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  1. CanuckInUSA

    I'm 14. Would you let me pack for you???

    A skydiving main canopy? Sure why not. After all, it is a parachute and it wants to open.
  2. CanuckInUSA

    Jim Dishroon

    I remember Jim from my days when I jumped in CO. BSBD
  3. Swooping is NOT a crime. At least it's not one yet.
  4. CanuckInUSA

    190 vs. 210

    In before the canopy nazis There will be a difference. It won't be a major difference, but there will be a difference. The 190 will be slightly faster and if handled properly the added speed can be used to make your flares more efficient. But if not used properly, the slightly smaller canopy can hurt you. But you can also hurt yourself with a 260. There will be people who tell you not to get a 190 and others who have different views. I had a similar exit weight when I was new in the sport and I had a zero-p 190 Sabre2 which was a great canopy. But I had about 50 jumps under my belt on a 220 before I went to the 190 and I was a licensed private pilot before I started jumping. The 190 is totally doable if it is a zero-p canopy ... but the margin for error will be slightly less forgiving than a 210. Of course as I said, you can still hurt yourself on a large 260. Want to learn how to fly a canopy? Seek canopy control coaching from qualified canopy pilots and dedicate jumps (ie: hop n' pops) towards canopy control.
  6. CanuckInUSA

    Missing Lieve Demeyer - 6/17/2010

    Sorry for your loss. She looks like someone who was fun to be around. BSBD
  7. CanuckInUSA

    Queston about WL

    There will be a difference, but not a huge difference. You will likely enjoy the 190 more than the 210. If you are asking is it okay for you to be jumping a 190? ... I am NOT going to bite. I say let the experienced canopy pilots around your local DZ give you that feed back. But before the canopy nazis jump in here, we are talking about a 190. It's not like some new person is asking if it is okay to be jumping a Stiletto 109.
  8. CanuckInUSA

    Looking for more info. on GL

    There is nothing wrong with you wanting to Ground Launch and BASE jump in the future. But ... Ground Launching is NOT a safe activity and since you tell us you are having accuracy landing issues, maybe you should concentrate more on your skydiving canopy control. Get another 400-500 jumps under your belt in a much more controlled environment before you decide to launch a canopy off of a mountain. Ground Launching is full of unknowns. Stall that canopy or get caught with that unexpected gust of wind over a boulder field or trees could be the last thing you ever do.
  9. CanuckInUSA

    Holly Kish - 5 Years

    Party like a Rock Star
  10. CanuckInUSA

    canopy coaching cost ?

    I think one of the issues of local canopy coaching is that we lack a specific curriculum when it comes to coaching for potential canopy piloting coaches. I would love to see the Germains and the Millers provided more coaching to the canopy pilots so they can become local canopy control coaches instead of teaching the people directly. This way we can get more help out to more people. I know people have talked in the past about bringing in a canopy coaching rating to the USPA (and hopefully other governing organizations), but unless I am mistaken we are not there yet. I have no problem talking to people locally about what I have learned in regards to canopy piloting, but I don't think I should be charging people a fee since I have never been formally trained (at least not yet) as a canopy control coach.
  11. CanuckInUSA

    Line twist

    IMHO, most lines twists are caused by bad body position (like dipping a shoulder) or asymmetrical canopy openings (poor pack job). When I swoop I am under a small highly loaded canopy and when I BASE Jump I am under a lightly loaded canopy. Both canopies can spin up on me if I have bad body position or sloppy packing. BTW, you can be a sloppy packer, just make sure both sides of the canopy are packed equally sloppy so that it opens symmetrically.
  12. CanuckInUSA

    Ground Launching, Risers v. Brakes

    If possible it is better to get to your rears ASAP after you launch since flying in brakes is flying slow. But sometimes you can't get to your rears. But I would suggest you contact Kevin Love or Jim Slaton about your Ground Launching questions. I could attempt to explain how to do no wind launches here, but I could explain it wrong and/or someone could misinterpret what I say. It could all turn into one big flame fest and we know how those go.
  13. CanuckInUSA

    Ground Launching?

    When the winds are getting strong, you need to kite the canopy outside of the harness first. If you are having trouble doing this, then you should not be in the harness.
  14. CanuckInUSA

    Ideal Skydive Canopy for Ground launching

    I was taught that the ideal wind loading was in the 1.4 range and that open nose canopies were good for low wind scenarios while close nosed canopies are good for higher winds. Unless you are using a GLX (engineered for ground launching), there is no "one" canopy and you choose the wing based on the wind and the hill conditions.
  15. CanuckInUSA

    CPC Injury Colorado

    Damn ... I wish this was a safer sport, but it has it's risks. I'm sending get well vibes to SunnyDee.