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  1. This was truly lovely. Thank you. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  2. Try ParcelMonkey Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  3. Why expand your canopy skills? Yes, because it makes you safer, sure, but this is just the beginning. When you let your parachute take you to amazing places, your skills purchase the freedom of adventure. There is a great deal to learn before taking on the kind of challenges as you see in the following video, and the secret is finding people who really know what they are doing, and listen to them, and of course follow their advice, and their line. Even then, mountain flying has big risks, but if you are patient, once in a while, you get to live the dream: Laura and I did this a few days ago under the amazing leadership of our good friends at Skydive Oppdal in Norway. It gets really interesting at 4:00 Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  4. This video is removed. Too controversial and divisive. I want to bring skydivers together, not separate them into camps based on cosmology. Sorry to have created waves. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  5. Thank you Bill. I requested that a few weeks ago. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  6. That is a great question. I don't pretend to understand how this stuff works, I just remain open to possibilities. Vehemently defending why the world is flat through seeking only the evidence that supports our belief seems to me to be the road to erroneous assumptions. True science requires an open mind, ready to let go of old paradigms. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  7. OK, so lets start with this. How did someone who has had no contact with any skydivers ever before in her life know the unpublicized nickname of Robert Mahaffey: "Muffy the Monkey"? How did she know that his was a master pianist? I did not tell her anything about these people. Not a word. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  8. Mind are like parachutes, they only function when open. Remember that one? I know that there are fake channels out there, and it is sad that people cannot always feel the difference. This, in my experience, is authentic, and the information she shares can only be gleaned in this way. There are facts that only I would have known. If you do not choose to believe in life after death, that is your choice, and it is perfectly fine. However, stepping on others' perspectives is unloving. Consider the possibility that the dominant paradigm is incomplete, and see how this perspective can lighten our load, and bring us to connection with loved ones and information that we could not have access to in the old model. I knew that people who believe that the world is flat would fight to maintain their belief. I can handle that. I simply am offering my testimony that Pamela, and a few others like her, really do have access to much more than we can see, and I have proof in many years of direct investigation that otherwise unknowable information is accessible to those who have this gift. Like skydiving, if it scares you too much to consider it, you need not engage the experience. It will all become clear in the end. Free your mind. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  9. This video is going to blow your mind: Casual Chat LIVE Ep 14 Pamela Aaralyn Channels the Dead Skydivers Wisdom Collective Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  10. The Latest Episode: Casual Chat LIVE Ep 12 Brian Germain and Human Expansion The Previous Episode: Casual Chat LIVE Ep 11 Melissa Nelson-Lowe Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  11. I think you will enjoy this micro-documentary that I made on the history of our sport. It is by no means exhaustive, but I does cover some key phases, and you may learn some things. We are standing on the shoulders of giants! Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  12. You're going to love this one! About Our Guest: Kate Cooper-Jensen is a Top-Gun bigway formation organizer known world-wide as an incredible motivator. This is bound to be one of our best shows ever! What is Casual Chat? The show spans a wide variety of topics related to transcending fear. The show is recorded live on Zoom meeting software, and listeners can send in questions before the show here on the event page and during the show, in the Zoom chat window. Casual Chat is recorded LIVE on Facebook here: Follow to get updates! About The Host: Brian Germain began as the skydiving industry's foremost expert on Adrenalin Management and Parachute Flight Safety, and has become a world voice on the topic of transcending fear. Brian's work on the topic of fear and its effects began with his wide diversity of adventure leadership experiences, but became crystallized when tragic paraglider collapse nearly took his life. Rejecting the doctors’ proclamation that he would never jump again, Brian not only emerged from his wheelchair to continue skydiving, but a mere four years later became the ESPN X-Games Champion in Freefly Skydiving. His inspiring journey through and beyond fear has moved people all over the world to challenge their own personal boundaries, and expand who they are by taking fear head-on. Brian runs canopy skills and safety courses all over the world. Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  13. You're gonna love this one! Instructional Keynote Canopies and
  14. Here is a link to the latest show: I forgot my timer and the show ran much longer than usual. Bonus!! One of the best discussions ever, please watch and share! Instructional Keynote Canopies and