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  1. Me. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  2. You should have taken the pic somewhere where you can see the bicycle painted in the lane on the side. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  3. Where do you live? ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  4. Waxing. Old enough to start waxing. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  5. Brilliant, I was gone for so long and nothing changed. My bum did not even get saggier by a millimetre. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  6. This, I thought, would be a nice addition to this thread. Lucky Wally... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=759705#759705
  7. Its a good thing you didn't write "destruction", or you might have had some egg on your face now!
  8. No, pound....pound I said. Not shove. That is the funniest thing I ever read on this forum. But then again, my sense of humor is fucked-up. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  9. Hysterically funny. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  10. LostOne

    New swimwear!

    She has no idea what she's talking about. Just a phrase she heard somewhere... ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  11. LostOne

    New swimwear!

    Nope, can't be you. There are some women with him . ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  12. LostOne

    New swimwear!

    I have to get me some of that ! ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  13. Zulu, I don't know why, but something just make me wonder if that is really your bum. Kidding, kidding.... Very good taste in bums you have. Clearly studied the subject quite dilligently. It maketh the mouth to water ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  14. The only time I'm afraid of flying is when I'm the pilot. I scare me to death . ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!
  15. My point exactly. ----------------------------------------------- Bum's the word!