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  1. The whole point of this thread was to provide a poll that would allow other MileHi jumpers to anonymously address their concerns regarding MileHi, and that has been accomplished. Hopefully, it will open some eyes and minds at MileHi in a positive way. And speaking of remaining anonymous, look how many people voted that they weren't happy with MileHi's current situation, but yet they have not revealed their own identity by contributing to this thread. Like me, they don't want to be attacked like some of you have already tried to attack me, or I guess Stan321123. If this wasn't an anonymous poll, I guarantee you that not very many people would have backed me up. However, because the poll was anonymous, at this point 92% of the votes agree with my concerns regarding MileHi. I will stop responding to this thread now, because it has already served it's purpose and is obviously beginning to lose direction. I think the poll is addressing all of our thoughts regarding this issue better than our responses to each other in this thread. I obviously was getting attacked a bit and I gave a little back. I won't apologize for having my own opinions or for defending myself when being attacked. I honestly don't feel that my comments were that inappropriate considering the comments that I was receiving. You guys can get as pissed off at me as you'd like, but the fact still remains that the majority of the people that took part in this poll are not happy with the current situation at MileHi. Once again, that was my only intention here - to bring this issue to the attention of those that are contributing to the negativity at MileHi. Hopefully, at least one of them will see this and make a change for the better...
  2. OK scottjaco, WFFC, & happythoughts, you guys have me all figured out - I have small balls, I don't know how to perform a gear check, I think people want to murder me, no one but my mom will hang out with me, I'm trying to stir the pot, and I'm not trying to accomplish anything here. Wow, you three must be the sharpest guys on this forum. I'm done defending myself. This is not about me, it's about the simple fact that, as of now, only 4 out of 44 votes support the notion that "The DZO is helping to improve the overall vibe at MileHi" and that they "love MileHi". Let me break that down for you three geniuses: That means that thus far, 90% (40 votes) of the votes are supporting the belief that: - MileHi employees are lame, but the fun jumpers are cool - You have to be in a "click" or be an asshole at MileHi to feel welcomed - The DZO is contributing to this negativity - I gave up, I refuse to jump there anymore - MileHi is a tandem factory that doesn't care about fun jumpers or the overall vibe
  3. Thanks Chris, I'm glad that some of you can understand why I would prefer to remain anonymous. You're right, balls have nothing to do with this. If I wasn't posting anonymously, I probably would have responded a bit differently to that comment, but I don't want to be a trash talking anonymous dude, so I made light of it. Besides, I've never lacked having balls/courage in situations like this, so I had no need to get all defensive. Plus, I actually have pretty big balls/nuts, so once again there was no need for me to get all defensive. I'm confident in myself and can't be easily manipulated. I've openly expressed my views on various occasions in the past, however, in this situation it would undoubtedly bring me more harm than it would good. I don't want to be asked to leave MileHi and I don't want to ever be on jump run wondering if someone fucked with my rig to get back at me for voicing my opinion. As far as the 'factualness' of my post, take a look at the poll results. Thanks again, I appreciate you defending my decision to post anonymously in this situation.
  4. I have no balls and my name is not Stan. Most would not want to be identified in this situation. There is no need for me to identify myself, just as there is no need for anyone voting in this poll to be identified. My only interest here is to bring this to the attention of everyone that jumps and/or works at MileHi that can make a difference. We all need to help here. One person cannot change the overall vibe of a DZ. Look at the poll results so far, most are not happy with MileHi but still jump there. Most of us all still support MileHi, otherwise we wouldn't continue to jump there. Why do we still jump their? Well, we all have our reasons. I still want to jump their because I believe that MileHi can be a great DZ, I believe that Frank works his ass off for the DZ and wants a good DZ, and I believe that MileHi does in fact have some great people jumping their. My fear is that negativity on the DZ is continuing to push away positive people, new jumpers, and essentially encourage negative behavior/attitudes. I hope that it is forwarded. I'm not bashing Frank or MileHi, I'm trying to make sure that these issues are not simply ignored. I do not hate them, or anyone else for that matter. I am close to a lot of people there. I want to give them my business because I feel that this is an issue that can be resolved. Leaving will do nothing to help the DZ. I try to be as positive and as social as possible to help encourage a good vibe. I am proactive, take my word on this. The first step is acknowledging this as an issue. Look at the results of this poll, there obviously is an issue that needs to be addressed. You're unintentionally beginning to put words in my mouth. It's not as simple as that I "don't like the people and the vibe sucks". I like plenty of the people there and the vibe does not always suck, the vibe just need to be improved. You're right, they shouldn't necessarily care what I think as an individual, but they should care about what a large group of their fun jumpers think. I think that the results of this poll already confirms that I am not alone here. That's fine, some may feel that my only intent here was to bash, but that is so far from the truth. That's great and I'm glad that you feel that way. I totally respect your opinion, but there are still a lot of us that don't necessarily feel the same way that you do. You definitely are one of the positive people at MileHi that helps create a good vibe, but unfortunately there are not a lot of people like you that are in the "clicks" and are still cool with people that are not in the "clicks". You're cool with new jumpers, students, etc. and you don't walk around creating a negative environment. You're one of the good ones and unfortunately you're out numbered. Yes, I honestly do. I know that some of you would like to believe that I am spineless, I'm just bitching, and that I am just trying to cause trouble, but that is so far from the truth. I am proactive, but I am only one person and can only do so much. Steve is also proactive, as well as some others, but we are the minority at MileHi.
  5. I did not create this poll simply to bash MileHi. I created it to possibly help open the eyes of some of the MileHi pricks that are creating a negative environment at our DZ. The one's that feel that if they can swoop, instruct others, or jump a camera, that they also have the right to be an asshole to those that are less experienced. You should help and reach out to the less experienced jumpers, not ostracize them. I have been to several other dropzones and none have been as negative as this one. I don't want to give up on MileHi because it's my home DZ and I truly believe that it has the potential of being a DZ full of good energy and good people. The sad thing is that the staff and regulars generally are the one's creating this negative environment for the rest of us. I have been jumping at MileHi on and off for over two years and this situation has not improved one bit. We do have some great people at MileHi, but unfortunately it seems that the negativity of the staff and the regulars are driving away all of the kind people. So, how do we correct this? What measures should the DZO take to improve this situation? Is it his responsibility? Is it the staff's? Is it the regulars? Is it the instructors? Is it mine? Is it yours?