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  1. He was in that movie about skydiving surfers. :(
  2. stolen from the f-book:
  3. Pretty sure this wouldn't make the cut in family TV shows these days.
  4. If this gets really popular in China, they're gonna need to hire some flying traffic girls from North Korea to keep things flowing smoothly.
  5. Folk/Traditional from just about anywhere. Also, Appalachian. And 60s folk/rock or country/rock. e.g., Byrds, Poco, CSN, Flying Burrito Bros., etc. But, I'll listen to just about anything....
  6. Mr. Douglas, and Wiki says the green one is on display at a warbird museum in Titusville, FL. So that would be "TICO Belle". Not familiar with that one.
  7. The concept is OK. If they back it up with a quality product, I'd buy it.
  8. .....when the boys' puppy gets blown far away." I think this sort of thing is frowned upon these days.
  9. Try to think in terms of pulling the bag around the folded canopy rather than trying to put the canopy into the bag. Hardest part is controlling your pack job with one hand! ...but, you'll get it.
  10. I'd interpret it as: 2-4 would mean gone before his term is over OR he is defeated in an election for 2nd term. (Or deciding not to run for 2nd term.) 4-6 would mean he gets re-elected but does not finish 2nd term. Maybe not.
  11. Or worse accidental deployment on the highway at 80+ mph on the way to the DZ.
  12. Good thing they didn't celebrate with a high-five !
  13. Sure can, in Looking Glass World. Woosh Q.E.D. Wow! Talk about thread-drift. All the way from the politics of politics to quantum mechanics - the Pauli Exclusion Principle, mirror symmetries and parity violations in Quantum Electrodynamics! (....admittedly, a very loose interpretation!)
  14. Don't forget that little one ... Nope! We still use 'em!
  15. You did that on purpose Did what???
  16. You did that on purpose Did what??? It wrong.
  17. We have that, via E-verify, work visas, green cards and other programs. Agreed. This should be enough to keep employers from having to worry about consequences of inadvertently hiring an illegal worker. Any question of fake docs would be between the illegal worker and the Government. The company would simply lose the worker. Not his fault. Immigration "debacle?" The only people who are really offended by what's going on with immigration in the US right now are those who want to be, who can increase political capital by sowing fear. meh .... Yep, and I said that these employers should be held accountable in court. But, I'm against workplace raids unless the employer is believed to be intentionally hiring illegal workers, and enough evidence is provided to a court that a warrant is issued. NOT evidence that illegal workers have been identified there, but evidence that the business knowingly and intentionally hired them because they were illegal. BTW- by "enforcement" I mean primarily at the border. Large-scale deportations and random factory raids means that our immigration policies (notwithstanding the laws themselves) have already failed. There is no practical way they could do that. Nor would I want a government that had that much power. Give people (and companies) the freedom to make those decisions on their own. The Gov't ("Customs" and other Departments, etc.) already has that power WRT the Lacey Act. But my point is more about holding companies legally responsible for buying controlled goods which they reasonably, through trade agreements, etc., believe entered the country legally. Of course, the business can make legal choices or illegal ones. Same as anyone else. Again ...need evidence and warrants. Not evidence of having controlled goods, but evidence of intentional solicitation and acquisition of those goods.
  18. I don't see why this is so hard. It is the responsibility of our Government to give businesses a reasonable assurance that the available workforce is legally eligible to work here. We pay them (willingly or otherwise) to pass and enforce immigration laws, largely for that very purpose. It should not be the job of private business to screen potential employees (with regard to worker eligibility or immigration status) and also have the responsibility of acting as the de facto enforcement arm of our Government's immigration laws, exposing them to criminal prosecution from one side, and "civil rights" lawsuits from the other, which might result from any action or decision they might make ...especially since the current immigration debacle is a result of dereliction and failure (or even political expediency) on the part of the Government to enforce their own immigration laws. Their assumption should be that if a person seeks employment and presents even what appear to be acceptable docs (ID, SSN, etc.), then they should be immune from prosecution. Any question of legality should be between the Government and the illegal worker. I have no problem with prosecuting businesses that actively seek out, and knowingly hire illegal workers ...if that intent can be proven in a courtroom. While I'm ranting, I'd apply the same argument to American companies that are using raw materials that are subject to some of the more ridiculous terms of the much-abused "Lacey Act", and were ostensibly purchased legally from foreign countries. Trade agreements between the USA and the trading partner should keep enforcement at that level, insulating from liability any businesses that might have purchased a product that they believed was produced and subjected to conditions of any agreement between governments, and imported here lawfully. They should be assured that the Government has signed off on any goods entering the country and that any legal/criminal violations would be handled at the "export/import" level.
  19. This might interest your dad. The business end of a missile "command-destruct" transmitter ...resonant cavity and output tube. I think this particular type was used in the 60s and 70s by the Range Safety folks even during the Mercury through the Apollo programs. Maybe someone here knows for sure. Pretty sure they weren't actually needed for any manned launches, though. Also a picture of the RF power tube. I think it'll clean and polish up real nice and look pretty good on the mantle. :)
  20. I'm gonna count the moon, too. Manifest Destiny, and all. That other site is prolly counting all the water.
  21. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- One look at the globe will reveal that Canada is bigger and Canada is on top. If we were imprisoned, the USA would be our bitch! USA is bigger. No argument with the "bitch" thing.
  22. Ha! Same here! I rode up to Zhills with my brother and a few other friends who were going to do tandems. I was just going to watch. Ended up doing one myself.
  23. Well, not Canadians, per se ...but Canadian low-level bombers. To paraphrase General Turgidson: "...we must not allow a Freedom Fence gap!"
  24. Then he might enjoy looking through the whole April 1, 1957 issue of "electronics". Downloadable here. ...Over 400 pages of a LOT of cool stuff from that era. I ran across the Varian ad and the picture just struck me funny, given the current debate. I have a modest collection of electronics components and some radio equipment from the Cold War era, including a couple of smaller klystrons, some radar magnetrons, and other stuff. Once in a while I'll look around on the internet for info, specs, etc. I was looking for an adv to try to ID a particular Sperry klystron oscillator (I think) when I found this pdf. I have a friend who is building a man-cave in the "steampunk" motif and it gave me the idea to do something similar with some of this stuff. Cold War Chic!. Large refrigerator-sized missile "command" transmitters (with lots of dials, knobs and meters