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  1. ADORABLE! Ya gonna bring them by for Christmas and play in the snow! We could have some fun!
  2. She's a fun gal to hang with. Here's another one of her status updates from a couple days ago. "They say don't count your chickens before they hatch. I say if you're counting chickens you have enough problems so do whatever you want."
  3. I like her status at the moment that says "I've got the attention span of"
  4. Your manliness is secure. Now, can we go see The Help? It really was a good movie! You should see it! By the way, thanks again for the fridge art. We still have it up as a memento of a spectacular weekend!
  5. I like the other one on FB,...NO not the bucket one Looked like a bucket to me!
  6. Oh! I'm not sure if I should laugh, cry or whistle whoot woo for that picture!
  7. It looks like I'm holding up the Vigil wind blade but in reality it was holding me up. Interview on the NW Women's record jump today on KOMO radio at 3:30! Wish me luck! I'm not much of a public speaker!
  8. So this happened just a couple years ago. I jump a custom harness system and everything fits very snug. However I'm a somewhat small girl and very flexible. On, this jump I had a rather hard opening and I found myself completely out of my harness, dangling upside down beneath my rig hanging by my bent knees from the leg straps. I'd fallen through the bottom of my rig and luckily my knees caught on the leg straps otherwise I'd have been back in freefall sans parachute. My problem at this point was that I have very little upper body strength. OK, I have very little lower body strength either. But I was going to need some strength to pull myself back up into the rig. I remember wondering if I could land like that? I decided against it. I ended up being able to (adrenalin induced strength!) pull myself back up and under the back pack and squish myself somehow back into the harness but it wasn't easy and all the while worrying that I'd slip again and not be able to catch myself. I was too scared to jump for a time after that and I have bad nightmares. Still do from time to time. I learned that I HAVE TO TIE MY LEG STRAPS TOGETHER. Preferable sewn down. Bungee cords are not secure enough. Too much give. I use doubled up binding tape.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their support, donations and buying all those raffle tickets! I'm so exhausted... I had to get up this morning for a dr. visit and then I went straight back to bed and have been using my laptop in bed for the rest of the day. It's going to take me a while to recoup my energy! Not to mention all the sore muscles, weird bruises everywhere and the laryngitis from yelling so much after the record was set! The event was much more than just a women's dive. Although I have to say that was pretty spectacular! If you haven't seen the vid, it's posted on Facebook. It was an edge of your seat moment. We'd made three prior practice jumps with the main group before we added the last three participants and extra plane into the mix. I also made three jumps chasing tandems for people that raised $500 or more for the charity and got to make a free Leap for Lupus. John took them on tandem and I chased them and held their hands in free fall. It was really awesome! One girl came to make her tandem jump later afternoon on Sunday. She was making the jump for her friend Anita who jumped with me last year after raising funds for the LFL. Anita was going to do it again this year but she lost her life due to Lupus this last May. So Nori came to make the jump in her stead. The winds had picked up greatly and I usually don't jump in high winds, but this had to be an exception. I couldn't miss jumping with Nori in memory of Anita. Thanks to DangerRoo for going out to the field to catch me so I wouldn't blow away! That was a scary one coming down in those kinds of winds! As soon as I saw her and Dan running towards me as I descended the last few feet, I knew I'd be OK. All went really well with this years event. The sun came out to play all weekend, which is an awesome thing around here! Thanks again for making this such a success this year. I wish you all could have made it out to the event! We couldn't have done this without you!
  10. I'm metal free too! JohnMitchell got the pliers out and took my naval ring out in preparation for my MRI which was canceled at the last min. and rescheduled for next Monday. So I'll be metal free all weekend. Your metal removal doesn't sound like it was as much fun as mine though. Hope you feel better soon!! Good luck with the PT! ** Motorcycles are dangerous!
  11. Will someone tell V that John has hijacked her account again and that she needs a stronger password??! John's working radar this afternoon. It's just me.
  12. Oh John... You are so naïve... There are millions of women out there desperate for their man's schlong to grow an extra couple of inches... Even if it means slipping some pills in the unsuspecting man's beer!! JohnMitchell definitely doesn't need anything like that! Besides, he brings me my beer. And he opens it for me!
  13. There were no tandems 28 years ago when I took my static line first jump course. My instructor back then was seriously cute. I talked him into marrying me somehow and I still have a huge crush on him to this day. He's still super hot!
  14. Notice how empty the front of our fridge is? Our 17 yo daughter took down all the old stuff and magnets last week. I had to swipe the flag magnet from my gun safe. We're in the rebuilding phase.
  15. Love it! Thanks! Haha, love it! A place of honor! Now I'm curious. Show us a pic of said artwork.
  16. WePay is totally fine. That's why we have it there. It's convenient and easy. Thanks for your support! I appreciate it! https://www.wepay.com/tickets/view/123861
  17. You can also buy tickets on our web site. https://www.wepay.com/tickets/view/123861 I don't have all the sponsors up yet on our page but I'm working on it. I'm not very good at web design. When you buy online a tiny portion goes to the wepay people but it's better than not getting any tickets at all if that's the only way you can do it. Again, thanks so much for your support! I've had a very hard year and had to go back on chemo all winter/spring. I've been off it for about 2 months now but I'll probably have to go back on it again soon. My doctor was reluctant in giving me this long of a break. I'm really hoping that they will come up with better drugs through this research if not a cure. Another note: We had a girl come to the boogie last year that had lupus. She had gathered $500 in donations for the LFL and got a free tandem jump. I jumped out with her and of course she had a great time. She was preparing to do it again this year but sadly she passed away from her lupus this last May. This is why we're working so hard for this research. I hope to see many of you at the boogie!!
  18. Yup, I'm unable to pack. That is a problem.
  19. Sure - If JM goes gay it leaves his other half available and you are complaining? I make daily checks on JohnMitchell. He's not in danger of going gay. Trust me.
  20. I voted! Haven't made quilts before, I understand what kind of talent and work goes into one of those. She's amazing!
  21. Just as a follow up to this thread.... The pizza I made that Mr. Mitchell didn't like was gone by morning. My 19 year old son, who is VERY picky about his food, ate both large pizzas. He said it was the best! So it looks like I'm just cooking for the wrong people. Chicken breast, grilled onions, fresh green beans look good on your plate. Slap them on pizza dough with some BBQ sauce topped with cheese is even better. Of course cheese makes everything better. But anyway, JohnMitchell is fixin' his own food now. No more complaining to the cook! It's all good.
  22. Humm, I think green beans might sounds good for my next lasagna. Maybe you better make it from now on.