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  1. I always carry mine and check the knife. There is no reason to carry your rig without putting it inside a general backpack type of container. TSA will give it a look and generally pass you through to the swab table and then say thanks... Don't make a big deal about it and they won't either. Everyone on the airplane does not need to know that you jump out of airplanes... I also check my weight belt.
  2. If you look at the cost per year to own any AAD, and amortize it over it's life, the cost difference between the best and the worst is very little. Why not own the best. Maybe one jump a year difference !
  3. I have what will be an out of date, (06 19) but still working Cypress and hate to just throw it away. It's available to anyone who wants it. Preferably someone not too far away from Z-Hills...
  4. No, not using google search.... Next time I'll give it a try. thanks for the suggestion.
  5. I used to be able to see a summery of all of the listings without any detail. It made it quick and easy to find what I was looking for. Now I have to look at each listing to see if it is the brand that I am looking for.
  6. Giving it a try, but I feel like I went from an adult novel to a children's primer... BIG BLOCK PRINT with lots of unnecessary space. Still trying to locate an AAD in Classified and I feel like I'm wading in quicksand. It is no longer user friendly.... Quite frustrating and this used to be a favorite site.
  7. You basically made too many changes too quickly and I feel lost.. Hate to say good by...
  8. Still having lots of difficulty navigation on the new improved site ! There is so much white space I waste time just looking for the last reply to anything. I'm presently looking in the classified section for a new AAD and can't look at more than 4-5 items at a time on a page. Seems like the summery is missing. The site is loosing me and it's a shame because I used to looks at DZ.com pretty regularly. I feel like I've lost a friend.
  9. Maybe it's my age or maybe I just liked the previous face and format before the change, but I don't like the new Dropzone.com web site and find that I now avoid what I used to enjoy. It is not as easy to navigate and a lot of the print is lighter and not as easy to read ! I remember the last change a few years ago and I think I was uncomfortable with it too It was not as drastic of a change, and I did grow to like it. I hope the same happens here, but I don;t think it will. There are several other web sites that I used to go to regularly, that have changed recently, and I unfortunately now avoid them too. Change just for change sake is not always good.
  10. I rarely look at my altimeter and use it as a back up for my eyes. I keep it mounted on my mudflap and glance at it around pull time and canopy deployment. The rest of the time, it's rarely used. Audible is used that way too. I don't think the market would be very large or justify the time and effort to design, build and then market. My $0.02.... Dano
  11. Same worded in the coal mines. It was a simple brass tag. All it takes is effort. Dano
  12. The design seems to take something that is simple and make it complicated. I'd still do a pin check ! Dano
  13. I don't think it makes a difference whether the helmet is plastic or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber does look good... My motorcycle helmet, Schuberth, is one of the best, if not the best, and it is plastic and not carbon fiber. Motorcycle helmets are tested and must pass to be certified. I don't think that any skydiving helmets get tested. Dano
  14. I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm still jumping a frap hat - I've been wearing a full-face helmet for the last sixteen years or so, and there's nothing about the frap hat that I miss (well, other than its portability, and that's hardly the top criterion when it comes to choosing gear to protect your head). However, I do think it was worth pointing out that a full-face skydiving helmet's resemblance to a motorcycle helmet shouldn't lull people into thinking that it provides a similar level of protection. As Rob says above, to do so the helmets would need to be significantly heavier and bulkier than they are. I know people who've been knocked unconscious, and who've had facial injuries, even while wearing a full-face helmet and where there was no obvious damage to the helmet itself. I guess the bottom line is, get the best head protection you can, and be careful out there.
  15. I can name several people, in the past few years, who wished that they had been wearing a full face hard helmet vs. the frap hat that they had on. I too, like many in the early days, wore a frap hat, but if you are jumping with others and wish for a safer and quieter skydive, you will put away that frap hat and get a decent full face helmet. It will give you a lot more protection. Dano