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  1. All in all, we did it for the memories and they will last forever. Great times on top of the Space Needle. Who gets to do that kind of stuff?! They wanted to pay us but we declined. We were happy to help. The video turned out amazing! I think we are very privileged to have been a small part in it making.
  2. vskydiver


    I gave up reading SK after Tommy Knockers. He just got to be too verbose. But my brother talked me into reading this one and I don't regret it. I think I saw him on an interview talking about how his son helped him rewrite the ending. That's why it turned out so great. I never liked how SK ended his books. This book is a must read!
  3. I got talked into it by friends in high school when I was 16. Ended up marrying the skydiving instructor. 30 years of wedded bliss and 4 grown kids later, we're still skydiving.
  4. I use this one and love it! It's so nice to be able to charge on the go. It's also small so I can use my phone or other devices very easily while it's charging them. It comes with a bunch of adapters but I've also just plugged the cord that comes with my devices into it and it worked just fine. It also seems to charge my devices up really fast, although when I plug it in to recharge it takes awhile. (3 or 4 hours) That's the only draw back I've had with it. http://www.amazon.com/5600mAh-External-Battery-Charger-Flashlight/dp/B005K7192G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362622323&sr=8-1&keywords=anker+power+bank
  5. For those that don't know who Macklemore is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK8mJJJvaes That's his most famous song at the moment. The first time I saw that video I was a bit taken back, but seriously it grows on you and the song sticks in your head! This is the song we were working on the new music video for today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgjwAZ9TR3U This is their new song and is all about how they started. How they are going it alone without any record label and succeeding through their perseverance. You may not like rap or that sort of music, but these guys are talented artists for what they are doing and achieving. I also must say. Macklemore (the blonde lead singer) was the most polite, soft spoken, down to earth, nice guy. He was there with his friends and his girl friend today. Not once did I hear him swear or be loud or obnoxious. The working conditions weren't the best. We were up on top of the Space Needle in super cold wind chill factor temperatures. He was wearing the least clothing of anyone and never complained and made the whole experience good for everyone around him. It didn't seem like he was on his best behavior either. It seemed like that was just how he was. I was really impressed with him. It was a really great experience working with him.
  6. The summer between my junior and senior year of high school, some friends talked me into going out to the drop zone. I didn't really want to jump at all but peer pressure is a hard thing when you are that age. JohnMitchell was our instructor. The whole time I was trying to think of a way to get out of jumping. I really didn't want to do it! By the time our class ended the winds had kicked up so we couldn't jump. Got out of that! Whew! The next week JohnMitchell got my phone number from my release form and called me to ask me on a date. After hanging up the phone I realized my mistake in accepting his date--- I would have to jump if I went out with him! But he was/is that hot so I made my first static line jump the next weekend. And we've been jumping together happily ever after. (June will be our 29th wedding anniversary.)
  7. Hey, wanna try and convince me not to eat meat? Every day baby!
  8. Naw, now there are those groups that go around breaking into labs and freeing lab animals. That's criminal activity. But running various campaigns to sway people to your point of view? That's democracy in action. I'm gonna always eat meat, but any gorgeous actress who wants to get naked in an attempt to change my mind has my blessing. And you have my blessing to look all you want at that.
  9. Here's a couple more. Blast from the past. He was 14 when he did a tandem. Got down and asked him how he liked it. He said "Eh, it was OK". Decided he could make more money on the ground packing parachutes than he could going up and spending it. So he just didn't jump until now.
  10. Here is the pic of the three of us.
  11. No! I'm with YOU! We're watching BBT tonight!