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  1. So not even Hitler or Bin Laden? Why do you defend them? And what about poor defenseless children! SOMBEBODY THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!! Can I think about Scarlett Johanson instead? That is a marked improvement over thinking about Paris Hilton. Remster
  2. It would, if you pumped the air out as Bill suggested in his evil plan. Remster
  3. So not even Hitler or Bin Laden? Why do you defend them? And what about poor defenseless children! Remster
  4. There's Sonoma in CA if they have a race date, Nope Nope. There's a brand new track in Texas that will have an F1 GP from 2012, but nothing in the USA until then. (And from 2013 the engine regs will be massively changed, so that'll be your only chance to hear the current generation!) I wouldnt be surprised if FIA adds a race this year to replace Bahrain. Remster
  5. So, that's what? 5 year old clothes? Remster
  6. Remster

    House, part 2

    By the way, is it close to the old one? Looks like similar type ravines... Remster
  7. I've heard a case when someone died because she could not launch her reserve due to a bent pin. Problem is, that type of information doesnt help. When was it bent? before the jump, during climbout/exit, or maybe even possibly during the jump? Remster
  8. Remster

    House, part 2

    Already has solar! Nice! And it looks about 2 1/2 times as big as your current one! Remster
  9. N-o-t-h-i-n-g sounds like F1.... Correct . And lemme tell you: starting line, when all of them rev up and go, the ear plugs arent enough! lol I covered my ears on top of the plugs. It was insane! Remster
  10. My new weapon of choice is a cycling jacket. Thin, non bulky, fleecy, and windproof. I use a Descente Shelter jacket, with a cold weather under armour type base layer. Remster
  11. Is that the boyfriend that was caught with coke last summer? That's the type of responsible gun owner you want? Remster
  12. It's Zuckerberg. What, FB will rule the Middle East? An Egyptian couple just named their child 'Facebook' They should have used a more old fashioned name. Like "The Facebook". Remster
  13. You youngins need to be reminded of the classics: Remster
  14. mmm... Not too difficult to beat: Remster
  15. Remster

    Business idea

    And here is Ms Gymgoddess who knows everything about gyms... It's a classic. As in "Rocky 4" training in a barn classic. Remster
  16. Remster

    Business idea

    Perris and Eloy. I'm sure they could bolt some holds onto the side of the hanger. Sir, skygods like you who do not know what they talk about is what's wrong with this website. Eloy already has a climbing wall, by the gym. F'ing skygod knowitalls! PS: I've never seen it in use! Remster
  17. Sorry... Recovering from a late dinner party... Have fun! Remster
  18. I'm trying to recall my years in the UK to remember the appropriate response to this... Mmmm.. Oh yeah, total recall!!!! : chavtastic! Remster
  19. The only certification I saw was for body armour. Nothing for helmets. In fact I doubt the logic of to have a padding layer that gets harder and less resilient when submitted to an impact. It may work well to protect limbs and bones, but the brain is something else entirely. It may be the best thing since sliced bread, but considering how many motorcycle products d3o is used in, and not 1 single helmet, I'm not convinced this is a great application for that technology. Remster
  20. I didnt realize Matt was on the team... Remster
  21. Damm false advertising. I'm calling the FCC... Remster