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  1. It's a Disney movie, for chrissakes! OTOH, they could just have everyone dress like Donald Duck or Winnie the Pooh and no one would even notice.
  2. "Participants will be dressed in flesh-colored shorts, etc., etc., ......" Hope they're prepared for 50 shades of flesh ? Oh, wait! says "body paint" ...the great equalizer.
  3. When my son was about 5 or 6 I'd watch his favorite shows with him. One was Sponge Bob. Couldn't believe the flagrant innuendo and outright "adultisms" running throughout that show. The writers must have had a blast.
  4. The final statement was "A short time later St. Paul Public works announced that the raccoon was no longer stranded." That could mean a couple of things. Maybe in a brief moment of self-delusion Rocky Raccoon imagined himself as Rocky the Flying Squirrel.
  5. Just keep in mind that if you continue to work or otherwise generate income while collecting SS, (even after full retirement age) a significant percentage of your SS distribution will be added to your taxable income. Of course, it depends on the amount of your income. The more you make, the higher the percentage of your SS income that will be taxable. Yes, up to half, which is what they're doing to me. I don't work now, but pretty much all income counts, even other retirement programs, which is definitely something to keep in mind when the time approaches. Well, for this past year, the taxable portion of my SS was just over 76%. That portion was added directly to my taxable income. ...and I waited until full retirement age to begin collecting. Also, as you mentioned, if you begin taking benefits before full retirement age, your actual amount received will be reduced forever. If you work enough to cause some of that to be taxed, it's almost better to just wait until full retirement age. But, it's a gamble and you're playing the Government's game. If you start collecting early, you get less. But, if you kick the bucket early, you lose altogether. Odds are stacked against you. You'd think that you wouldn't get penalized for continuing work since you'd still be contributing to the alleged fund. But, they also are trying to induce you to stop working to open up a position for a younger worker.
  6. Just keep in mind that if you continue to work or otherwise generate income while collecting SS, (even after full retirement age) a significant percentage of your SS distribution will be added to your taxable income. Of course, it depends on the amount of your income. The more you make, the higher the percentage of your SS income that will be taxable.
  7. It's is frozen snow/ice/dirt. Ah! OK, I forgot what that stuff looked like.
  8. Go see Robbie and Tanya at Skydive West Coast in Banning, Calif.
  9. I seem to remember jumping in clear skies at a coastal DZ while watching multiple, well-formed water spouts dancing below a storm just offshore. Actually a somewhat common weather pattern on the east coast.
  10. Exactly. There will be no reunification as long as Kim lives. Further, I think it will take years for a unified Korea to be successful, or even feasible, after a new government is established in the North. Culture shock will be the overwhelming factor. And, I believe there will be a lot of distrust on both sides. There will be people who will resist as well as factions that will want to go down differing paths WRT reunification. The best we can hope for, short term, is Kim's acquiescence to mandates of sanctions, and 2 Korea's that get along and slowly build relationships as 2 separate nations. Otherwise, either things remain as they have been for 60 years or Kim dies as a criminal.
  11. I've always had good results by diving straight out the door, perpendicular to the flight path. Head turned toward the base, left arm pointed straight toward the base, body presented to the relative wind while looking over the left shoulder, right arm swept back, both legs folded back to my butt. Begin unfolding legs and sweeping the left arm back while transitioning from exit config to a full dive while on the hill. Keep looking at the base and other traffic. Tall, spindly, skinny build. So, personal experience, neither toward the nose or the tail. Worked for me.
  12. I wonder how it compares to a Sicilian funeral.
  13. Rule #1: "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." Just sayin' ..
  14. He should sneak in to America. He's already qualified to vote. Got it on paper. Then, if he's lucky he could get a job on a city commission in California or something.
  15. While we're listening to pipes, here's a traditional Scottish song. May be considered on the "extreme" end. Maybe not. I even hear a juice harp in there with the pipes and fiddle, along with some nice guitar pickin.. If you like this sort of thing, try Ossian ..especially with Tony Cuffe (RIP). My favorites are Otterburn, I Will Set My Ship in Order, Will You Go to Flanders.
  16. He does a really great job on two Joni Mitchell songs. Urge for Going and the Circle Game. Glad to hear he's still making the concert rounds.
  17. Well, if they're dumb enough to make it part of the winter games they probably won't notice a little chill.
  18. I'm completely opposed to the idea of defiling or tarnishing the image of our sport by allowing it to become another Olympic dog and pony show. ...Not unless one of the requirements is to honor ancient Olympic tradition by doing it naked.
  19. Anyone remember the Dodge Omni, (aka Plymouth Horizon) cars? They were US made, but initially came with a 1.7L engine bought from VW (same engine as VW Rabbit). The car had SAE fasteners, but the engine had metric fasteners. So you needed two sets of tools for the same car. That's not all that unusual. Many US cars are a mix of metric and SAE fasteners. I have sockets, combo wrenches and Allen wrenches in both. I currently have German cars and a Japanese motorcycle. So the only thing the SAE stuff gets used on is my bicycle, snow blower and rototiller. Or helping out someone. So for now, anything new is metric. It's all just one set of tools. A comprehensive set has stuff in there for all kinds of different applications a given tech might use. He'd customize his set for his needs. Also, I have Metric, BSF, BSW, and US standard sockets and wrenches. But ALL of the sockets have US standard drive sizes. Go figure.
  20. And, yet, here we are .....the only country on the planet to have landed a man on the moon. And, now, the only one to have launched a car into space.
  21. We heard a lot of Ybor City/West Tampa Italian. Didn't understand a word but the message came through loud and clear. Did I say "loud"?
  22. Think it was a Gator who threw that touchdown pass to Foles.
  23. Get rid of replay "reviews" completely and go with the officials' real-time calls, good or bad. This will keep the game moving along, knowing that fans will bitch and argue about "iffy" calls baseball. If it's determined that an official screws up too often (maybe by periodic, after-the-fact video review/assessment by the NFL), then maybe this is the wrong job for him or he needs more training. Quality of refs will eventually rise and the game will flow more smoothly. There will always be bad calls, but that's part of the game.