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  1. ccowden

    Decelerating before pull

    Huh? The way I am reading it says that you slowed from around 170 to around 115 starting at about 4,000 feet until deployment. Am I reading it wrong?
  2. Who needs details with a list like THAT?!
  3. Good ol' Ft. Benning! I was stationed there. Try this: Awesome dz! They have directions posted on that page I linked from Benning.
  4. ccowden

    DZ's Operating Jersey/Philidelphia/Minnesota??

    Pretty much ALL the DZs will be operating in the next month. Most are operating now. Crosskeys would be a great choice in the Piladelphia area. Check this out: btw- you DO know that Minneapolis is nowhere near NJ/Phila, right?
  5. ccowden

    New Jersey CPC Schedule 2006

    I think you made a mistake in your subject line calling it the New Jersey CPC. This is apparently the Crosskeys CPC.
  6. ccowden

    Sky's The limit/X-keys/The Ranch

    Any of the NE dropzones are a good bet with "partly cloudy." If it is 60 up here, they will be jumping. I would go with the Ranch or STL over Xkeys if the weather is iffy though.
  7. ccowden

    Swoop Video - SkyQuest '05

    You weren't kidding when you said "short!"
  8. ccowden

    Crosswind DVD cover

    So, you are going to pirate the dvd, and you want someone to give you the original cover artwork so you can rip that off as well? Sounds reasonable.
  9. ccowden

    Northeast Freeflyers

    [all together] Hiiiiiiiii, PJ! [/all together]
  10. ccowden

    skydiving helmets v ski helmets

    Short answer- No, there would be no SIGNIFICANT change. There may be a few modifications to make as far as snag points, but that's about it. There are plenty of ski helmets out there that would work just as well as skydiving ones. Probably offer alot more protection in most cases too. Skydiving helmets are WAY overpriced for what they offer for protection.
  11. ccowden

    new england dzs anyone?

    Good chance you can get something in at The Ranch if the weather is ok.
  12. ccowden

    Freefly Terms

  13. A light colored center cell will definitely get quite dirty from packing. But it wouldn't stop me from doing it.
  14. ccowden

    Airborne School

    First, good luck getting an Airborne slot. They don't give many anymore, and if you are already in the Army, you will find it difficult to get one. Second, if you are in any kind of shape whatsoever and have any sort of military discipline, then Airborne will be a breeze. I personally thought the school was a blast! Kind of a treat compared to my other schools.
  15. ccowden

    Freefly all grown up?

    The uk IS on this planet, right?