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  1. Are you talking about Eloy? You'd be wrong then. Last I heard if you wanted to do a turn bigger than 180 you had to do it in the desert. Has this changed? You can always get a pass on a hop and pop. Remster
  2. That the problem with your opinion Bolas. Everyone who does a big turn thinks they have cleared their airspace. If you want any likelihood to do a big turn, get your own pass. Remster
  3. You're not selling to existing customers.... Remster
  4. They probably have been sued in the past by grieving relatives for not "fully disclosing" what the process would be. Sounds familiar? Remster
  5. Because expiration dates can vary by area (US vs Canada vs Europe etc...) Remster
  6. She's very nice in person too . Remster
  7. Who cares? She's hotter than you. If we're going talk about hot Montreal girls, I give you Bianca Beauchamp! PS: the website is called Latex Lair. You people can figure out if it's SFW or not . Remster
  8. PS: the girl in the video isn't that good with swearing.... too many repetitions of words in her strung-together tirades. I give her 7.5 Remster
  9. Use what you have, baby! Remster
  10. So do bright orange jumpsuits, but that never stopped me from jumping with people wearing one . Remster
  11. Once again,truth from the gut reigns supreme! Remster
  12. I am VERY skeptical about D30 for use in helmets. Look at it this way: the main use of that foam is in dirt bike / motorcycle protective gear/clothing. Yet, not 1 helmet for these sports uses 3d0. I find that extremely suspicious. My guess (and yes, it's purely a guess) is that if it was a good use of that material, these companies would be all over it. The only helmets that use D30 are for skydiving, and polo... Looks like more of a marketing gimmick, that may actually be a poor technical decision. Remster
  13. You should re-read what yo just posted. Remster
  14. We were there the last couple of days, and wow... The Easter boogie is normally a low key event at Eloy, but this year, we had 45-50 loads a day! Busy little DZ! ;-) Remster
  15. No. From a firing that did not cut completely through a closing loop on a previous jump, that finally breaks open during climbout. Remster
  16. They were lying. The lying liars. Remster
  17. Looks like the cypres (or whatever other brand of loop cutter that was) worked perfectly! Remster
  18. With who? It's just me. I'm a virgin too. No one ever invited you to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"? VIRGIN!!!!!!!! Remster
  19. That would be "By far" of course. There would never be any bars at a DZ.... Remster
  20. You, me, and a few million people in Montreal.... Remster
  21. By bar, the best casters are made from in-line skate type wheels. MUCH smoother. The 4 like that at Eloy always generate a ficght to see who gets them Remster