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  1. Is that 15,000 hours on "on" time? Or something else? Remster
  2. That's sad... With that being said, a grosse poutine must be part of the experience too! maam Bolduc or any of the Lafleur snack bars are miles ahead of that golden arches abomination! Remster
  3. Yeah, it's OK... Tourist trap! There's better small boutique shopping on St Denis and St Laurent. But if the weather is crap, it's a good option! Tourist trap! It's OK if you want to visit a fancy eco-zoo. Tourist trap! It's OK if you want to visit Le Super Sexe or Chez Paree, or any variety of Ballet Studios (I actually told Sandi about both sides of St Cath on an email I sent her: the touristy west part, and the funky East part) There's a lot to do. Heck, I think at some point there were dog sled outfits on Mont Royal (but March may be too late for good snow in or around town) And Steve: I'm not a avid skier... I just pointed out few options... But you're right: Sutton is a very nice hill! And I did mention Old Montreal... It's just that us frenchies call it the Old Port... Remster
  4. We used teh moving company we moved the rest of our stuff with from Montreal to AZ. For the car, it was closer to 2k if memory serves me right, but then they were supposed to take care of import papers (which they did not...) but that's not an issue for your move. Welcome to AZ in advance! Remster
  5. I'm from Montreal, and it's an awesome city! If you only have a couple of days, I would stick to the city but: Skiing: well, it's not the rockies! But, Orford, Bromont in the Eastern Townships, or Mont Tremblant in the Laurentides (North) will be the biggest mountains in the area: they will be about 2 hour drive from Montreal. There are alot of smaller hills on the way to Tremblant (like St Sauver, Mont Blanc, etc). Expect spring skiing conditions. Skydiving: most DZ will be closed still. There may be one open for the odd winter jump day, but if I were you, I wouldnt count on it. Tunnel: havent been, but it's a great facility. If your conference is in Montreal, you'll need to find your way to Laval where the tunnel is, but you'd have fun! That being said, in the city itself: what do you like to do? What kind of food do you like? Some of the "cant miss" tourist spots that locals also love include Schwartz's Deli on St Laurent (ask for a medium fat smoke meat sandwich) and any of the Montreal Bagel places (the go to ones are Fairmont Bagels and St Viateur Bagels, but any small place downtown where they cook them on location will also be good) Montreal is a foodie city. If you like pork, you HAVE to go to Au Pied De Cochon. I'm going on my next trip back If you like bars/lounges, there are 3 main "scenes": St Denis Street (close to the Montreal Uni, with a relax vibe, studentish, and prettyy french); St Laurent Boulevard (the cool street, with cool bars and cafes where you could meet local celebrities you dont know lol, pretty multicultural); and Cressent Street (bars and clubs, more english). The Old Port is also very fun. The are a couple of what are called "bar a chansonnier" where lots of drinking will be done to the music of a guy playing folk quebec songs: think local version of a piano bar (try Les Deux Pierrots). There are a couple of streets know for "bring your own wine" restaurants. There is no corkage fees there either. One is Duluth Street, the other Prince Arthur Street. You can eat pretty well for less money that way. Let me know if you want more details on any of these suggestions! Remster
  6. Not jealous... Just calling you as the bragger you are! Remster
  7. You people should be ashamed for not linking THE sci-fi babe. Remster
  8. Next time: less of Les, more of Cookie... Remster
  9. So you do not agree with statements indicating the economy is on the way back? Is that the main message you got from that piece? Remster
  10. None will be open for regular business, but one may do some winter jump if the weather is nice. Your best bet is to contact the smaller dz's via email. Remster
  11. So, are you in Germany, and the dealer is also in Germany? Remster
  12. Cool! I'd stick with that place then! Most DZ's are like that, but some have a reputation to be cliquish (whether warranted or not). My wife and I are in our early/mid 40s. We hang out with people in their 60's and their 20's at the dz. Age becomes less of an issue when you jump and like the people who also do: we're having a dinner at our place on Saturday, and jumpers in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's will be there. (PS: if you regulars didnt get an invite, it's because, really, we don't like you! ). What seems to be the main compatibility point for us, is whether people have kids or not: we don't, and tend to gravitate towards other irresponsible people. That's the point that may be a problem. If all you ever do is a jump here, a jump there, once in a while, it will probably never be an issue. But if you start skydiving (or any other hobby that makes you spend a very significant part of your free time and budget) a lot more frequently, I can bet a beer or two that you're husband will start resenting it. Remster
  13. The Beford type is the type you build from an old military wind tunnel that's immense. Remster
  14. Just finished The black Swan by Taleb. After that one (which isnt a casual read lol: he has 80 pages of notes and bibliography) gonna start the new Frankenstein from Koontz (I know, I said he gets on my nerves with his recipe of unlikely woman lead, dogs, and aliens, but it was on sale lol) Remster
  15. Remster

    aint dead yet

    Holly crap! He's old! How long has you been gone from here! lol Welcome back!
  16. And all around the world, the comforting sounds of are being heard. Remster
  17. Definitely. It's called versatility, and derives from empathy. Remster
  18. Shah. You have an opportunity to solidify your reputation as a pig (no offence meant! ). Get them all together. Heck, 2 or 3 would work too. All of will call you all sorts of names, but most of the guys will silently admire you Remster
  19. So if you are labeling yourself as a Democrat you're against those kinds of things? You forgot to ask him if he's stopped beating his wife. And I see you failed to answer either his question, or the still un-addressed issue of wife battery. Were you drunk again when you were beating her? Remster
  20. He resigned basically 1 hour after the picture went public. Sounds like it was his decision. Remster
  21. Never mind... saw the watermark from latexlair... Bianca does look great in person too! Remster
  22. I was expecting something more like this from you: (I originally typed out "sexpecting." Oops.) Hey! Don't judge me for my weird fetishes! We can't all be vanilla and into see-through latex like you... PS: what site is that from? Remster
  23. I staked a turtle out there to see if it will come back. That's not very nice. You should stop teasing the hawk and put the bait on it's back. Remster
  24. It's a AN-2. Remster