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  1. cbjetboy

    The four times you might quit skydiving

    I have all three. Am I screwed? Then you become a jump pilot...
  2. I personally found the Pulse to be too docile for my tastes and the flare weak. I am not a high performance guy...I fly Sabre2 190s at 1.25. I like the flare and handling of the Sabre2 much better.
  3. I have a Cookie Flatlock on mine with a Canon SL1. I have a Brent's ringsight and an Ultimate blow switch. I use the Cookie roller mount for the Hero 4. I made a hollow spacer to get the lens to clear the Hero. I'm sure there will be debate but I like it. A guy that I know has the Fuel and a Flatlock also. His is mounted down flat on the helmet with no spacer but he uses an older style Hero mount instead of the roller. Edit: Added another pic.
  4. I would personally back this at 40+ years. Those folks would certainly deserve it in my opinion.
  5. cbjetboy

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black - Hypoxic Comparison

    Screen grabs with another 20 fps is certainly going to cause slight degradation of the image. This is an apples to oranges comparison and should not effect your basis for model choice. A better comparison would be full res still shots compared instead of screen grabs from different fps videos. The compelling reason for the black is higher fps at both 1080 and 720. If you are not into slo-mo then the silver with integrated touch display would seem to be a better choice.
  6. cbjetboy

    Lasik or PRK?

    I had Lasik over 10 years ago. Best money I ever spent. Can't vouch for anyone else's eyes though. Blue skies and sharp eyes!!!