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  1. Sarcasm on DZ.com can get people hurt or killed and it needs to be noted in the comment, not several comments or threads away. MODS - The comment this refers to should be noted and or deleted.
  2. Buy what fits you. For the most part, the helmet is for protection and most will give you about the same for normal bumps and minor hits. For me, the best fit, when it was time for a new replacement was with a Z-1. That helmet offers me great visibility, it's quiet and very simple to operate.
  3. How did getting rid of NAFTA and replacing it with USMCA, an updated version of the nearly 25-year-old, trillion-dollar North American Free Trade Agreement cause the baby formula shortage?
  4. From Rice University... https://news.rice.edu/news/2021/biden-continues-trumps-benign-neglect-usmca "The Biden administration and most Democrats in Congress appear to be in lockstep with the Trump administration about the USMCA, according to Gantz, especially when it comes to seeking to create new American jobs and investment in the U.S. auto industry rather than in Mexico."
  5. John K ------ https://www.wsj.com/articles/governments-baby-formula-shortage-abbott-mead-johnson-tariffs-wic-fda-perrigo-democrats-11652996346?mod=hp_opin_pos_1 another side...
  6. Merlin suits that are made in Deland.. https://www.merlinsuits.com/ By Ulla....
  7. Maybe next with two Otters and 10 skydivers in each from 15,000. I'll float.....
  8. I didn't know Bruce but really appreciated your tribute and pictures. Sounds like a good friend and wonderful person. My condolences...
  9. I just noticed the above and cannot delete... :-( https://www.fox13news.com/news/johns-hopkins-study-shows-lockdowns-only-reduced-covid-19-death-rate-by-2 BTW John, 2% is a large number but 7,500 people die everyday in the US for lots of causes and this is not necessarily in addition to...
  10. I'm not a doctor.... The same happened to me in the late 80's while SCUBA diving and it was a one time thing as it's never happened again. I had no pain, but after a normal 70 foot dive, come to the surface with what felt like cotton in one ear and sounds were muffled. It was later diagnosed (ENT) as the same as yours, a barotrama and after a while, the stuffed/cotton feel went away. I still do a lot of diving and it never happened again. I was left though with tinnitus in that ear. In your situation, you might consider a decongestant, after seeing an ENT and not jump with a head cold or if you are stuffy and congested.
  11. I had two Spectra and got slammed by one out of maybe 1,000 jumps. I'm pretty sure it was the packer because at the boogie, several others had the same happen to them. My present Pilot 132 has 600+ jumps and all great openings. I just ordered another Pilot but 168 for a bit more canopy above my head.
  12. Or as others have said, don't be a rigger in the sky. Go with the odds and chances are it will be a non event.
  13. Earplugs unless you want tinnitus.....spoken from a sufferer...
  14. An old thread and it was alluded to, but I'd also want to know where it was jumped. Out in the desert with all of the sand and dust, or East coast with grass...Sand from a few dirt baths will probably shorten the life of gear by half.
  15. Maybe wear bicycle shorts under your jumpsuit.