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  1. 2 hour delay + about 1 hour for the trip + maybe an hour FA time = ~4 hours. He could have driven in 4 or 5 hours.
  2. Oh, wow. Sorry, once that guy boarded it was too late. They need to put their crew member on a toilet or figure something else out. He can sit on the floor like we do.
  3. Meanwhile, I heard that Michael O'Leary beat a doctor unconscious and dragged him onto an under-booked Ryanair flight.
  4. I wonder what the "help" button does? It's for the handicapped, so an attendant will come help fuel your vehicle. Ahhh! ..."FUELING"! My bad!
  5. I wonder what the "help" button does?
  6. He was in that movie about skydiving surfers. :(
  7. stolen from the f-book:
  8. Pretty sure this wouldn't make the cut in family TV shows these days.
  9. If this gets really popular in China, they're gonna need to hire some flying traffic girls from North Korea to keep things flowing smoothly.
  10. Folk/Traditional from just about anywhere. Also, Appalachian. And 60s folk/rock or country/rock. e.g., Byrds, Poco, CSN, Flying Burrito Bros., etc. But, I'll listen to just about anything....
  11. Mr. Douglas, and Wiki says the green one is on display at a warbird museum in Titusville, FL. So that would be "TICO Belle". Not familiar with that one.
  12. The concept is OK. If they back it up with a quality product, I'd buy it.
  13. .....when the boys' puppy gets blown far away." I think this sort of thing is frowned upon these days.
  14. Try to think in terms of pulling the bag around the folded canopy rather than trying to put the canopy into the bag. Hardest part is controlling your pack job with one hand! ...but, you'll get it.
  15. Or worse accidental deployment on the highway at 80+ mph on the way to the DZ.
  16. I'm gonna count the moon, too. Manifest Destiny, and all. That other site is prolly counting all the water.
  17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- One look at the globe will reveal that Canada is bigger and Canada is on top. If we were imprisoned, the USA would be our bitch! USA is bigger. No argument with the "bitch" thing.
  18. Ha! Same here! I rode up to Zhills with my brother and a few other friends who were going to do tandems. I was just going to watch. Ended up doing one myself.
  19. I prolly would have chosen a pitching wedge. ...but then, I really don't have very good golf-fu.
  20. Finally! ...some worthwhile content in the Huffington Post! Maybe we can stage a competition for "Second". Maybe a soccer match or something. Winner (loser?) gets to be the new host to the UN.
  21. Stolen from FB: You can't fight destiny! ...Well, you can but you'll probably have to fight the bouncer and the rest of the strippers.
  22. 1927 45 years later: 1972 another 45 years: 2017 2017 RIP Gene Cernan