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  1. Looks like everyone in that second shot is scratching their heads! Bugs!?
  2. FIT is a great school. Unfortunately, I flunked outta there in 1970 after two years. Some moron built the school too close to the beach. BTW- back then we were the "Engineers", not the "Panthers". My only claim to fame was a school cheer that I wrote as a fraternity pledge assignment. I was very surprised when I heard it on TV during an MIT football game many years later. The announcers even commented on it. The only changes were that they replaced "x" with "u" and someone added an additional "verse." I have no clue how it wound up at MIT. Back then we had many "field trips" to the cape for various launches, etc.
  3. ...I guess I picked a good school to go to just 25 miles down the road from KSC.
  4. You ARE old as dirt, Dan. I thought you knew that!
  5. " do the math." well over $100,000.00 + well over $35,000.00 = well over $135,000.00. You europeans swap the commas and the decimals. Just helping out here :o)
  6. I seem to remember 18F in Lakeland FL on the day the shuttle exploded in 1986. Very clear sky with a clear and sickening view of the accident from over 100mi away. I don't recall any colder temps here except maybe Christmas 1983. I'm just too young to remember anything before the 1950's. :-)
  7. Wait a minute!.......You're supposed to open your eyes!?!
  8. Mine popped out, looked me right square in the eye, and said "You can kiss your jump money goodbye, Daddy!" It was probably telepathy or something.
  9. I'm always touched by that tender love ballad, "Ina-Gadda-Da-Vida". Brings back memories. Sometimes I get weepy listening to "Smoke on the Water", especially when the Leslie's kick in. (Hmmm......I haven't bought an album in a long time. I wonder where the nearest record shop is?)
  10. Blue Skies, Jeff.....and Thanks! to you and your family.
  11. Rans S-12 hop-n-pop then flew alongside almost close enough to touch wingtip-to-endcell. I was too chicken to actually bump wingtips. Actually, my favorite single is the 182 for regular old skydiving.
  12. Can't believe I just heard Paul Harvey mention Johnny's final skydive during his noontime babble today.......Good Day!
  13. I guess that's where "they" get the saying: "hindsight is 20-20" or "I wish I had tomorrow's newspaper today". I hope you played lotto! ;-p
  14. Just reading the thread about Bill Klase's death, I remembered a backyard demo he organized a few years ago. I guess this is really a Scotty Carbone story rather than a Bill Klase story. A few of us were doing a demo into the backyard of some of Bill's friends a few miles north of Z-hills. We were going to get out during the planes climb-out for a regular load. I think we got 6-7000'. The rest of the load was going to full altitude after we left. Some of the guys on the demo strapped 5lb. bags of flour to their legs to simulate smoke. Scotty had the wonderful idea to release a 10-pound sack of flour to leave a "smoke trail" to alert the party below that we were about to jump. As Scotty and I hung out the tailgate spotting, Scotty broke open the sack and 10 lbs. of flour blew straight back into the cabin all the way up to the pilot. Man, there were some pissed off people in there! By the time the "smoke" cleared we were well off the spot and I think only 2-3 jumpers made it into the party. ...I guess you had to be there! R.I.P. Bill
  15. Just landed my 5-cell Swift for the second time last Saturday. The first time was 10-11 years ago. I DO remember uttering a couple of expletives when I checked out the canopy after opening the first time and seeing those "loose" lines.