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  1. I think this is the only picture I have of my Bum.
  2. I eat all my favorite ones first because if I don't someone else will come along and eat them! I have 4 teenagers! Besides, life is to short, don't save it for later! EAT IT NOW!
  3. Oh! You are so sweet to think I was only 3 years old 22 years ago! I'm not going to tell you how old I really was! That would make me old! It is true however, 22 years of wedded bliss and 4 kids and thousands of jumps later. Here we are.
  4. Oh, that makes sense. I thought all my personal suits were present and accounted for but then a few of them may have slipped through the cracks somewhere. So there is one of my creations out on the second hand market huh? Sadly that is just about the only place you can get one these days.
  5. OK, how did my jumpsuit get on your porch?! That is just weird! Not that I'll need it this weekend because the weather sucks.
  6. I asked my husband that question one time. He came back with a very quick reply "No honey, do I look stupid?!" I laughed my ass off. Gave me the answer I was looking for and I couldn't be mad at him for it.
  7. Well, I think of it as the Hefty garbage bag suit. It feels like I'm putting on plastic anyway. Whatever works in order to keep my fall rate up. Otherwise I'm floaty as hell even with weights! Fetish suit huh? LOL Dare I ask who's? That picture was taken by a friend in our living room. I was trying to pull the rig out to show the awesome embroidery I did on the backpad when he snapped the picture. Nothing naughty intended really. I'm just an old woman after 4 kids, wearing a sweltering suit, trying to keep up with you, don’t ya know?
  8. I married my jump instructor. We're still kissing in freefall 23 years and 4 kids later. It's wonderful. We have common ground, or sky, which ever way you want to look at it.
  9. Um.... NO! We keep those private. ;-) hehehehehe
  10. I have 4 kids to make banana bread for. I don't think they would go for the whole wheat but that sounds interesting! I usually make my banana bread with the regular flour, sugar and put a few handfuls of chocolate chips in there just to be extra bad. Banana bread doesn't last around me house very long.
  11. Why do we have to skydiving in the extreme heat or cold?! I pick NEITHER! This sport is supposed to be fun. Why torture yourself? OK, we're all into torture. I know this. But I dislike either extreme equally. I'm allergic to the sun and cold makes my body hurt. Luckily we don't get many really hot days or really cold days where I live. Therefore I'm going to stand in the middle on this question. I realize that if your not living on the edge you'r taking up too much space and therefore I feel bad about this. Sorry. Besides when you have to wear a hefty garbage bag like I do, in order to keep up with the big boys in freefall you really sweat in the heat and freeze in the cold! Not fun! Don't make me go there!
  12. Oh My God No! First of all those black stretch vinyl suits are HARD to make and secondly I don't want everyone staring at his cute butt! And thirdly I would never be able to keep up with him in freefall with a suit like that on! I have to wear weights and that stupid hefty garbage bag of a suit as it is! And fourthly I don't think he would wear it because they really aren't that comfortable, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I wouldn't wear the thing if I had a better alternative. It's kind of like wearing high heel shoes. Yeah, they look good but OUCH! John would't wear the heels either. Don't even ask him. Trust me.
  13. Having 4 kids myself, I've seen this many times. However NEVER from my own kids. Kids scream and throw tantrums all the time no matter where they are and everyone seems to accept it. I never let my kids scream when they were playing because how is anyone to know when they really need help? It just seems like it's easier to ignore kids than to help them. ***I felt like an ass for embarrassing the parents of a kid throwing a tantrum. But I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I didn't find out what was going on. Hopefully after you questioned the parents of that kid that was throwing the fit they wised up and didn't put up with that from their kid anymore. Hopefully you did some good after all. Don't feel bad about it.
  14. After 22 years of marriage he still opens the door for me. Car door, house door, jump door... He lets me go from the inside of the plane so I don't have to crawl out there in the big cold wind. He buys me a new semi-auto for Valentine's Day with a leather holster for packing it around. He still tells me he loves me every day even after all these years and 4 kids! He always puts up with the colors I choose to make his next jump suit out of and wears them proudly.
  15. vskydiver

    PI Day

    I made the chocolate cream with chocolate crust and chocolate shavings on top. But you missed it honey because you were at work. Well, there is always PI time tomorrow at 3:14. Get off work early and come eat!
  16. KC, Dang that T-shirt looks so great on you! You are going to make everyone want to get one so they can look as good I think! It was fun jumping up at Snohomish this weekend! You all have a great DZ way up there. Thanks for the fun and here's looking forward to next Sunday at the Leap For Lupus event! COME ONE COME ALL! You don't want to miss this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  17. Here is a correction for the email address of Blue Skies Skydiving INC. listed above. It's [email protected] Sorry about that.
  18. OOOUCH!!! That really hurts! I guess I've just been officially put in the "chopped liver" category then huh? Thanks honey!
  19. August 14th 2005, Kapowsin Air Sports in conjunction with Blue Skies Skydiving Adventures Inc., located across the street from the Bremerton Airport in Bremerton, Washington, is hosting a "Leap for Lupus" event. We will set the new Women's Northwest Record skydive on this day. Many years ago the record was set at 22 all women in a freefall formation. At that time we got on the local news with video of this dive and we are hoping to do this again and put awareness of Lupus out there at the same time. If you are a Northwest female jumper and want to get in on this dive, please contact Kapowsin or Blue Skies to get manifested ASAP. We will have local food vendors out as well as face painting and inflatable bouncy to make this a family event. Bring your whole family out and watch the fun. For those that don't jump they can make their first jump that day with a certified tandem instructor and a portion of your jump will go for a great cause. The proceeds from this event will go to benefit The Lupus Foundation Of America, Pacific Northwest Chapter, for RESEARCH. Although our main goal in this event is to create more awareness of this disease we will also be accepting contributions. We will also have T-shirts and hats with the Leap For Lupus logo on them for sale at the event. Pledge sheets can be obtained from Kapowsin Air Sports or Blue Skies. Or contact the Lupus Foundation Northwest Chapter. Please note all checks LEAP For LUPUS so that we can keep track of contributions. For more information contact: Kapowsin Air Sports at (360) 893-3483 - FAX (360) 893-6907, P.O. Box 8 Kapowsin, WA 98344, [email protected] http://www.skydivekapowsin.com/ Blue Skies Skydiving Adventures Inc. at (360) 674-7106, FAX (360) 674-2148, P.O. Box 1241 Belfair, WA 98528, [email protected], http://www.blueskies-skydiving.com/Home.htm Lupus Foundation of America, Pacific Northwest Chapter Kathy Casey, Executive Director 1207 N. 200th St. Suite 214 Shoreline WA 98133 (206) 546-6785 1-877-774-2992 Fax: (206) 546-8946 [email protected] web: lupuspnw.org
  20. Well. this is a good time of year to practice packing. Are you flat packing or pro packing? Flat is a little easier to learn at first and control the canopy, pro packing is fast and easy once you master it. I would recommend flat packing and getting a little more instruction. A good packer can show you all the little tricks of using elbows, knees, and kung fu leverage to win the battle. Little things can make a huge difference. Good luck.
  21. Mandy, I have Lupus. (SLE) I've been skydiving for the last 20 years. If you are still looking for skydivers with Lupus feel free to email me with any questions you have! V