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  1. Yes but that $6 turkey weighed almost 25 pounds! We should get more than one meal out of it.
  2. Yes you have been. I'm the luckiest woman evah!
  3. Umm, whatcha mean? We did a Star Trek theme this year. Last year we were cowboys. Are you saying you have to stick to goblins and ghouls? I don't understand why you like that cowboy picture.... That costume was a spur of the moment lark. This years costume, took weeks to make, cost more money than you know and was hell to wear and I have facial scars still to this day from it. I swear, I'm going to wear a paper sack over my head next year. I can't win. Oh! Wait.... are you mocking me? Duh. Never mind.
  4. My record is a gazillion. And you have awards and plaques all over our walls to prove it!
  5. On a dare in high school. Turned out I like the instructor!
  6. Ya gonna be a tv star now, right?
  7. I totally agree with that. Teachers have to spend so much time on admin crap and disciplining students they have little time for actually teaching, and never teaching at the level of the brightest.
  8. They aren't playing this weekend. I checked.
  9. Oh! like those ideas! This is going to be a great trip! Thanks for everyone's ideas!
  10. Can't wait to see this film! Thanks for the review!
  11. Oh yea baby! You know I like that.
  12. Every year that one guy always swoops naked. Yes, indeed.
  13. Happy Birthday! So good to see you last weekend!
  14. vskydiver

    shower poll

    The last time he was in the shower with someone other than me..... He still faced me, while he held the babies and cleaned them. Awe, those were the good old days.
  15. vskydiver

    shower poll

    I've noticed you always face me when you're in the shower.
  16. Awesome! Congrats!! Nice job!
  17. It was so much fun!! Making plans for next year. Any bets on what they theme will be?
  18. dads in big families lose count I counted: 1 boy, 4 young women (like 3 teenage or so, and a hottie in maybe her twenties), and dad. you have a beautiful family, J From left to right in the picture: Ryan, my oldest daughter (then 18), JohnMitchell, Me, Amelia (then 16), Melissa (then 12) and Brett my son (then 14) The picture was taken about 4 years ago I think.
  19. They have to secure his legs together and he also has a bumper system between his legs to keep them at the right angle during freefall and to keep them from flopping around. He wont fall out of his harness.
  20. Part of the fun is we only play at being grownups. At heart we're still kids.
  21. Who wants to "grow up"? The idea is to keep living. Enjoy!
  22. Personally I hate holidays like that. Everyday should be special. Don't limit it to only one day out of the year.