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  1. Also, "impeachment" is really just a formal accusation (indictment) by those who are given the power to do so. Usually the House of Reps. (maybe ONLY the Reps.? Not sure.) so I think, technically, they can bring charges whenever they want, even frivolous charges if they vote to do that. Depends on how silly they want to look. Getting a conviction and removal from office is another matter.
  2. The "I have a patient..." part of your question might give me pause. too! But your question got me wondering if a civilian A-26 was even certified for single-pilot operation. Here's an interesting little snippet --- from here: "With the Invader flown mostly in single pilot operation and with the lack of single pilot modifications being made to these aircraft, be they air tankers or executive transport, there would always be issues with the single pilot operation of a (2) pilot aircraft. When I say (2) pilot operation, I mean the the Air force invaders were always flown with a Navigator/Weapons man in the jump seat on take off and landing, to act as an auxillary to the pilot, during emergencies and he was adequately trained in such procedures." Could be a handful in an emergency. I'd still hesitate to turn down a ride in one.
  3. I attended this airshow in 1968 and was delighted to find this video only about a month or so ago. Hoover is flying the Cavalier Mustang about midway into the clip. Also there were Bob Fornoff and his Bearcat. & F100 Tbirds. :) RIP
  4. PR firm is the same as Trump's I guess. IMO, it's gonna take a heck of a lot bigger "failure" than this to tarnish their image after the Rosetta mission.
  5. Great job!! Beautifully flown formation!
  6. I think we should allow post-election voting. If a candidate loses, it would give his/her supporters a chance to go rustle up a few more votes from the folks who stayed home. Even a post-election voter registration drive could be a possibility. At least folks would then know exactly how many votes they need to gin up. No deadlines allowed, either.
  7. The radar loop of the hurricane's eye wall "rolling" up the coastline like a wheel is awesome. It even looks like it rolls over the bump that is Cape Canaveral, following the coastline exactly. If it continues to do that (and doesn't really make landfall) all the way up the coast, it may be bad for flooding from Jax to Charleston where there is a lot of coastal marsh area. Haven't heard much news from the barrier islands, but doesn't look too bad on the mainland side so far. They are just now beginning to open bridges to the islands south of the storm, so news crews will soon be getting in. Heard from my sister. All OK. She said it got a little hairy at times but came through it fine so far. Still have more bands to get through but probably not as serious as overnight.
  8. Looks like the weather you guys are in right now goes through Daytona, north of Orlando, Dade City, Zhills, and across Tampa Bay. Pretty much calm here with a light sprinkle. I expect that band will push off to the north away from us. Next up (unless new strong bands form) is the band wrapping around close to the eye. We may not get any of that over here at all if the track stays offshore along the coast. Obviously, we're probably going to get plenty of "lesser" bands of wind and rain throughout the night and tomorrow. I guess we'll see.
  9. Y'all be safe up there. (assuming you are in Sanford) My sister in Christmas has friends from the coast staying with them during the storm. We'd been trying to talk them all into just coming to Lakeland but they insisted that they would be OK. Too late now. They live out in the boonies near the antenna farm in NE Orange County, a couple of hundred feet from the Seminole County line. My worry is that they are elevated a bit from the surrounding area, exposing them to unobstructed wind from the east. Hoping for the best. Also worried a little about the intensification and slight jog to the west. They took an almost direct hit from Charlie and had some damage, but this one is a completely different animal.
  10. Hahahaha.. These folks are from Montgomery! ....yamma jamma!
  11. That might make you wonder what sort of stuff goes on in the "Flex Zone".
  12. "I drive fast, wind in my hair - I push it to the limits b'cause I just don't care." "My Maserati does one-eighty-five. I lost my license, now I don't drive."
  13. Since they are on camera stealing the bag and tossing the contents (who needs another pressure cooker?), I'd go with Puerto Ricans from a stereotype standpoint. That'd make the answer "Catholic." ...and/or "Santeria".
  14. Hydrox cookies. Not the new "original" recipe fake ones. I want the original original recipe ...the ones that were loaded with trans-fats. Same thing happened to GS cookies! And how about those caramels with the sugar centers. Those aren't the same, either. People always gotta be screwing with stuff!
  15. Not until I figure out how to work "CBX1000" into the conversation.
  16. Would that be a Prelude to his return? If so, would he need a Passport to enter this country?
  17. I mostly agree with that observation. .....Well, except for Peter Noone and that child molester from Oz who did "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport".
  18. Older thread:;search_string=skydiving%20north%20korea;#4267422