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  1. squirrel

    Sky's the Limit DZ, nice place!

    I am traveling for work and was able to drop in for a jump at Sky's the Limit DZ in PA. Compliments to the DZ staff, very warm and welcoming. Very nice caravan! Good vibes all around. I only had 1/2 day to spend there, but would definitely go back!
  2. squirrel

    Problems with SkywardBoundSkydiving Reno

    reminds me of a song.... "But I shot a man in Reno, Just to watch him die..." ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  3. squirrel

    Fun in Hawaii

    thanks. thats the operation i was looking for. i currently fly in the desert, east of Los Angeles. we deal with the winds up here too, usually take off at dawn, and am done by 9 or 10 due to winds and thermals. for me, its all about smooth air...winds just make it like driving down a bumpy road...ok, but no fun. oh crap. you are never gonna believe this. so i decided not to fly this m morning, doing some work instead, and my flying buddies just buzzed my house to rub it in...f-ckers! ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  4. squirrel

    Fun in Hawaii

    hijack. so some questions on hawaii. have you seen any trikes(weight shift, uses a hang glider wing, looks like an ultralight, but now many are N numbered) flying at that airport? I am a a trike pilot, and want to plan a trip there. and, how would you rate jumping there? diffilculty? I am a D license, 300 + jumps or so, ( so still new ) at many different DZs and wind conditions. my wife holds a B same number of jumps. we are thinking of planning a jump, trike, scuba trip. yes, that order. thanks ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  5. someone please put this up on skydivingmovies.com thanks ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  6. squirrel

    Using a motorcycle helmet for skydiving?

    if you are looking to save money, you are in the wrong sport. anyway, i dont wear a helmet at all, i enjoy the air. but then again, i only jump with my wife, no one else, and i fly a very big chute for my weight. barefoot too when weather permits. but i still get some looks with no helmet in the plane. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  7. We traveled for 2 years on tour with our dogs...some DZs allowed them...some didn't. If it came down to choosing between 2 DZs, we went to the dog friendly one. Even though we had a sleeper semi with AC, we still like to be able to give them time out of the rig. Here is Daisy (RIP) at Skydive Monroe, (also RIP), she was well trained and smart, and would "ask" to come into the hanger. I miss her. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  8. squirrel

    Dropzone.com enters an exciting new phase!

    all i want to know is....how much? and i mean that in a good way. building and selling businesses is great...really. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  9. Be careful what you wish for... while visiting a DZ in seattle, I watch a guy have a chop on jump #1. it was a bow tie, and he was given instructions on cutting away from the ground. hell of a jump for jump # 1. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  10. squirrel

    1st line twist to give me whip-lash!

    I'm still trying to figure out why this is in the Incidents forum? I had a off heading opening on my wingsuit last yesterday, maybe I'll post something about it........ agreed. i watched my wife drift passed me with 10 to 12 line twists, canopy square, flying straight, kicking like a motherf*cker...she worked it out...no post here. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  11. squirrel

    ...Life Insurance...

    you must listen to Dave Ramsey, the finacial radio host out of Nashville, he is on XM. i totally agree with investing the remaining amount on my own, I have always...yes 100%, done better with my investments managing them myself, then handing them over to a desk jockey. but then again, i run my overhead very low. the only payments i have are mortgages, which are paid by tenants. people run to close to bankruptcy ALL the time, and have no emergency fund set up. my wife is a realtor, and someone actually came in the office yesterday and said "i want to pull the remaining equity out of my house, and then walk away." this is fraud, plain and simple. the person was driving a brand new car. damn this pisses me off, ...but ahhh... i digress. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  12. squirrel

    Economy & Skydiving

    but how many people actually PAY cash for these items...in todays world you can put anything on payments and end up paying twice as much for the original purchase. simply ask anyone how much actual cash they have in the bank, and, do they have a fund standing if they loose their job? i see it everyday. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  13. squirrel

    What to do with an old PC

    have your rigger make a thong bikini for your girl friend.
  14. squirrel

    ...Life Insurance...

    i have never understood life insurance...its betting that you will die. how bout bet that you will live? anyway, i buy houses, not insurance. i dont like to make corporations money. even try to buy houses for mostly cash to limit the banks take. but if you must buy insurance, i have heard that term insurance is the way to go. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?
  15. squirrel

    Economy & Skydiving

    I'll raise a cold one to that. and i agree too. if the local DZs close, it will be bandit jumps if i have too out of a friends plane. regarding the economy. i agree with the poster that stated if these people were so smart, how did they miss what was written in their mortage contract. i no longer spec build houses due to all the idiots walking away from their over re-fi'ed houses resulting in a flooded market. but i make good money now working with realtors to get the repo-ed houses back in shape to sell. in an economy like this, you have got to be flexable and willing to move fast. ________________________________ Where is Darwin when you need him?