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    Business idea

    And here is Ms Gymgoddess who knows everything about gyms... It's a classic. As in "Rocky 4" training in a barn classic. Remster
  2. Remster

    Business idea

    Perris and Eloy. I'm sure they could bolt some holds onto the side of the hanger. Sir, skygods like you who do not know what they talk about is what's wrong with this website. Eloy already has a climbing wall, by the gym. F'ing skygod knowitalls! PS: I've never seen it in use! Remster
  3. Sorry... Recovering from a late dinner party... Have fun! Remster
  4. I'm trying to recall my years in the UK to remember the appropriate response to this... Mmmm.. Oh yeah, total recall!!!! : chavtastic! Remster
  5. The only certification I saw was for body armour. Nothing for helmets. In fact I doubt the logic of to have a padding layer that gets harder and less resilient when submitted to an impact. It may work well to protect limbs and bones, but the brain is something else entirely. It may be the best thing since sliced bread, but considering how many motorcycle products d3o is used in, and not 1 single helmet, I'm not convinced this is a great application for that technology. Remster
  6. I didnt realize Matt was on the team... Remster
  7. Damm false advertising. I'm calling the FCC... Remster
  8. M's a tough one. So's F. Brain busters they are... It was more about the blocks, sir... Remster
  9. *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* *Please make spankee a hot chick* Remster
  10. I bet he could do it on his head too... Remster
  11. We like to think we're cool. Please leave us to our fantasies. Remster
  12. This movie sucked there was no plot line things just happened randomly nor did he create any kind of understanding who the characters were. my roommates and i were excited to see this film and we were all extremely disappointed. The A-Team was a lot more interesting and entertaining and overall a much better film I agree. It sucked. In the same genre of "Lets get a bunch of old actors and make them look like action figures", Red was much better, and much less pretentious. It wont win any awards, but it was fun. Remster
  13. yeah... I think it's the first time ever we have a report of some one over estimating his ability trying to go big... Remster
  14. Does anyone here have contacts at the people who own the data on ? It would be awesome if they could do an app with their formations animation and exit videos! I'd pay $0.99 for it! Remster
  15. It's a condition, you know... Remster
  16. OUCH! lol Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned! Remster
  17. Nope. Nor do they have a holiday that weekend... But the OP is from Boston... Remster
  18. How much of the force does it absorb and how much does it just transfer to the head? Oh... Don't be asking questions about facts when the marketing stuff sounds so good! Remster
  19. That doesn't sound right... Yeah Margaret!!!! Now she wont have any excuse if she says "I don't have time to repack you reserve for the next load" Remster
  20. Kevin: pay no attention to those heathens. Remster
  21. She's probably messed up, right? Remster
  22. You want us to do you MBA finance homework? Remster