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    Penn & Teller are from this time period. If you're trying to use the "Well Regulated" meant "Well Organized" argument - I'm not even sure where that originated. The colonialists (the people) were the militia and not any part of a standing army (which caused Hamilton great concern for the US to have one - but we do). In his Federalist Papers No. 29, he outlines all "three sides" of the coin. The militia, a standing army and the people. "Well Regulated" meant training to a military standard. It was proposed, that the people from each state would gather once or twice a year and train to military standards, but make no mistake they were "the people" of each state - not a paid military. In fact, they could be made to support another state in the event that other state were invaded by a standing army. There is an ongoing myth about what the forefathers "meant" about a "well regulated" militia and "the people" being separate by a single comma. "The people" were "the militia." The right to bear arms was to allow the people to support the militia UNTIL a more formalized militia could be developed at a later date to protect these US from a standing (foreign) army. If you don't believe the government can regulate weapons and ammo, then how has the NFA stood as a law for so long. Did you know that the Supreme Court didn't acknowledge individual gun ownership as a right until 2008. 219 years after the US Constitution was adopted. If you don't think the US can ban certain weapons, then why is there still a ban on gravity knives. Why is there still a law on who can or can't own machine guns and a rather lengthy "well-regulated" process to own one. Having said all that, I personally, don't like the "left's" attack on the 2nd Amendment, but I also don't like the "right's" belief that gun ownership comes without some form of responsibility or accountability, or regulation. The "left" needs to agree to leave the 2nd Amendment alone and the "right" needs to agree that children getting killed in school warrants regulation of firearms to prevent it from happening again. We claim to be morally superior to other countries - let's start with protecting children from even having to have "active shooter" programs by regulating ownership - not banning guns, but banning nut jobs from owning guns AND ensuring everyone who owns a weapon gets the proper training as Hamilton outlined as "the People" being "Well Regulated."
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    The Republicans should be forced to carry Trump to term, even if it threatens the life of the Republican Party.
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    Yes, birds can fly, and I'm sure they're happy about that. But the reason they sing... is because they don't have to pack!
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    It has begun. I have formalized in writing my position on gun responsibility and out state's position on abortion. I did not vote for our State Governor or US Congressman and voted independent. I meant what I said, if I see Trump on the ballot; I'm done and will go Independent party. Angel's Envy or Maker's 46 will be my choice.
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    So, now you echo the infamous Jefferson quote. One problem. He never said that. (you're free to contact the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to confirm - they have nothing that states he said that). It was written by John Barnhill in 1914. The way the Constitution protects against tyranny is Separation of Powers. “Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct.” ~James Madison. You've really got to stop using YouTube, Rumbl, Breitbart and other supposed media outlets to make your arguments and try picking up a book. Or two, or three.
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    This rig looks like a B12 modified with D rings and an extended container. I used to own and jump one with my American Papillon. I am also a rigger and have packed NB8 and NB6 rigs. This rig is not a modified NB8
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    In case you haven't heard, Mister Douglas landed at the Deland municipal Airport last Sunday at approximately 3:30 pm from Tennessee. She's back.
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    And on that note, I found the following. Republican Party Platform of 1960 As we emerge out of the midterms, we now have the presidency on the horizon. IMO, a Biden/Trump ticket would mean we as a country have failed to provide the US a leadership path for the next ten years. A Biden/Trump ticket would mean (to me) that we would not be voting for what's right, but what's left. We as a nation can do better than these two.
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    Democrats, Independents, anyone who would honestly undermine any democratic institution or process in the furtherance of Christian values. To be clear, I am not saying it makes them any worse than the hypocritical rest of us; we all have our agendas. I am not saying that Christians are inherently evil or even bad, not at all. What I am claiming is that if democracy falters or fails in America Christianity will be a cause. What I am saying is that complete belief in a supreme being whose apocalyptic return is nigh and hoped, and is considered to be the highest authority in the cosmos, is at direct odds with the fundamental precepts of democracy.
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    For sure BIGUN is our best thought leader on gun/second amendment/political action issues here on SC. While we all have our own iterations, interpretations, definitions, and desires I would happily, no eagerly, give my vote to him and sleep easily.
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    That's a freeze frame of the russian firing his weapon. His colleagues are on the ground, appearing to surrender, then the last russian comes out and opens fire. Yes, they are all filmed dead afterwards, but pretending to surrender (perfidy) is a war crime. Also, did you not read to the end of that BBC article? They also talk about a gruesome murder done by the Russian side. You're regurgitating weeks old Kremlin lines, do your handlers have to use paper letters to send them to you to rehearse?
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    You could start with once, and work your way up from there?
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    Whatever Joe Biden may or may not be, he is still preferable to a self-serving lying con man (fined $27M for fraud) who brags about getting away with sexually assaulting women because he's rich and famous.
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    I put this together for myself for conversations like this. https://dbcooperhijack.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Various-Witness-Descriptions-2.pdf
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    December 2nd will be the 60th anniversary of the first of my 2000+ jumps. Like anyone in this sport I had my share of misadventures and was recently encouraged to chronicle them. I just completed Bad Decisions Make Great Stories and it appeared on Amazon yesterday in paperback. Skydiving is the focus of the book but my misadventures in ski racing, snowboard racing, unicycling, sailing, flying etc are featured as well. The Kindle version is forthcoming. If you got into the sport in the sixties or seventies, you'll be able to relate. Pat Moore D-1814
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    No fighting on D.B. Cooper Day!
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    I'm not sure it makes sense to conflate Walmart shootings with personal defense shootings or to lump all personal defense shootings together. I personally am opposed to open and concealed carry , pistol or long gun, as a matter of constitutional right. I do think that having a dedicated personal defense shotgun in a home of adults is a good plan for individuals skilled in the weapons use. I also think that regulation of firearms is good policy and the confiscation and destruction of war looking weapons would be acceptable but that would not include shotguns and bolt action rifles with 3-5 shot magazines. So I would segregate all instances where someone with a dedicated home defense or other shotgun or a bolt action hunting rifle was successful in a home invasion situation from all other instances.
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    No, you didn't. But if you compare (say) the number of murders in the US with the number of murders in Honduras or Haiti, it makes Honduras and Haiti seem pretty tame, too. That's why rate matters. Wendy P.
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    and I just got a response to an FBI FOIA.. It says there is info and it will be released in the Cooper Vault... but, I don't know what that is,, either Gunther or parachute info.. it doesn't say
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    A friend, fellow skydiver and former member of the 82nd Airborne and I went to the 1983 Nationals in Muskogee (not to compete as skydiving newbies, but to watch). We took our rigs, "just in case" we could jump. A big way formed up and the team captain came and said there were two slots on Mr. Douglas, did we want them. Absofrigginlutelty!! He told us to go to the front of the plane and let them out and wait thirty seconds before going. Then he asked if we had ever jumped that plane and knew how to exit. Nope. "Point your chin at the bottom of the door and dive out." It was one of my more memorable jumps. I got to jump Mr. Douglas. It would be my one and only time, but I still love that I got to be a part of history and am glad that others will soon be able to also. EDIT: Damn, I just realized that was almost 40 years ago. What the hell happened.
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    I went into the VA about two weeks ago and got the quadrivalent flu shot in one arm and the new and improved Moderna Covid booster in the other at the same time. No sore arms, no muscle aches, no tails growing outta my ass. Little tired the next day, but that could've been any number of factors. Anyway, if you haven't already, please get your shots. You may be a pain in the ass, but you're my pain in the ass.
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    And then there's the 'workers must commit to working long hours at high intensity' email that just went out.... https://www.bbc.com/news/business-63648505 "Elon Musk has told Twitter staff that they must commit to working "long hours at high intensity" or else leave the company, according to reports." and " "This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade," he said. Workers were told that they needed to click on a link by 17:00 EST on Thursday, if they want to be "part of the new Twitter"." I used to work for a guy like this - an absolute workaholic. He thought because he had no life and was working 16 hour days then it was normal for everyone else to as well, and would get pissed if I wasn't answering phone calls at 4am. Musk is going to have people leaving Twitter in droves.
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    I can feel your inner confusions. The evangelical commandments may help: Soon another false idol will be waived of all present, past and future sins. Ron DeSanctimonous will become the chosen one and he has already claimed divine status.
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    Proud Boys out showing their collective ass, while hiding behind masks, throwing white power signs, and holding up "Don't honk if you support us signs". Sometimes I feel as though America has become the Iran that had a lot to do with me joining the Navy. There are times I don't even recognize the country I live in. White wingers ARE domestic terrorists.
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    ??? No-one's talking about invading Russia or has any intention of invading Russia. But so far with about 5 exceptions every bit of ordinance used in this war by both sides has exploded on Ukrainian territory, devastating Ukrainian land, infrastructure, culture and people. Russia acts as if those 5 or so exceptions are shocking, unprecedented and unjustified violations of its national sovereignty rather than natural consequences of starting a war on their own border. So far NATO and the EU have effectively played along with that narrative, as does talk about 'invading Russia'. There's no good reason why Ukraine should bear the entire brunt of the damage from this war, and no good reason why they should not be able to strike at the military equipment and infrastructure inside Russian border that is continuing to support and facilitate the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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    Hi Robert, Maybe it is like one's first love, you never really forget her. Jerry Baumchen
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    He's a troll who has come to dominate this forum (along with his sock puppets).
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    Your standpoint is as charming as the recommendation that, if rape is inevitable, to relax and enjoy it. First off, the presence of Russian speakers is largely the result of resettlement into areas devastated by the Holodomor (look it up). Russians who don't attack Ukraine are safe from Ukrainians. Since losing to Russia means that Ukraine will cease to exist, seeking peace by expelling Russian military forces from Ukrainian territory is the only option. You seem to think there is a Plan B, but there isn't. I know rather a few Ukrainians, Russians from Ukraine, Jews from Ukraine and combinations thereof, and can assure you that everything you think you know is wrong. BSBD, Winsor
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    Im saying you need a hobby that doesnt require thinking.
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    The main thing is that they absolutely MUST remove Hunter from all the positions of office he was gifted by his dad when Joe became president.
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    2021 is old? nah. It's a meta-study of 29 other studies... are you suggesting ALL of them were biased enough to lead to this one having the conclusion it did? That you didn't/couldn't read, so you just made up your own numbers out of thin air. So it's lying AND illiterate, in the end?
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    Rs have always known that there are good people on both sides of the white nationalist issue.
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    Well, it's either spend his time on here, or get sent to the Ukraine Front.
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    Not necessarily. I operate an amusement park and we're doing just fine being woke, thriving actually. We openly and loudly support diversity, inclusion, and equity. No bigotry, misogyny, racism or anti-LGBTQ nonsense is allowed, period. For decades we have proudly flown a rainbow feather flag display above our spectator area for all to see. We advertise in inclusive areas. Our staff and customer base are diversified. It works. But even if it didn't, even if it cost business or affected staffing we would still do it because some things, in fact the most important things, aren't measured at the till.
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    Human Genome Finally Completed! New opportunities for the Cooper case ? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/how-scientists-finally-completed-the-human-genomic-puzzle
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    Thank you. Please don't confuse conservative with MAGA right.
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    Using absolute number instead of rate is meaningless when comparing entities of different sizes. Doing that, the way you do, is deliberately misleading. As Wendy already pointed out, using absolute number makes El Salvador look like paradise compared with the USA, since it only has 3,500 or so murders each year, compared with over 16,000 for the USA. However, when you look at rate per 100k population you see that El Salvador, with a rate of some 52 per 100k, is in fact some 10 times more dangerous.
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    It would be good if we can stick to discussing the suspect and the information. This is not the first time someone has questioned Flyjack’s information. So I’ll step in and say that I am one of the people who has seen it and heard about other information. I find it compelling and even possibly useful to parts of my case, but it is his info and he can decide what he wants to share. I won’t discuss things told to me in confidence. I find he is rarely wrong, and I have not known him to lie. He is pretty well known in certain circles for the guitar find. I like music, but not as much as some people in the industry. I’ve had people very well versed tell me how cool that guitar story is. Once someone gets on the radar outside of the Vortex, they have to play by new rules, especially with the media. So if he is waiting to reveal info about Hahneman then that’s his choice. Hahneman has a story of his own outside of DB Cooper. I’ve seen more than one Cooperite have to play their cards close once they get a little famous. I’m happy for them. The spotlight is not where I want to be a lot. When it comes to information sharing, I find it much better when we all generally get along. I understand there is some bad blood between some of you. I’d like to see all of you stay on the case. I come to DZ almost exclusively to interact with Fly and Georger because they are not on the other boards much. Not using them as a resource is a loss for anyone who wants to learn more. Flyjack was the first one I interacted with who had the bills cataloged and searchable and all the 302s searchable. Long before I met many of you, I said he was the best researcher on the case. That bothers some of my other friends. Oh well. He could probably cool down here and there, but so could some of you. I’ve learned that once you have a suspect, you’re going to get called out. It happens to all of us. It happened to Eric with Sheridan, and to me, and to Reca and others. Fighting every battle will wear you out.
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    There are other verified titanium alloys found on the tie that he was able to visually confirm, so it stands to reason that given all the other chemicals on the tie (all used in metallurgy) that the titanium-antimony is what it appears to be. The issue is that the spectrum doesn’t really have an image attached to it. It just spits out what the particle is comprised of. So obviously we want to confirm that it actually is a non-commercial grade titanium-antimony particle through visual means. Tom’s microscope is currently missing a part that he is attempting to get fixed. So whenever that is done he will be able to search out these particles and visually confirm them as alloys (or not). If it is confirmed to be a TiSb alloy there are only two places in the United States patent record between 1964-1971 that are confirmed to have been fooling around with TiSb alloys where the Sb went that high. Vordahl’s patent calls for up to 18% Sb, and those 3 particles match that well. It was part of an experiment Vordahl was doing concerning the creation of a metal rolling bar. He got the patent for it but Rem-Cru never did anything with it, so it never reached the commercial market, so it wasn’t anything someone would have come upon in the wild. The only other place that has a TiSb patent is an electronics company called Sprague Electronics. I’m not sure what their use for it was, but it also never entered the commercial market.
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    The Vordahl presentation was professionally filmed. It will be up on YouTube at some point I think. I happened to be filming Bill Mitchell during his discussion with Ulis when Mitchell pointed to Vordahl and just out of the blue volunteered that Vordahl's facial features seem right and that he does kinda look like him given what vague memory he still has. That made many folks in there sit up a bit because, as we all know, whenever he is shown a suspect photo Bill always has the stock answer of "it's been X number of years, Cooper could walk in the door and I wouldn't recognize him." I was able to have some nice moments with him over the weekend. We had breakfast in the hotel on Saturday and Sunday. We were the early risers so both days we were the first ones there when breakfast opened. So he had breakfast both days with Dave Fudeman and myself. Saturday morning he told us that he felt that the sketches (all of them) seemed too young for his memory of Cooper. He said that all these TV programs have always put forward these commandos and paratroopers and how the FBI always showed him photos of these guys and also of skydiving groups, etc., but he never felt it could be those type guys because that wasn't the vibe Cooper gave off. With me he used the phrase he has used before, stating that he always remembered Cooper as this geeky old man with awful hair. He told me during a break in between panels that the night of the hijacking an FBI agent asked him if he thought he could have won in a fight with Cooper and he told them he absolutely could have. He said Cooper was a good bit smaller than him. I asked Bill if he remembered the drunk cowboy and he said he can't recall the guy wearing a hat, but he does remember this obnoxious drunk on the plane who was several rows in front of him who came back and stood near him for several minutes talking to Tina. So he's pretty obviously remembering the cowboy. He said that when they were in the bus with the FBI agents that this same drunk raised his hand and told one of the agents something like "hey, when can we go? I've got to piss." Oh, and Sunday he gave me his email and asked me to send him my stuff on Vordahl, so that was kinda neat. He also told a story about how he was traveling around the Northeast this past year with his wife and they stopped by at the United 93 memorial in Shanksville. He said he was really saddened by it and I'm not sure if he was crying or what but he said a female Park Ranger walked up and asked if he was OK and he told her "yes, it's just that I was on a hijacked plane a long time ago when I was young and I might could have been killed on it like these people and never had children or grandchildren." He said that she goes "D.B. Cooper hijacking? You're Bill Mitchell right?" So he thought that was wild to be recognized on the other side of the country. RPReplay_Final1668903697.mov
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    There was these two preachers who were good friends and they would ride their bicycles to church every Sunday morning. Because of where they lived, and where their churches were located, they would pass each other along the way. One Sunday morning, one of the preachers was riding his bicycle to church and he saw the other preacher approaching, but the other preacher was walking. They stopped to chat and he said, "Good morning, Reverend. Why aren't you riding your bicycle this morning? The other preacher said, "It really hurts me to say this but I think somebody at my church stole my bicycle." His friend said, "Let me tell you how to get it back. Before you begin your sermon this morning, read the Ten Commandments. When you say thou shalt not steal, the person who took your bicycle will feel so guilty, he'll give it back to you." The following Sunday, the preacher is riding his bicycle to church and he sees his friend coming from the other direction, and his friend is riding his bicycle too. They stopped to chat and he said, "Good morning, Reverend. I see you found out who stole your bicycle." The other preacher said, "No, but when I said thou shalt not commit adultery, I remembered where I left it."
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    If your Softie is clean and has minimal wear, you MIGHT convince a local rigger to repack it. Faded harness webbing is often half as strong as when it was new. It all depends upon condition. When I worked at Para-Phernalia (aka. Softie factory) we refused to repack most pilot emergency parachutes more than 20 years old. After 20 years of regular usage, they were usually faded, frayed and filthy. There was also the matter of the earliest Softies being rather crude and subtle improvements had been added over the years. If you rSoftie is only 24 years old, it was made in 1998 after all the major bugs had been worked out of the original patterns. As an aside, I also quit repacking round parachute canopies that were manufactured during the 1980s because to the acid-mesh hassles. Yes, I am familiar with the FAA-approved process (bromocreasol green and tensile testing) for returning them to service, but after testing a thousand or so, I lost interest in the process. When I worked for Butler, we rarely repacked PEPs more than 20 years old because the Southern California desert was harsh on PEPs. National and Pioneer also published retrospective notices telling riggers to not return to service their products more than 15 years old, but that was mainly to ground round canopies suspected of suffering from acid-mesh. When I worked for Square One at Perris Valley, California, loft policy dictated that we not repack parachutes more than 25 years old.
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    Ulis wants to be the one to solve the Cooper case, that in itself is not a problem as many of us sleuths want to be the one to solve it.. the problem with Ulis is that he has a track record of elevating conjecture and assumptions to fact then making unsubstantiated conclusions.. Researching Rem Cru is not a problem, making unproven or false claims as fact is. Eric has always done this whether intentional or not. The result is Ulis getting lots of media attention with bogus information and that undermines the credibility of Cooper case overall.. Most people who do not have a higher level knowledge of the case and of Ulis will get sucked into his narratives because he says them with confidence and in the media. His track record is a disaster.
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    When Jane first met Tarzan in the jungle, she wasinstantly attracted to him…… and during her questions about his life, she askedhim if he had ever had sex.“Tarzan not know sex.” he replied.Jane explained to him what it was.Tarzan said, “Ohhh…Tarzan use knot hole in trunk oftree.”Horrified, Jane said, “Tarzan, you have it all wrong, butI will show you how to do it properly.”She took off her clothing and lay down on the ground.“Here.” she said, pointing to her privates, “You mustput it in here.”Tarzan removed his loin cloth, showing Jane hisconsiderable manhood, stepped closer to her andkicked her right in the crotch!Jane rolled around in agony for what seemed like aneternity.Eventually, she managed to gasp for air and screamed,“What did you do that for?!”Tarzan replied, “Check for squirrel.”
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    Holy crap Brother, you're a real legend. Good on you and good luck.
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    I have a general rule. You can charge me a subscription fee or show me advertisers, but not both.
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    A subset of ‘sealioning’ known as ‘Tuckering’ is basically just sealioning while looking like you just smelled a nasty fart.
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    Counterpoint - it would be very dumb to publically release that footage from a security perspective, as it would give a future wannabe attacker very useful information about sightlines for the camera.
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