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  1. Getting a whopping 200$ gift card to Ruth's Chris, only to find out that the one where you live just closed and that next closest location is 2.5 hours away. Nice.....reall effin N-I-C-E!
  2. for my money and taste, was the best film of the year. Good performances, fantastic script, and the pacing is what really made it. We learn the ropes like Edward does PLUS we are encouraged to look over his shoulder for him, too. Very clever and thoughtful directing. If the film wasn't exactly that long we never would have gotten a glimpse of the toll taken on these ppl. script and Damon should win oscars. Wait, there is something else I am missing.
  3. Haruki Murakami's novel, Kafka on The Shore to friend who will actually understand it. Am wondering about how to show a friend that I will always be there, even when they aren't or even close by. But this a tall order and the time may just not be RIGHT, for now anyway.
  4. thoughts, prayers, and admiration, all coming her way!
  5. thegreekone

    Miami Vice

    QuoteAm I the only one excited for this film? I know it won't be loyal to the TV show, but shit, with Michael Mann at the helm, it's gotta be good! I heard, and this is only rumour, that there's a gunfight to rival the one in "Heat" /reply] His films are so stylish and so beautifully rendered, and they never are lacking for story, etc. So, yeah, I am always looking forward to his movies. That said, MV was so tone and time specific, I wonder if it is gonna WORK, ya know? As far as they gunfight in HEAT, uh, no. So much of that was stripping away the veneer of the typical gunfight....MV looks like all VENEER. All that said, Gong Li is in it, cool, or what? Sorry it took so long to get to this,. I have been swamped with work, I haven't been on here for about 20 pages of new bonfire posts.
  6. Congrats and many more. I know this is late.....but I would go with exotic/great carryout food that you both love, nice bottle (somethilled and sparkling OBVIOUSLY) and go for a nice walk someplace quiet. ....then write a post about it. or not. again, well done!
  7. you tryin to give yourself a labotomy?
  8. Pastitsio...sorta like a greek lasagna, only better.
  9. thoughts, prayers, and best wishes sent!
  10. this woman is obviously an actress, and a bad one at that. That must be really reachin over there.
  11. wow.....tailgating at a wedding. kewl!
  12. Jay, I have been crushed with work, sorry to go off the grid. PM sent.
  13. The best burger can be found at Daniel Boulud's "Bistro Moderne", in manhattan. It's a sirloin burger stuffed with short rib meat, foie gras, and black truffle on a parmesan bun with pommes frites. 29 bucks....which was a steal.