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  1. I had two Spectra and got slammed by one out of maybe 1,000 jumps. I'm pretty sure it was the packer because at the boogie, several others had the same happen to them. My present Pilot 132 has 600+ jumps and all great openings. I just ordered another Pilot but 168 for a bit more canopy above my head.
  2. Or as others have said, don't be a rigger in the sky. Go with the odds and chances are it will be a non event.
  3. Earplugs unless you want tinnitus.....spoken from a sufferer...
  4. An old thread and it was alluded to, but I'd also want to know where it was jumped. Out in the desert with all of the sand and dust, or East coast with grass...Sand from a few dirt baths will probably shorten the life of gear by half.
  5. Maybe wear bicycle shorts under your jumpsuit.
  6. Landmissle, watch someone flat pack and you will be surprised how much sense it makes to see everything laid out as you fly it. It just takes more room....
  7. Do most students learn to Flat Pack first or do they generally go to PRO first. I learned to Flat Pack first and still prefer to see it laid out for a quick inspection.
  8. I've sold several rigs and had them all inspected by ChutingStar. They gave me a 2-3 page detailed inspection report and handled the money transfer. I was very satisfied..Check with the used prices on this forum and you will get close to the value of your gear.
  9. Old school here...An audible with 3 preset altitudes (break off, canopy out and flat-line) and analog altimeter on my mud flap. Mudflap is always there, easy for me and other to see and out of the way. Little to remember...
  10. Not sure of the point as a D qualifies you for all aspects of the sport. While we're at it, eliminate the night jump from the D license. Not necessary and dangerous. No one has to make a night jump accidentally or unintentionally.
  11. Give some thought to analog on the mudflap. It's away there, easy to read and not in the way. For me, so much more convenient and it's eaisly shared with your friends..
  12. If my memory is not too fogy, this happened at Z-Hills and was caught on video, maybe 10 years ago.
  13. Get some skydiving gloves at your local gear store. They are the right tool for the sport and that will be one less thing to have to think about. Later as you get more experience you can try other types. Keep it simple.
  14. I do a lot of swimming with fins and that really works the larger muscles in your upper leg. According to previous PT therapists, that has made a big difference in my not needing any pain medication or a TKR.