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  1. Should be a good series. One thing about Blackhawk fans... they are the loudest fans in the NHL. Stevie 'Y' would love to add a Stanley Cup to his resume as GM of the Lightening. Chuck
  2. Tampa could set a record for beating the most Original Six teams in the course of winning the Cup... if they beat Chicago. Chuck
  3. Agreed. They're the least-objectionable (to me) team left.
  4. I grew-up listening to that man play a fiddle. He was the best of the best. Chuck
  5. Johnny Gimble, fiddle player for Bob Wills. Chuck
  6. When I saw this thread, I thought maybe McDonalds' was lashing back at the protests demanding higher pay for employees. Walmartians did the same thing recently in front of some of the Walmart stores. What happened? Walmart shut some of those stores down, without warning. They claimed plumbing issues. Well, there hasn't been any permits issued to deal with those. The article was published a few days ago. That happened to the Wal-mart in Midland, Texas. Folks showed-up for work only to find the doors locked and a sign saying something about a plumbing problem. Chuck
  7. I was wondering if they might pay a bounty to deliver him. I'd volunteer for that detail. I know, that's right! If, the price is right, I'd consider it. Chuck One of my peers in EMS class a year ago was an ex-Marine who works as a private security guard on temporary contract basis. He had recently received a call from a peer in Aspen looking for some additional guards for a celebrity visiting Aspen. When he learned the celeb was Bieber, he declined. Smart man! Ha, ha, ha... Chuck
  8. I was wondering if they might pay a bounty to deliver him. I'd volunteer for that detail. I know, that's right! If, the price is right, I'd consider it. Chuck
  9. Bieber won't go to Argentina. He's a little coward. We need a bounty hunter to sack his sorry ass up and deliver him to Argentina. That boy needs to face-up to his shit. Chuck
  10. They really pulled a rabbit outa their collective ass. The way March and April have gone, I really had my doubts. They did it! Last night was nerve wracking. Glad to hear Abdelkader is going to be back. He has turned into one helluva good player! He won't back down and stays full steam ahead. Go Wings! Chuck
  11. There ya' go! My favorite to this day is a PBJ using toasted sliced homemade bread, chunky peanut butter, strawberry jam and a bowl of chicken noodle soup! I don't know about protocol but I know what I like!
  12. Yup... Dark Colombian with one scoop of espresso in the automatic coffee maker. Army Strong.
  13. Preaching to the choir my friend, preaching to the choir. Yeah, I know. You just happened to trigger my little rant. I knew what you were getting at. Sorry. Chuck
  14. With all that 'safety' stuff... how's the kid supposed to have fun? To me, I don't know how to say it without raising anyone's hackles but how is the kid supposed to learn how to take care of himself with all that 'false security' stuff? I think we've all seen cracked Pro-tec helmets on students when they get drug by an open canopy on a windy day. I learned how to protect myself from getting hurt doing stuff as a kid. I have nothing against all that safety stuff if that helps parents. I think a lot of it is over-kill. Kids are going to get scuffs an bruises. It's part of growing up. Oh, we took responsibility for it, too! Chuck