Remster
  13. You want exact numbers, or what people use as rough every day approximations? Exact numbers will vary on every jump. Approximations: - 115 to 125 mph typical terminal velocity in belly to earth - About 12 seconds to reach that speed - About 5 seconds per 1000 feet at that speed. Remster
  14. Funny. To me they look like a Lotus Elise. If you think otherwise, maybe you don't know enough about the car. Quade: remove that foot from your mouth. The new S does have a Maserati lines, if the GT was stretched into a 4 door. Remster
  15. Remster

    RW Base

    While, I guess, one should be able to get on a base regardless of it's speed (within reason), the fast base theory goes like this: - Even in 4 way, speed is important to get more efficient results from moves, so having a faster base will allow people to be more efficient overall (a ballistic fall rate is no more useful than a super slow one tho if everyone on the outside is bent in 1/2 to keep up) - As formations build, they, unfortunately, slow down (people docking get complacent and relax their arch); if you start with a faster fall rate, you still end up with a reasonable rate - It's easier to stop from your dive to end up in a faster fall rate: less risk to go low - Slowing down from a dive for a larger jumper will take more time than a for a skinny fucker: the skinny folks can dive harder longer. This being said, I'd rather have a good base than a fast base (well, I'd rather have a good fast base, which is why I often volunteer for base slots) Remster
  16. Being in Eloy, that's definitely a plus. You can get sized and checked by the people from RI, and Margie at SQ2 has probably also measure more customers for Talons than anyone. And they are quality product. My wife is extremely happy with hers (It was the second rig they made with a super narrow yoke based on her small frame, which probably could only be done if you were in Eloy to meet with them a few times) This being said, From feedback from several people, Talons fairly often dont fit well on people with long torsos. Remster
  17. Of course it's a scam. It's the proto-scam letter from a bot. Report it in the scam forum. Remster
  18. mmm.. No? The Dytter (and even that old Paralert) has some electric/electronic components to, at the very least, activate a speaker and generate the electricity to drive it. Remster
  19. You must've been mistaken, that could never happen with a CYPRES, they're perfect. No one claims Cypres are perfect. This being said, this could very well be a problem with the reserve pilot chute or flap configuration. On top of that, reports of "saw this in the parking lot" need to be taken with a grain of salt. But back to the current problem... Was the fired cutter sent to Airtec with the unit? Remster
  20. Contact the folks at Arsenal. I believe it either was Curtis or Jason you saw in the video (if it's the video I think anyway... Then again, it's a few years ago, It may have been Jeffro... Damm memory! lol) Remster
  21. Who cares... I realize the subject may not be your cup of tea, Mark, but keep an eye out for those Vegas romp photos Remster
  22. So, which color is Amy getting? Remster
  23. Especially considering the display would show it and no complete it's activation sequence on the next power cycle... Remster
  24. Not that they're anything wrong with that.... I actually look rather good in pink! I really miss having gay hall mates in university. Those two gay guys were friends with the HOTTEST girls who on average would never talk to engineering students. But thanks to my gay friends, not only was I well dressed but they would introduce me to these very nice girls!