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  1. Ouch! No love for high education, I see! Personally, I liked it better before the department changed their name from Recreation and Leisure Studies.
  2. I feel 'ya. I think right now grad school is that big fat black hole that I'm throwing all MY money into! :)
  3. I have researched a lot of the threads previously posted and I have gotten a lot of good data from them, but most responses are why people continue to skydive. There aren't as many as to what were your initial motivations for doing the first jump.
  4. Hello: I am a master’s student in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism and I am writing a research paper on motivations for skydiving. I would like to know what made you start skydiving and why you continue to do it? Thank you in advance for all who take the time to post. Cheers, Bear