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    I thought all the QAnon, MAGA nutters quit watching football when that negro boy took a knee.
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    Supporting Donald Trump is a condition that should be added to the DSM.
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    We know they wanted McCoy's DNA back in '04... but the FBI files seemed to express some doubt over if they could get his family to cooperate. Now we know that they actually refused DNA tests until after Karen's death in 2020 so I don't think they ever compared his DNA to the old partial profile. With McCoy's family now cooperating, I would assume the FBI is following up on that and the new information from Rick. They never did get to test his DNA (as far as I know) and considering how invested they were in McCoy as a suspect it makes sense for them to do so. I don't expect McCoy to be Cooper... but hopefully these whispers are the sign of them having something more. Maybe there's a new, better source of DNA and they want to compare it to some old suspects just to see if they get a match.
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    I saw Lindsey Graham on one of the political news shows this morning after CBS Sunday Morning (which had a good piece on aging and Biden was mentioned in regard to his awareness and how sharp he is). Lindsey repeatedly mentioned Trump when discussing border security and Ukraine aid bills - I kept thinking WTF does a rapist fraud former POTUS facing 91 felony charges and possibly going broke over his civil suits have to do with ANYTHING Congress does. Can we seriously imagine a rapist POTUS? Convicted felon?? Wages garnished and properties seized for repayment of debt? Can't enter foreign nations due to being a convicted criminal??? How in the world would someone have that status and get a top secret SCI clearance???? It's beyond insanity to see fellow Americans supporting him - more so at this point in Trump world.
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    The issue with this, and it goes back to the Gryder videos, is that there was nothing offered up that was even mildly convincing enough to standup under basic scrutiny. When you say "my father was DB Cooper" and offer nothing else, it feels more like we are in grainy big foot or flying saucer video territory. The parachute is in direct conflict with the vortex's best information on it. They offered nothing regarding the actual night of the hijacking i.e. details about where and when he jumped, what the actual "plan" was, how he got out of wherever he landed, how the money was lost, some of these answers should be able to explain the Tena Bar find. I suppose we will have to wait and see how it plays out.
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    ditto . . . except it is often his way, or the highway. FJ can be very forceful. That is difficult for some people to deal with over time, whether he is correct or wrong. FJ tends to foster the notion he is never wrong! That stifles discussion ... the issue is 'tolerance' ? FJ wants a basic set of facts of the Cooper case set in stone and he has gone some distance to do that. When other people come along with claims of their own, that is where the friction starts ... and frankly it wears down everyone. Cooper forums by their nature can be disappointing and full of friction, due to a conflict of personalities and claims and goals people are expressing. I think establishing a neutral ground is very important in keeping any discussion group going. ? Dropzone has managed to do that through it Moderators/moderation. Dropzone has supported a Cooper discussion thread for many years, largely successfully! I respect DZ for that! Amen! Just my personal opinion ....
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    reminder that woke is only defined by whatever person at the time of whatever discussion and actually has no definitive meaning despite your best efforts. another made-up bullshit way of dividing the country with 'us versus them' mentality encompassing anything that you might disagree with knock off the horseshit. Even Ron Desantis' lawyers in court could not define 'woke' while they get sued over claiming they fired someone for being 'woke' BTW The State Attorney is winning that particular 'woke' case. https://www.fox13news.com/news/what-does-woke-mean-gov-desantis-officials-answer-during-andrew-warren-trial yet another conspiracy theory to hate on things that you know nothing about.
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    I must say I'm thrilled she was able to psyop the Chiefs into the Super Bowl. Now if she can mobilize tik-tokkers, selfie takers, and social media addicts to vote democrat in 2024 I will be thrilled to self identify as a Swiftie.
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    At the same time, Trump is claiming complete and total immunity for presidents for anything they do..... but he will prosecute Joe Biden? Oh wait, of course... Trump is only talking about himself. As usual. If Trump wins the complete immunity argument at the Supreme Court, then Biden should have Seal Team six assassinate Trump the second the ruling comes down right?
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    Even if they were "full fit", but inside the allowed sizes, that's not supposed to happen.I know the rigger who packed it and I'm willing to bet that the canopies are the correct size, the loop was the correct length and treated with silicon. Now, you can say that the picture doesn't represent "a real life scenario" because the person on the picture doesn't wear the legstraps. To which I would answer, I'll never jump a rig where the reserve deployment depends on how tight you have your legstraps.
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    Of course it’s not just stupidity. They both know that their entire line of attack on Biden is an exercise in political opportunism and revenge for the Trump impeachments. That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing, quality of evidence is irrelevant. Now Comer might just be dumb enough to have convinced himself that he really is the second coming of Jimmy Stewart, but with Jordan it’s cynicism all the way. He can’t have been taken in by a foreign agent because he never would have given a single thought to whether the information is true. He doesn’t care if it’s true. Similarly he’s not part of the Russian conspiracy because he doesn’t care where the information came from, what their goals are or even if another country is trying to benefit from it at the expense of the US. The only thing he will have considered at any point in time is ‘can I use this to benefit me right now.’
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    Yeah, I am sure that dead woman is cheering for the freedom she preserved for her country...... I mean, the MOST important thing is that 2nd amendment rights were preserved.....
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    Watch my video to see the cavalcade of information that eliminates McCoy. Also, that McCoy rig has both capewells and D-rings, which Coop’s chute didn’t have
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    Trump Ordered to Pay $355 Million and Barred From New York Business Couldn't happen to a nicer sociopath.
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    That's what got us into this mess to begin with. It is perfectly legal to show up in the US and request asylum. You CANNOT do this outside the US. You legally MUST do it within the US. Such people get a court date. Due to republican obstructionism, that court date could be five years in the future. You then get released into the US. You are now a legal refugee seeker - but you cannot legally work. At that point you have several choices: 1) Die 2) Go on assistance programs 3) Work illegally Most people choose 3). Which is honestly what I would do if I was an asylum seeker. THAT is where most illegal aliens come from. And we are going to have that problem until republicans get the hell out of the way.
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    I don't particular see it getting better either. And I see opposition growing and with it the demonization of immigrants and with it a rising comfort in treating them like dogs. I understand there is no easy answer. But choosing to treat people humanely is a minimum we should strive for.
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    Increase funding for border patrol, for autonomous patrols (drones) and for hiring more border patrol agents. Hire enough legal people and INS people to process the people we get. Fund biometric scanning and processing to find the repeat offenders and the criminals from other countries. Increase funding for flights back to their place of origin (for the criminals.) Allow people who apply for asylum to legally work while their cases are being decided. Allow people who have a history of work (and no history of crime) to apply for citizenship if their claim is denied.
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    I sat down to do this but a post to the DZ just did not seem like the right medium to dump a few years and pages of thought. I'll just trickle these out as we go. Anyway, I did not come empty handed and reworked my energy into a Folk Ballad of sorts. Author: Cola Title: The Citizen Sleuth - Ver - Sub R What type of Criminal is D.B. Cooper you ask? He’s not the hardened type He’s not quite that gentleman thief He’s not any bit Himme’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrel He’s not Ckret’s stickup man – He’s neither a loser, an addict, a down and out no-good-bum The take me to Cuba types – that’s all there was then The take me to Cuba type – could that be him What I know of this man - he held a grudge He’s short on forgiveness - not good at letting go He’s ruminating on something - on what – I want to know The take me to Cuba types - were they younger men The take me to Cuba type - they were political then What I know of this man He’s no longer a man - of youthful delusion He’s no longer a man - of political display He’s aware there are limits -on what - could be had that day The take me to Cuba types – were they considerate men The take me to Cuba type - they were swarthy like him What I know of this man He’s neither nasty nor mean He’s respectful of women and never obscene He’s a man of some principals - I think we can glean The take me to Cuba type – were they thoughtful men He’s worried for the crew - should they tire that day He’s sympathetic to the stews – ashamed of easy pay He’s offered some to Tina He’s offered some to Flo He’s offered some to Alice - well her - we don’t really know The take me to Cuba type – were they humored like him He’s laughed at Tina’s quip - of rum and cigars He’s not thinking of mojitos at some Cuban bar He’s giddy as a child - when the ransoms displayed He’s told Alice – come back - its ok The take me to Cuba type – Doesn’t sound like him What I know of this man He’s not short on ambition He’s middle aged - taking up a younger man’s mission What I know of this man He’s in a fix He’s got something hanging over him - only this job - could nix What I know of this man He’s good with fantasy What I know of this man He’s copied from Cini What I know of this man He’s still a mystery The take me to Cuba type – that’s not him at all What type of Criminal - well it’s obvious to me He’s the kind of criminal - REDACTED said he wanted to be
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    yeah I love how state rights are 100% solid and constitutional when it comes to abortion and carrying guns, but trump... well, we really can't trust the states to run elections.
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    I'm sorry but my English is bad. I use a translator. Hello everyone. In June 2023, I had the opportunity to conduct a broad analysis of the cutters AAD. It turned out that AAD M2 changed the cutting element in the cutters. After examining 5 Mars cutters, I discovered an unsatisfying result and it shocked me. In the photo below there will be two opened cutters. One is Cypress and the second is Mars. Mars M2 made a copy of the Cypress cutter, but for some reason it was not completely and sooner or later it will play a cruel joke on the owners of these devices. In a Cypress, when a charge is triggered and a loop is cut, the cutter itself enters a soft damper, in which the loop is cut and the charge impulse is extinguished. All Cypres cartridges I shot when disassembling and removing the cutters showed the integrity of the cutter edge. When measuring the cutter before and after operation, they showed no deformation of the cutting edge. On the very edge there was no fine lint from the loop itself, and the loop had an even cut. When shooting 5 rounds of Mars with production dates of 2019 (2 pieces), 2021 (2 pieces), 2022 (1 piece), and subsequent removal of the cutters, a significant deformation of the edge of the cutter itself was discovered. The edge material was deformed to a depth of 1.3 mm with the edge unfolding outward. Traces of the threads of the check loop of the Reserve container were visible on the edge. If this cartridge is located on the side valve of the Reserve container and the loop is not cut enough, or gets caught on the edge of the edge, complete failure of the Reserve container is possible. Inserting the Reserve container manually will not lead to its uncoupling because the loop will be blocked by the chuck. If the cartridge is at the bottom of the backpack, then the reserve can be activated by hand. If you think that such a situation is impossible, then I will disappoint YOU; in Poland, a parachutist died due to a wedge with a Reserve container cartridge. By the way, there was an Argus device and after that this device was prohibited for use, and the office was closed. The first 4 photos are the work of a Cypres. You can see how the damper took the entire load and maintained the integrity of the cutter. The loop cut was smooth and without fine lint on the edges. The next 7 photos are of the Mars cutter and its receiving part without a damper. The cutter was severely deformed and had small particles of loop stuck in it on the edge.On the cutter itself there are traces from the cutter used to sharpen this element. After this research, I decided to stop using the MARS m2 AAD. I believe that the operation of this device is not safe due to the possible snagging of the edge of the loop on the deformed edge and the cutter blocking the operation of the reserve parachute. If there are questions, I will try to answer them.
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    Appeals court: For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant. But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution. There's gonna be ketchup a-flyin tonight at the ol' Mar-a-Lago.
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    Yes to this. The comment he made was a little cryptic and could easily be sarcasm. And his recent posting record shows that he mostly posts helpful comments in other forums here and not much in SC.
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    Ask your rigger to describe their thoughts on +/- of various systems. If you don't have a "relationship" with a rigger, I advise you to initiate one. It will pay dividends over your time in the sport.
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    Eric is involved, but not just Eric. Tom will give the sample to whomever can get a lab willing to do the testing he wants. I think his hope however, is that Eric could bring some publicity to the lab and therefore the lab may be willing to eat the cost of the testing, which isn't cheap. Tom's post on the FB group: THE DNA SAMPLE EXPLAINED So there is a lot of confusion and speculation about what is going on with the DNA. First off, I am not doing this exclusively with Eric, I also offered the same deal to Pat if they could come up with a lab that would provide at least 5 DNA sequences. I have MULTIPLE samples that could include Cooper's DNA. I have all the stubs that you already know about, I have 11 sterile filter canisters that were used with the vacuum. One of these was used in the Peterson documentary that ended up with my DNA. There is also the paper bag from the vac when we forgot to initially put the filter in a canister. I also have some scotch tape that lifted stuff off the tie. All the "forensics labs" you are aware of are in my opinion a huge waste of time. By their own admission they can only reliably get one MAYBE two sequences off a sample. This is useless in our situation. What you are not aware of is that forensics labs are not state-of-the-art in DNA analysis. That status belongs to Ancient DNA Labs where the only DNA they have has been deteriorating for thousands of years and is completely contaminated with every other living thing in the area. Ancient DNA Labs use a process called Metagenomics. --Metagenomics is the study of the structure and function of entire nucleotide sequences isolated and analyzed from all the organisms (typically microbes) in a bulk sample-- Now let's think about that for a second... this means that you can throw dirt in this machine, it will replicate ALL the DNA in the dirt and then reconstruct ALL the different organisms DNA from that sample. How does it achieve this miracle when forensic labs can't? Think of a book full of words and sentences. Except instead of pages, all the sentences in this "book" are in a single long paper tape one sentence tall. Now imagine you have hundreds of these tapes of the same book and you chew them up into chunks of tape maybe 5-20 words long. If you have the TIME AND MONEY you could have someone sit down and sort through all the chunks and find ones that match like this: brown fox jumped over (DNA frag 1) The quick brown fox (DNA frag 2) jumped over the lazy dogs (DNA frag 3) dogs back. (DNA frag 4) The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs back. (fully reconstructed DNA) So you can see how this is possible but it is VERY hard and VERY COSTLY. Every mastodon bone ever recovered is a poster child for contamination and completely degraded DNA. Yet these labs have been able to sequence DNA to the level they can tell different mastodon species apart. I have asked one of the best labs in the USA about doing Cooper's DNA and they said they only do human stuff if law enforcement asks for it AND it costs about 50k per run. What is new as of this week is that there are dozens of DNA labs around the world that would also probably be able to do this. They might not have the same stigma about not doing humans (hopefully). Then there is the problem of the cost. Que Eric Ulis, if he can generate enough publicity and make Cooper's DNA sizzle in the eyes of the public, then one of these labs may just do it for the public accolades!! So you see there is method in the madness. Finally how do I know so much about this? Because I was involved in a huge controversy over preservation of proteins (not DNA but similar) in dinosaur bones. This was the type of finding that would set science on its ear since those types of molecules were not supposed to last 65 million years. My team was on the side of modern contamination, the other side claimed that the dino bone locked out any contamination so the proteins had to be original dinosaur. Long story short, a student biologist on THEIR team contacted me not understanding the politics and was ousted unceremoniously when his findings hinted my team was correct. That student came into my team and suggested we take a chunk of dino bone (from the middle away from any surface) from the same geographic area and do a Metagenomics run on it. The resulting DNA pie chart showed that the middle of the dino bone was contaminated with DNA from every animal that lived on the surface of the ground in that area! This was supposed to put the protein thing to bed but politics has made it linger on. That “student” remains my good friend and is now the lead scientist for a group bringing back the passenger pigeon as well as other animals. He has been advising me on this for years. So if we want to get real Cooper DNA with the samples we have, Metagenomics is the only hope as far as I am concerned. If we get 100 profiles it will be easier to find him than if we get 10. Think about it, Cooper’s tie will have his DNA, his wife’s, his kids etc. I can do a family tree like I did with the particles (the software I used was actually for DNA family trees) and if a cluster shows up all closely related, we have our man! Your friendly neighborhood scientist, Tom Kaye
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    Our constitution is flawed, our system of government is flawed, and most horribly, our system of electing our leaders is flawed. Until Trump showed how easily the so called cornerstone of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power, could be subverted and thus freed the minority Republican party to show their true colors we've just been perpetuating a pretense with winks and nods. Any idea that the genie can be put back in the bottle anytime soon is just wishful thinking. I think it's as likely as not that in the future America will be known as the place where democracy goes to die.
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    We (the American people) elected a woman president in 2016. But the last institutional relic of slavery installed her opponent instead.
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    We elected a racist con-man sexual predator rather than having to stomach a woman president (although she won the popular vote by 2 million votes).
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    It would be great if the FBI tested the spindle or the lines. I can see them doing the spindle because of all the press, but the lines discussion was mainly within the Vortex, and I wonder if the FBI would have gotten word that DNA would be on the lines where Cooper held to make his cuts. It would be amazing if they did find that slide through OleMiss’s FOIA. It is odd that Rick McCoy gave his DNA. I hope that is due to new testing. Here is my issue. If the FBI has new DNA and they do the old STR testing, then we are reliant on sending in a suspect’s DNA or their family member’s. This is essentially a needle in a haystack approach. We basically have to find a suspect within the male population and right age range and hope they are the guy. Unless we are very lucky and actually have the guy, this just may never get us anywhere, unless by some stroke of luck he’s in CODIS. I bet Cooper is not in CODIS. It would be good if they do the SNP testing and then they can load it into the genealogy databases. I don’t know of any non murder or rape cases that have used SNP yet, but this was a violent crime and should qualify. The DNA is all great, but if it is not Cooper’s DNA then we have to hope the DNA is someone he knew and at least gives us a person and a location. I can see the tie not being his, but given there may have been a tie pin with a logo removed, that would indicate to me that maybe he felt the tie could identify him. I remain a little skeptical that Gryder’s YouTube or Eric’s lawsuit are the reason for this activity. I hope I’m wrong.
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    But they only "found" a chute, not the chute. Surely to God they realize that. I'm not sure what to think about any of this. Something has moved the needle with the FBI and I can't imagine the Dan Gryder bullshit was enough to do that. I liked the first video he did, by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't buy any of it, but I enjoyed it. The next one not so much. That chute discovery was a bit hokey. I find today's WWE to be more believable. If they have managed to acquire a better DNA sample than what they had used years ago, I don't see that coming from the tie. The cut parachute lines perhaps? A recently found hair slide perhaps? I suppose it's good news that the FBI is at least showing some level of renewed interest. Hopefully it doesn't start and end with McCoy.
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    Are you suggesting that Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, France, and other nations with far lower rates of gun death than the USA are not free because they have more restrictive gun laws? Or was that satire?
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    This gets asked every so often. This is what I wrote a couple years ago.
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    To add to my answer above, that answer, as with most of my gear descriptions in this thread, is with Cooper era gear in mind. Back mains that pair with front reserves. Modern era piggyback rigs, with the main and reserve both incorporated into the same rig, those all do have packing cards, the card being pertinent to the reserve. The rigs that do not have cards are Cooper era back mains, which that McCoy rig is. Bailout rigs of all eras and types do have cards.
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    Marrginally on-topic. I'm often asked why I still have a British "Oxbridge" accent when I've lived most of my life in the USA. The answer is that it gives almost automatic credibility.
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    I don't think it's what you meant, but to be clear, I would not want him to be banned. It just seemed like maybe he was. While he can at times be a bit defensive and humorless, I don't think there is a more detailed, thorough, and objective researcher.
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    Well I’ve never reported him to a mod for anything he has said to me. If others do then that’s one thing, but it’s not me doing it. I don’t want to see him banned because they’d remove all his posts and he’s posted some valuable info over the years.
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    Nikki Haley always knew how to count votes when she was Speaker.
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    So, this might be out of place considering the recent discussions, but in speaking with experts on the topics, it would seem that Tom and Eric's approach to the DNA - which is Ancestry DNA - will not result in a last name for Cooper. Rather, the hope is to catch all the DNA profiles found in Tom's MVAC and see if there are "clusters" of similar DNA which might result in a "Cooper profile". The problem with that approach is that you cannot use forensic genetic genealogy. Forensic genetic genealogy which entered the mainstream with the arrest of the Golden State Killer and has gone on to be used to solve dozens, if not hundreds, of cold cases, needs no more than TWO genetic profiles. It is impossible to proceed with genetic genealogy with three or more profiles. With Tom and Eric's effort, the best you can do is hope to isolate Cooper's profile and then test other samples against it to confirm or eliminate suspects. For us to give a name to Cooper using DNA, we must test material that gives us two or fewer profiles. The tie, obviously, is not that artifact. Perhaps, the best hope to identifying Cooper is testing material which we KNOW was touched only by Cooper or is only from Cooper. I can think of only two: the shroud lines from the cut-up chute and the missing hair slide.
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    This document actually makes him a better suspect in my eyes. I have a hard (almost impossible) time taking any suspect seriously who doesn't have some sort of aviation experience, but he's otherwise a really good template for the type of individual who I'm thinking Cooper may have been. This guy clearly had mental issues and was in and out of psych wards, had a brother who worked for Boeing, was a total failure in life, had just experienced a major trauma with his wife committing suicide, and he fits the physical profile remarkably well. Recall that Tina said he was the closest match to Cooper she'd ever seen. And heck, that document shows that he had no problem using his real last name as part of an alias. But like I said, absent some aviation knowledge/experience, you aren't Cooper.
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    WOW! Uncle LD was investigated in 71.
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    Oregon state senate GOP members enter the Finding Out phase: NYT: Most Republican Senators Barred From Re-election in Oregon After Walkouts
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    And in the 'there's no evidence that can't fit a conspiracy' side of things - if the No1 seed and bookies favourite 49ers do beat the Chiefs and win the Superbowl it'll be absolute proof that the Satanic Democrat Cabal had to abandon their plans and cover their tracks because these diligent internet researchers discovered THE TRUTH.
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    She is the best example of living rent free in their heads - it would be funny if it wasn't so weird.
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    By the look of the used cutter, it does not cut but munch.
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    I have worked with Larry extensively on the book. Larry was indeed “technically” reassigned to the case in the event that money, parachute, or a body showed up. He joked that he was like the “Agent Emeritus” for the Cooper case. It is true that the case file isn’t officially closed, but that’s just a paperwork technicality according to Larry.
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    He will only be a dictator for HALF a day, just to make sure the election isn't stolen. No Trump supporter can complain about that!
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    For whatever reason, the format won't let me put text below the pic, so I get to double post. There have been claims that EVs are so heavy they destroy the roads. Well, my Bolt goes 3500#. Which is about 200# more than the 928 pictured above. And about 2200# LESS than the Cayenne it replaced. I've received my electric bill for December. My utility's website allows me to see the previous 2 years of bills. My electric use for any given month varies very little year to year. So I've got a good baseline, and can make a decent estimate of what charging the car is costing me (I have only charged at home so far). $35-$40 per month. Compare that with ~15mpg (premium) in the Cayenne. I was paying ~$150/month for gas in the winter when I only drove that (928 & motorcycle get put away in the winter).
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    I think I've said it before - I think cars are going to be like watches eventually. The every day ones will be cheap, capable, and electric (quartz casio equivalent) And the expensive ones for collectors will be objectively worse in almost every way but have more emotion associated. I have built this thing - its all sorts of fun but my next proper everyday car will be electric.
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    This is the only magazine I re-read.
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