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  1. vskydiver

    Herbert John Eskelson - "Binky"

    We'll miss you Binky.
  2. vskydiver

    Jumping @ "the Ritz"- Sept 12-14th

    John and I will be there. Might bring the kids too or at least the home grown packer kid. We've got some rad swag coming from PD for this as well and we'll be flying the most awesome PD wind blade and flags too!
  3. vskydiver

    Hello from err..um..

    Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you travel a bit. If you ever get out here in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you look me up! PMS#505 D-12692
  4. vskydiver

    Newbie from Chicago

    Welcome to the sport and to the forum! There is just so much to learn and do in the sport. Congratulations on making it through AFF!
  5. vskydiver

    Jumped First Tandem, Next one to follow

    Your going to make a jump on your wedding day? What's your bride going to be doing? Are you going to land at the site of the wedding and then walk up the aisle and get married? Kind of a "just thought I'd drop in" kind of thing? Just my thoughts but maybe the focus of the day should be the wedding? Anyway, Congratulations on getting married and making that first jump!
  6. vskydiver

    Greetings from Puyallup, Washington

    Josh, Who was your tandem master? You live in Puyallup? I'm just down the hill from you. If you are a broke college student you can still go out to Kapow and hang out. Learn to pack parachutes and put all the money on the books so you can jump. Where there is a will there is a way. If you are really willing to work a bit and learn, my husband John will teach you how to pack. Lots of money just sitting there. Kapowsin is really hurting for good packers right now. If you want to carpool out give me a PM.
  7. vskydiver

    Hey from Seattle, WA!

    Hey Casey! Welcome to the sport! Kapowsin is a great place to jump isn't it? Are you continuing the SL or have you moved up to AFF or pilot chute assist? I was working with several new jumpers this weekend with their A license requirements. Next time you see me out there come up and say HI and we'll see what we can do to get that for ya!
  8. vskydiver

    Being in Thailand

  9. vskydiver

    A Kiss for a Cause

  10. vskydiver

    My Infinity

  11. vskydiver

    Stolen Gear - Teardrop Viper

    Sorry to hear about your gear. Thanks for posting pics. I'll keep my eye out for it! I hope you find it!
  12. vskydiver

    starting out

    Hey! Welcome to the sport! How many jumps have you made so far? The prices of your jumps depends on what your DZ is charging of course. You will have to ask them. Prices may vary from drop zone to drop zone. As for finding time for the sport, that will depend on a lot of things too. I have 4 kids. I jumped before, during and after having them. People always asked me how I found time to do that. Our lives are always busy, yet if you think about it there is always some down time. We go to the movies, watch TV, go bowling or whatever. How do you find time to do all that? If it's something you want to do, you do it. It doesn't have to take time away from the family either. If there is a will there is a way to make it work.
  13. vskydiver

    When Animals Attack Part 2

    Welcome to the sport of skydiving! Be careful jumping the tandem master! I ended up marrying my first jump instructor. 25 years and 4 kids later we are still happily jumping out of air planes together. Isn't it a great sport? Keep on jumping!
  14. vskydiver

    Leap For Lupus

    Here is a correction for the email address of Blue Skies Skydiving INC. listed above. It's skydive@blueskies-skydiving.com Sorry about that.