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  1. Turns out that "Esteban Santiago" may be Spanish for "Aashiq Hammad".
  2. The accident was not in Zhills. The track is between SR 39 and a small DZ just south of Blackwater Creek, a few miles south of Zephyrhills. Hillsborough County rather than Pasco.
  3. Yes, that's how Sheldon would do it. I used Leonard's approach.
  4. I didn't do the math. I sent someone a text and a nude and timed it with a stopwatch app.
  5. He and the Maytag repairman should hang out together. Take up golf or something.
  6. Obviously, whatever you use should be tested on the fabric in an inconspicuous area. But, referring to the electronics cleaner ...I think the old cleaners used carbon tetrachloride. Carbon tet was also widely used in the cleaning industry until it was discovered to be quite toxic. I don't think the new electronics cleaners work as well.
  7. What's better than having a rocket? Having a friend with a rocket! Oh, wait! ....I mean "boat", not "rocket"!
  8. That's the point of their (the Lefties) whole argument! .....She would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling Rooskies! (not that I'm buying into any of that nonsense.) So, we have: Did the Russians hack the DNC emails? (Official Russiandom or just some free-lance hackers who happen to live in Russia) Or was it, as claimed by Assange, someone within the DNC? Bernie's followers? Someone else? Was it the purpose of the hacker (whoever that may be) to affect the outcome of the US election? ...or was that just a collateral effect? (as if significant numbers on either side actually changed their vote based on those revelations ) If it was sponsored, or actually done, by the Russian government, was it (the hacking) actually "requested" by the Trump campaign? Also, IMO, the claim by President Obama (through Josh Earnest) that Trump publicly called for Putin to hack the DNC is complete nonsense. When the Russians were blamed by the Dems for carrying out hacking attacks, Trump simply made a joke that maybe they could find Hillary's missing 30000 email from her illegal private server while they were at it. Nothing to do with the DNC email hack. Others may have different opinions.
  9. That would be correct still for division, but not multiplication. Kilo comes from Greek and Mille from Latin. What does that say about the ancient world? So, a millipede crawling across Italy would become a kilopod when it gets to Greece?
  10. I'd look forward to it. I've learned some pretty spiffy insults on here that I'd like to try out some time.
  11. Give Hillary some of the credit, too. She's the one who provided the juicy stuff that was leaked.
  12. According to Eric Schultz (through the AP's Kathleen Hennessey): "The review, led by intelligence agencies will be a 'deep dive' into a possible pattern of 'malicious cyber activity' timed to the election season. The review will look at the tactics, targets, key actors and the US government's response to the recent email hacks, as well as incidents reported in past elections (2008 & 2012)". .... ....Schultz said the President sought the probe as a way of improving US defense against cyberattacks and was not intending to question the legitimacy of Trump's victory". "'This is not an effort to challenge the outcome of the election,' Schultz said." Obviously, since the Dems won in the prior 2 presidential elections, no "deep dive" was necessary or called for ...or wanted at the time, despite "reported incidents". I can only suppose (based on Obama's history as President regarding this issue) it would even be no big deal now if HRC had won.
  13. By the time he was 80, the PR requirements that our astronauts survive their missions had been relaxed.
  14. Ignore completely. Give it no further thought.
  15. Dude, don't knock them. Mine's lasted much longer than any other vehicle I've ever had, and I drive the shit out of it. Careful now! I have an Outback that's rolling up on 286000 miles. But just when I started bragging about what a great car it is, one of the dash lights went out.
  16. I still think of "FS" as being Freestyle... "Hey man, want to do some FS with us?" "No thanks, that weird stuff is for the new kids." (Quizzical looks...) Haha! +1 - When I think of FS, I always get the mental picture of Mark, Brian and Robert at Zhills in those silly-looking, lime green and magenta sit-suits.
  17. Oh, yes; Post #26 is quite fitting now. Pretty damn funny! (A little spooky, too.)
  18. Even though I'd heard some of his songs earlier, I first became aware of LC through an English singer, Noel Harrison. Heard his version of "Suzanne" and became a Cohen fan from that point on, buying Cohen's albums whenever I could. Later I ran across an album by Jennifer Warnes covering Cohen's songs, that became one of my favorites. RIP
  19. George allowed Scotty back on the DZ during the last couple of days of Phoenix/ZHills. We did a 14-way. 3rd point was a big round. After geeking for a few seconds, Scotty moved into the center of the formation and spun around a few times. He suddenly dumps out of the formation. Holy Crap! ...Scotty's pulling! We must be in the basement! As I turned away to track, I glanced at my alti. Still at 6 grand! Scared the crap out of a few folks.
  20. muff528


    Some of those snowflakes are JUST ALIKE!
  21. Ha! That just goes to show you that nobody, but NOBODY, can keep the Cubbies down for 109 years in a row!!!