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    When you’re standing here declaring that you have no need to know what evidence was produced in Chauvin’s trial because you have already made up your mind that he wasn’t guilty of murder you really shouldn’t be making such stunningly hypocritical statements.
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    IMO if you are a cop worried you will end up in Chauvin’s position you should resign, and the good cops you leave behind will be thankful for it.
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    Haven't seen it mentioned here, but maybe do Tandem jump and reacquaint yourself with the sky
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    I really can’t fathom how it is that you read that, and you still decided to post it. Because..... why?? Unless you're functionally illiterate you know that it torpedoes your own claim. So what’s the point? What is your game? Clearly you’re not doing anything but playing a game because I don’t think anyone could genuinely be this stupid and still operate a keyboard.
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    I've been seriously hurt three times: once from a hard opening (compression fracture, T8), once from having someone literally fly under me on final (tore MCL after I fell about 15ft to the ground), and once from a stupid decision while landing (broke my ankle). The first injury may have been the hardest for me to come back from, both because it was the first time I had been seriously injured, and because the injury was permanent and TO MY SPINE. But before I even went out to the DZ, I went through the pros and cons in my head. (I also re-learned how to pack, and vowed never to let anyone else pack for me ever again.) Once I had decided that I was coming back, then I went to the DZ and did a coach jump with one of my friends. The plane ride up was scary, stepping out was scary, letting go was scary. But I simply pushed through it. And, after I landed, the next jump became easier. So, that would be my advice: seriously go through the pros and cons in your head, and if you decide that you want to do the work of getting back in the air: (1) do all the work you can to minimize the chance that you're going to injure yourself again (reflect on why you chose the canopy you did, whether there were any voices you ignored, how the landing went bad and what you can do to have it not go bad again, think about whether your canopy now is the appropriate size, etc.); and then (2) simply push through the fear once you're there. Make the steps small: (1) get packed; (2) put on your rig; (3) get on the plane; (4) take off your seat belt, etc. after (9) step off the plane, you're skydiving. There's also no shame in waiting longer if you decide you don't want to go back right now. Nor is there any shame in hanging it up for the foreseeable future. Good luck!
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    No personal experience, but one thing you can do on the ground to prepare yourself for landing is to learn and practice PLF’s until they’re second nature. Jump a canopy that makes a PLF reasonable (ie not some pocket rocket), and expect to PLF. Then you’re in control; you can prepare for a PLF (which doesn’t require nearly as much coordination and time sense), and only do a standup if everything looks perfect. I don’t have great depth perception or time sense in landing (I’ve taken several canopy classes and have over 2700 jumps — this isn’t new), and take this approach to landings. It’s not nearly as “cool” as a badass standup or swoop, but I’m a 66 year old lady who’s been jumping since she was 20, and haven’t been hurt on landing enough to miss the next load. That’s plenty badass. Wendy P.
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    I can relate. I haven't fully recovered yet (still have 2 surgeries scheduled) but I'm determined to get my A license. It's gonna be hard, I would be scared, the risk exists. But getting the license has been always a dream and I'm determined to get it. Whether I keep jumping or not after getting my license, that's a different thing and I wouldn't think about it right now. But I know that overcoming injuries, getting back in the sky and achieving my dream represent an end to my journey (did a tandem and got hooked, got through AFF, had an accident and survived, lengthy recovery...etc) What was your goal before you got injured? Do you still want to achieve that goal? I always believe that we will get anything we want if we want them badly enough. Stay safe and I wish you the best!
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    If you have people spending lifetimes in jail for shoplifting or smoking a joint, what exactly is the appropriate punishment for kneeling on somebody's neck for 9 minutes until they are dead?
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    I was unaware of that fact. I see the overlap in the venn diagram now. On one side you have a pedophile FL lawyer/politician, on the other side you have FL skydivers, the intersection would be labeled people that would like to sleep with DZO's daughter.
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    Bye Electric eFlyer 800 seeks to end King Air’s Reign
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    So they were . . . just like you.
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    works this way in attached file air bag solo 2.mov
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    Capital idea. Thanks, I will.
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    Make sure "Troll" is an option.
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    Your hair trigger needs a trim. We as in societal we. Not we as if we interviewed his sorry ass. As a society we hired him and others like him and, best I can tell, they all passed the interview with flying colors. If we don't want cops like him we need to fire HR and set up new criteria.
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    maybe YOU did nothing, but I did all sorts of things. i went to protests, started writing articles, started publicly calling out racists on the internet (and sometimes in real life, although living in a state full of them, i have to be more careful), actively support my friends of color, and if i had found a few folks to help one time, would have pulled down a statue of stonewall jackson at the capitol. i had the truck and a few chains, but that thing is heavy. anyone with those stupid blue line flags owns it, along with all of those with the "few bad apples" bullshit. the bad apples were left with the bunch too long and are almost all spoiled now. i, and most folks i know and care about, own none of it. you may, and good on you to admit it. now do something about it.
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    That's why you're the brains in this outfit.
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    I used to race motorcycles, my ambition out weighed my ability and I crashed - a lot. I got injured - a lot. In one race season I had three spells in hospital. But I loved to race motorcycles so I kept getting on the start line, and kept crashing and getting hurt. My final race ended in much the same way, I woke up in hospital with broken bones and bleeding on the brain, they fixed me but I decided enough was enough, my family, and my body, had been through enough, I retired. But I love to ride motorcycles so I bought a Harley to just pootle around on. Five months after I retired from racing I was riding along a nice country road around 50mph when a startled pheasant flew out of the hedgerow straight into my face. I woke up as the air ambulance landed. I was more banged up pooling along than I was in any of my racing crashes, I was very, very lucky to survive. That accident taught me a very important lesson - life is short, you can wrap yourself in cotton wool but if it is your time it is your time, if it is not it is not. Every grave stone has two dates on it "born" & "died". Between those dates is a "dash". Life is not about the "dates" but about the "dash". We are all born, we all die the real important thing is whether you "live your dash". Fill your dash with things that delight you, fill it so full that your eulogy takes a couolenof hours and your funeral is full of people with stories of how you lived.
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    Great Advice. I might also add that it should be an no stress, all about me, maybe sunset, slight breeze, Hop-N-Pop. No additional variables.
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    So, I have never been injured skydiving, "knock wood" well not seriously hurt. I did however witness a friend of mine and a mentor pull a low hook turn that ost him his life. I was a very new A licensed jumper and decided that day to walk away from the sport. It took me 2 years before I could get the courage to jump again. It was not easy, I was more scared that first jump back then I was on my very first Static Line jump. I am not sure what advice to give you on this, only that I just simply went and did it. Some ground school and an Instructor on the load and I just did a Hop and POP right out of the door. I landed it and said OK lets go again quickly. went right back up and went to altitude and did a recurrency jump with my instructor. I think if I had to ride all the way to altitude and have to do freefall skills I wouldve backed out. Getting that hop and pop out of the way was key for me. No bullshit, no screwing around INstruvctor spotted cand called for the door and I went as soon as it was open. 600 jumps later here I am. I will say that you should never get on a load if your brain is so preoccupied that it might inhibit your ability to react to any situatuin that might arise. Good LUck. Be safe. HAve fun
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    Untrue, Ken. From Justice Scalia in Heller v. DC in post #338: Scalia concluded. “The Constitution leaves the District of Columbia a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns. But the enshrinement of constitutional rights necessarily takes certain policy choices off the table.” He explains those positions ARE compatible. Beers on me.
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    man, you ain't kidding. brent has a thread that he agrees with obama, a cop got convicted of murder, and now the miners union says it will be ok with getting rid of coal.
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    For twenty years in the Army - that was my only way to vote. :)
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    OK. that was funny
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    Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t answer this seriously Wendy P.
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    https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations 50% of adults have been vaccinated with at least one dose. Kids dont count because they are not eligible to receive the vaccine in the first place.
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    Hi air, Re: gets a fair one It will be more fair than what Geo. Floyd got. Jerry Baumchen
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