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  1. I got talked into it by friends in high school when I was 16. Ended up marrying the skydiving instructor. 30 years of wedded bliss and 4 grown kids later, we're still skydiving.
  2. So this happened just a couple years ago. I jump a custom harness system and everything fits very snug. However I'm a somewhat small girl and very flexible. On, this jump I had a rather hard opening and I found myself completely out of my harness, dangling upside down beneath my rig hanging by my bent knees from the leg straps. I'd fallen through the bottom of my rig and luckily my knees caught on the leg straps otherwise I'd have been back in freefall sans parachute. My problem at this point was that I have very little upper body strength. OK, I have very little lower body strength either. But I was going to need some strength to pull myself back up into the rig. I remember wondering if I could land like that? I decided against it. I ended up being able to (adrenalin induced strength!) pull myself back up and under the back pack and squish myself somehow back into the harness but it wasn't easy and all the while worrying that I'd slip again and not be able to catch myself. I was too scared to jump for a time after that and I have bad nightmares. Still do from time to time. I learned that I HAVE TO TIE MY LEG STRAPS TOGETHER. Preferable sewn down. Bungee cords are not secure enough. Too much give. I use doubled up binding tape.
  3. I disagree! They belong together!! See y'all there! Airtime1 Amazon Big Sky Bob Moore Dr. Dive Grannyinthesky Grimmie Happychick JohnMitchell & Vskydiver Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) monkycndo NDFallrate NWFlyer Olympia Sheepfucker Shell666 Skootz Skybytch and Keith Tall Guy Nidaho Skych1k Just to settle things. JohnMitchell said that he liked being between Happychick and Kdub so to keep an eye on things I moved up there with them all. Now everything is good.
  4. Airtime1 Amazon Big Sky Bob Moore Dr. Dive Grannyinthesky Grimmie Happychick Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) monkycndo NDFallrate NWFlyer Olympia Sheepfucker Shell666 Skootz Skybytch and Keith Tall Guy JohnMitchell Vskydiver
  5. There will be Leap for Lupus women's way practice jumps going on that weekend also! If you're a girl, come jump with us!!! If you're a guy, enjoy the view! We'll also have $10 long sleeve boogie shirts available! They're awesome!! First come first served limited # and sizes available. PM me asap if you want a specific size reserved.
  6. Agreed! Personally I wouldn't take a small child to a DZ without having someone constantly with them at all times. For the sake of the child and others that are there to jump. It also depends on the DZ. Some DZ's are just not appropriate for children no matter who is there with them. I raised my 4 kids at the DZ, but it was a family friendly place. Even still, someone was always with them.
  7. Yes, somewhat... JohnMitchell was flying in the cockpit in the jumpseat. I had all 4 kids in the back with me in economy seating. I'd say I was pretty much on my own with them. Does it count if we were going to visit family and happen to take our rigs to use while we were there? Didn't actually take the kids out to the DZ then.
  8. Having flown with 4 toddlers at one time, one toddler doesn't seem daunting to me. Find a toddler sized back pack and fill it with items that would entertain during the flight. Make the toddler wear it and keep track of it. Buckle it on so it's not easily taken off. The backpack will also be easy to grab when the toddler tries to wander off. This way you won't have to add toddlers entertainment stuff to your carry on items. This also gives the toddler some responsibilities and makes them feel like they are a big help on the trip! I would go shopping with the toddler before the trip to pick out their new back pack so it's exciting to them and also to get a new toy, book or something special and not letting them play with it until the plane flight. This will add some extra incentive for behavior as well and give them something to look forward to. Also, a new toy will keep their attention better than an old one. The child might not understand what the trip is about, but they can certainly understand that they have new toys to play with and fun things to do while they are traveling. They can look forward to that. Put your rig into a carry on backpack. There are backpacks out there that will hold a rig plus extra stuff. This will keep your rigs handles covered and also let you carry it on your back so you have hands free to chase the toddler. This way you can also fit your jumpsuit, and diapers for the toddler into the backpack with your rig. You won’t need a whole diaper bag for one flight. Only carry on what you think you'll need. Borrow a helmet when you get there or put it into checked baggage. I'd scale back on what you take. When you get there, you can always buy a $10 umbrella stroller for the trip rather than dragging yours along. That seems like more hassle than it's worth. Do you really need a whole diaper bag or just a few diapers for the trip and buy some diapers when you get there? I’d really think about what would be nice to have and what you really NEED. What you can buy there later versus taking what you have at home. You might be surprised at how little you really need to pack. I would make the toddler walk as much as possible at the airport too. Even though the toddler might slow you down a bit, get there early and allow for this. Ask your toddler to carry things for you and help you so that they feel important and have something to do. Even if it's just a useless piece of paper or something, give them jobs to do. Giving them something to do will help keep them focused somewhat while you are busy with things. Constantly praising good behavior will reap more good behavior. “You’re so good! I don’t know what Mommy would do without you?!” Choose your battles and realize that a child will not and should not be expected to behave like an adult. I remember one time when my 4 kids were very small. All of them were 5 years old and under at the time. My son was around 2 or 3 at the time and he got a cookie and a glass of sprite from the flight attendant. I was juggling an infant on my lap and the other two girls etc. I looked over at my son, sitting by the window and he had crushed up his cookie and put it into his soda to make a thick paste with it and was finger painting on the wall of the plane. I figured it could be cleaned up later and let him as he was being quiet and entertained for the moment as well as being very creative! The key is not to get to uptight or upset and rattled while traveling or the toddler will too. They take their keys from you. If your toddler is out of control, take a second and reflect. Sometimes you both may need a calm hug. Traveling with small children doesn't have to be a bad experience if you prepare for it. Enjoy the trip and make it enjoyable for your toddler too! Give them choices as often as possible to make them feel like they are a part of the trip. "Do you want to wear your red shirt or your orange shirt on the plane?" "Do you want to eat your cheerios now while we wait or when you get on the plane?" "Would you like to sit here or over there when we wait for the plane?" "Would you like to stand on this side of me or the other side of me while we wait in line?" Little decisions like that mean a big deal to a toddler and makes them feel in control when things seem out of control to them. Always think of little choices they can be making along the way to keep them engaged. We all have choices. They need to be making their own, no matter how small so they feel like they are doing something and in control of what is going on. Constantly talking to your toddler about what is going to happen, what is happening, and talking about the tings surrounding them at the time will alleviate a lot of their anxiety. Asking them questions and engaging them in age appropriate little games will help too. “We’re going to the airport! What will we see there?” “How big is the airplane we’ll fly on?” “Look at the yellow cart? What is it carrying?” “While we wait in line, let’s see if you can stand on one foot?” “Can you stand on Mommy’s feet?” If you constantly engage them, and distract them, the trip will be more enjoyable. Hope this was a little helpful! Have a great trip!
  9. I don't actually need a new suit. But would it be ok to stop by and have Valinda measure me anyway? Stop by! I'll not only measure you, but make you dinner too.
  10. OK, so what if their problem is they can't get a date, and they want a suit that will help them with that? You might be SOL. I don't make miracles. Only suits.
  11. On a dare in high school. Turned out I like the instructor!
  12. It was so much fun!! Making plans for next year. Any bets on what they theme will be?
  13. Welcome! I jump at Kapowsin as well. It's a great place to jump when the weather is good. If you see me out there come say HI!
  14. Marvin emailed me just a day or two before his accident to tell me how he was looking forward to coming down to the LFL boogie. He wanted to make sure to save him a slot on the big way. He emailed me back to let me know Chris Hale would be coming with him and was really happy about that. It was shocking to see Chris come without him and with such tragic news. Marvin will be greatly missed by all.
  15. Yes that is me on my avatar. Thank you very much!
  16. HA! That's what John says! Very nice. I haven't had too bad of a time with the pads in the HR2 mainly because, all helmets for me have pain in the ass pads. These ones weren't as bad as some. AND, the helmet was actually small and fit, which thrilled me! It just doesn't seem to have enough room on it for all the stuff that needs to go there when doing vid AND stills. My other dilemma is finding a tiny still camera that takes fast, awesome pics for tandems and won't break my neck because it weighs more than me. But lets tackle one problem at a time. Life is full of obstacles but NONE of them are insurmountable. I will make this work!
  17. I'm told that guys like a little head, but in my experience, it's very hard to fit into a camera helmet. I'd like to find a camera helmet that isn't too expensive that will fit my little 21 inch head. I do not want to buy extra pads for a larger shell!! I want something that actually fits without added bulk. Currently I'm using a skysystems HR2 as they make an actual XS helmet. I've attached an "L" bracket on the side and stuck my Sony CX100 onto it. This works great until I have to get that still camera to go with it..... Now I think I need a real camera helmet. Does anyone have any ideas?
  18. Yes you are! You're going to sit between John and I on the plane. Well.... maybe not. now that sounds like a way to fly!! poor flight attendents .. haveing to put up with us Too bad my big bag of crazy will have to go through the x-rays at security.
  19. Making a very limited amount of REALLY COOL $5 boogie t-shirts for this. First come first served! Printing on the front and side. I like this one! Can't wait to see everyone!!
  20. Yes you are! You're going to sit between John and I on the plane. Well.... maybe not.
  21. John and I are staying in the trailer with Doc and Cindy so in reality if you hear any noise..... It most likely ain't gonna be them makin' it! You better get yourself some super duper heavy duty ear plugs! See you all in the morning!!