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  1. Yes, just like every generation thinks they invented sex.... So maybe they have "reinvented" something you used to do but now they aren't getting into trouble doing it. I'd say that's an improvement. It's a pretty awesome sport. On the weekends, Brett's been packing parachutes since he was around 10 years old. (8 years now!) This is just something he does after his college classes let out, or as you can see here, on a rainy weekend.
  2. Here is my kids first attempt at making a video. He did this last Sunday in the pouring down rain of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle area. Came home (soaking wet!) and put the video together. What you can't actually tell is that he's 6ft 2inches tall, size 11 shoes, so it's really amazing that he can walk on those tiny railings and stuff! He's a BIG kid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTNm5iEgRsE
  3. It's me. Getting my picture with my new, awesome Infinity rig. Love it!
  4. Happy Birthday Lisa! Hope you had a great day! Loved seeing you last weekend!! Muah!
  5. OMG! I haven't laughed that hard at breakfast EVER!!! Thanks for joining us! We'll definitely have to meet up there again for breakfast next year. That place ROCKED!! Just for you.... Here is a picture of Jeewbag doing the rooster dance for eating your eggs.
  6. JohnMitchell is at work but he left instructions with me to post something here. We had a really good time down there. We didn't end up with a lot of pictures but here is a few of them.
  7. The location of my wife. Why would you check for me? I don't care if you look! that's very gracious but I respectfully call BS Why? I point out pretty women to John all the time. It's in a guy's nature to look. The women put it out there for them to look. How can he help it? Besides, it doesn't matter where you charge your batteries as long as you discharge them at home. I'm not so insecure with my relationship that I think I'll loose my husband because he glanced at another woman who is flaunting herself. And, I have to say, he does it very discreetly and doesn't make a big deal about it. As any man should. Nothing wrong with looking.
  8. The location of my wife. Why would you check for me? I don't care if you look!
  9. HA! That's what John says! Very nice. I haven't had too bad of a time with the pads in the HR2 mainly because, all helmets for me have pain in the ass pads. These ones weren't as bad as some. AND, the helmet was actually small and fit, which thrilled me! It just doesn't seem to have enough room on it for all the stuff that needs to go there when doing vid AND stills. My other dilemma is finding a tiny still camera that takes fast, awesome pics for tandems and won't break my neck because it weighs more than me. But lets tackle one problem at a time. Life is full of obstacles but NONE of them are insurmountable. I will make this work!
  10. I'm told that guys like a little head, but in my experience, it's very hard to fit into a camera helmet. I'd like to find a camera helmet that isn't too expensive that will fit my little 21 inch head. I do not want to buy extra pads for a larger shell!! I want something that actually fits without added bulk. Currently I'm using a skysystems HR2 as they make an actual XS helmet. I've attached an "L" bracket on the side and stuck my Sony CX100 onto it. This works great until I have to get that still camera to go with it..... Now I think I need a real camera helmet. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Well, I didn't exactly wrestle it away from the kids. But I sat there and glared at him until he felt sufficiently intimidated to ask me politely if I wanted to try it. I'm a mother. I have THAT look ya know. The game gives you a several minutes long freefall in which you have to "hook up" with other "skydivers" that are just floating there in the air. So you had to move your controller in the correct position to make your person on the screen fly over to them and tag them. Then it took pictures of you in the formation and if you were in good form it gave you extra points. Then when your time runs out it will automatically pull your parachute for you. Then it's done. I probably should have left the kid alone and went out and helped John change the tire on the car in retrospect. The game was lame. We were coming home from the West Plains EOS boogie and got a flat. Stopped at WalMart to get a new tire before continuing home.
  12. I was waiting for Cindy to put up this thread but it seems that both of you are a bit busy today! But I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Thanks for a great weekend! You're awesome!
  13. Wii has a skydiver game out and it is totally stupid. I played it in the store yesterday while you were getting the tire changed on the car and it held my attention for about 5 minutes before I was done with it. I felt really bad about taking it away from that little kid that was originally playing it after that. He probably would have had more fun with it. ***The info I got on the guitar Hero add was that if it got enough hits on You Tube it might make it to TV. So everyone click!!
  14. I read the book a long time ago. I couldn't figure out how they were going to make that book into a movie. The whole premise of the story was a big far fetched and the book made it believable (in a fictitious way) but I didn't think they could translate it to a movie and make it any good. Given the fact that movies can NEVER get everything from the book into them, I think that they did a VERY good job on the movie to make it a good story and I loved it. I went to see it with DangerRoo and my 16 year old daughter. We both came out of the theater in tears and went into the restroom where we met half a dozen other women all in similar states. All of them LOVED the movie too. The book was very good, but the movie stands alone and is awesome too. You just can't compare books to movies. They are two different things. There is just NO way the movie could BE the book. Don't expect it and you'll love the movie for what it is.
  15. They were just jealous of you sweetie. I happen to know that you are good at everything.
  16. Yes, yes you are! Yowza! And that is the way you will stay! Awesome weekend!
  17. Happy Birthday! Dana was telling me it was your birthday but I had no idea because you are not my friend on facebook. Happy Birthday anyway. Hope you had a fantastic day.
  18. Yes you are! You're going to sit between John and I on the plane. Well.... maybe not. now that sounds like a way to fly!! poor flight attendents .. haveing to put up with us Too bad my big bag of crazy will have to go through the x-rays at security.
  19. Making a very limited amount of REALLY COOL $5 boogie t-shirts for this. First come first served! Printing on the front and side. I like this one! Can't wait to see everyone!!
  20. Yes you are! You're going to sit between John and I on the plane. Well.... maybe not.
  21. I got it right away. You can go to work now.