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  1. squirrel

    Gear envy...

    Don't let the things you own... Own you. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  2. And a 2nd spare tire. That way you can avoid being charged big buck at an out of the way tire shop. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  3. She bought me a GoPro, and I bought her a Carmen Electra stripper pole. I kid you not!
  4. oh man, i remember the jim jones thing... thanks for making me feel my age. on the mac thing, you will like it. we are a PC/Mac family, and we all get along.
  5. DeLand. I was trained there... did 8 jumps a day in January. :) ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  6. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  7. yup my biggest problem at the moment is whether I can make the drive from LAX to ONT through LA traffic and not miss my connection to SEA that,.. is all about timing. i live here. go middle of day... leaving 2 pm at latest... or you gotta wait till after... hmmm 6:45pm ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  8. I dont have a shitty job, well, then hopefully, you like your job even more. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  9. So I know as skydivers, we all crave not to work and jump all day. On Sunday I watch this story on 60minutes, and it made me appreciate the fact that I have a job, even if it is only contract work, its a paying job. Take 15 minutes and watch, I think you will look at your shitty job in a new way. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2F8301-18560_162-57330802%2Fhard-times-generation-families-living-in-cars%2F%3Ftag%3DcontentMain%253BcbsCarousel&h=dAQGK_HwbAQFgFfrDo8Sws4uLESmsdBXRvzJ3Z1QuhJtSBw ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  10. this come through on FB... very fitting to this discussion. and i totally agree with what he has to say. http://player.vimeo.com/video/20789680?autoplay=1 ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?