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  1. ....Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. v v v
  2. I prolly would have chosen a pitching wedge. ...but then, I really don't have very good golf-fu.
  3. Finally! ...some worthwhile content in the Huffington Post! Maybe we can stage a competition for "Second". Maybe a soccer match or something. Winner (loser?) gets to be the new host to the UN.
  4. "He's a supercilious douchebag. That would be as opposed to an over privileged douchebag" "I'd have to say that cocksucker probably would whine like a little puppy if someone were to actually attack him physically, ..." ..sorry, couldn't help it
  5. Couple of questions come to mind. At what age would a UBI kick in? How much lower than a minimum wage would the UBI have to be set? I'd think that if UBI was anywhere near min. wages, some recipients might simply elect to stay on the UBI program rather than go to work for a minimum wage job, maybe even if that entry-level job could lead to a better position (and even if a job is available to them). Which brings up -- at what point (and under what conditions) would a UBI recipient be required to seek work? If he fails to get a job, or even to look for work, what happens to his UBI? What other forms of government aid could a UBI recipient receive and still be eligible for government-provided UBI? How would children or other "dependents" affect a person's UBI.
  6. Stolen from FB: You can't fight destiny! ...Well, you can but you'll probably have to fight the bouncer and the rest of the strippers.
  7. Good point! I can see where they might be a little jittery in Ohio. Especially with a Republican Governor in office. Probably don't have to worry too much about that at UConn, though.
  8. It seems that "The" Ohio State University has provided a "safe space" and counselors for their students and faculty to help them cope and get through the day today. I hope they kept intact the same safe room and counselors that they set up after BHO was elected. If not, maybe the ones that the Buckeyes used after the thorough thrashing they received during the playoffs. Might save a few bucks if they just go ahead and make it a permanent feature at the school. Probably one of many ...... edit to fix clicky
  9. "Absurd" would probably be more accurate. Ok, "silly", too.
  10. Then, they must not be providing value to their employers. (On the other hand, if they form a union, they won't be required to). I assumed that it was their job to commit offenses and get arrested to protect Mr. Blow. So, if they don't have to get arrested to get paid, where do I sign up? I'd work just about every day. What you're suggesting would be akin to never paying a body guard unless an actual attack takes place. I think it should be obvious how foolish that line of thinking would be. If you'd like to go to work in Washington DC as one, it's pretty trivial. Hang out in Lafayette Square just north of the White House and look around. Well, distant kin. A bodyguard is paid to be available to respond to, or prevent, an attack. A demonstrator can either do something unlawful that can get him arrested or not. His choice. Probably should be different pay scales for paid demonstrators which are determined by "how far" they go. I'm starting to like the idea of union pay grades for these jobs based on skills, tenure, etc. Why should a rock-thrower be paid the same as a police-car-burner?
  11. Unfortunately, our handlers did not provide guidance WRT this issue. Or maybe I just didn't get the memo. So, it looks like the advertisements existed, but they were a prank. Quade says paid demonstrators do exist. But you (and Snopes) are suggesting that mercs are not being hired for the Trump inauguration event least not by anyone offering $2500. That makes applying for one of those jobs even less attractive.
  12. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and think the content of that article changed. But it is now identified as a hoax in that article. Snopes lists it as unproven. You are so gullible when it comes to "news" you agree with. Well, quade says that professional, non-aligned protesters-for-hire are fairly common in DC. So is the hoax only that ads were placed for this particular event? ....or that the $2500 is inaccurate? I'm out if the fee is too much less than that.
  13. Then, they must not be providing value to their employers. (On the other hand, if they form a union, they won't be required to). I assumed that it was their job to commit offenses and get arrested to protect Mr. Blow. So, if they don't have to get arrested to get paid, where do I sign up? I'd work just about every day.
  14. Sounds like they need to form a union. OK, add union dues to their expenses.
  15. You'd think that by the time one of these "mercenaries" travels to the protest site, commits an arrestable act, gets arrested, bails out, pays legal fees, maybe does time, pays fines and restitution, etc. (not to mention any income tax liabilities if he does it enough), that there wouldn't be much left of the 2500 bucks to make it worthwhile. A regular "protester-for-hire" could spend a lot of time being processed and answering to judges.
  16. 1927 45 years later: 1972 another 45 years: 2017 2017 RIP Gene Cernan
  17. The names were derived from an actual "van" that existed at that time, where folks would occasionally take a "break" from the day's activities.
  18. Not being critical ...just providing possible corrections to the archive which you are creating.
  19. Thanks (belatedly). Site has been updated. Pretty sure that 1992 winner should be "Son of Van Break" rather than "Son of Dan Break". Also, I believe that the 1993 winner (listed as "The Muff Brothers") had "Van Break" as part of the team name. The Muff Bros. team of 1994, of which I was a proud member, was named "Duh! Van Break". During the competition that year, we exited just after "XTZ" a couple of times. Awesome watching them launch a linked, no-show 10-way, and then looking out the door at a perfect star going away.
  20. Not really my style. But, I'm not completely opposed to a little retaliatory "b". By that time, the debate has pretty much degenerated and is beginning to swirl. Like this: Debater 1: "a" Debater 2: opposing view "a" Debater 1: rebuttal "a" (maybe a subtle "b" implied) Debater 2: full-on "b" (point of the debate is mostly forgotten) Debater 1: Really, "b" ?!? ...well, I got your "b" right here buddy! Greenie: Yer all banned! I can imagine things getting messy when there is a mass debate with more than 2 participants.
  21. What have you got against the 1st Amendment? [/sarc] That's a good point. Not all demonstrators are destructive, just a small minority. The same as not all firearm owners are irresponsible or violent. Both are protected by the constitution. Is the second amendment more important than the first? I'd say not. Well, my backhanded point was that "destructive demonstrations" are not (should not be? ) protected speech. Would the small business owner have had his Constitutionally-protected rights violated by the brick thrower ...or by a Government that does not mete out justice for the owner by not prosecuting the demonstrator and holding him accountable to the law and to the shop owner?