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  1. That's cool, I have a smart 190, and my Rigger said it's "doable," but I also kinda wanted to be able to sell it with my current container.
  2. My current reserve will fit, just very tight, just trying to see what my options are.
  3. LoL I guess I wasn't completely clear, I've been there, I just didn't know if there would be anything else not listed on the sizing chart that's more comparable to the ones I listed without going down to a 168/160 or lower. Thanks. Blues!
  4. Hey all, Looking for a new reserve and need something that will fit comfortably in a V350, but I haven't been able to find an OP176/193 or PD176. What other reserves have a similar pack volume? All the Best, Merrick
  5. Merrick


    She's awesome as always!
  6. Merrick


    The Wednesday evening Pub sessions. What happened in the Pub, stays on forever! Ha! I remember the pub... Them OG feels.
  7. Oh dude, the itch never went away. Blues, Merrick
  8. Love it! Haven't seen this picture in years. Palmer's the man, and the man that taught me to skydive. blues, Merrick
  9. We just had this guy at the DZ last weekend. No log book, no jumps since a surgery in August... So he went on a 1/1 with radio. We did not let him live it down. And Merrick: Get on with it! That was basically what they told me, everyone else is booked for other things that day... and I don't play golf, ever. LOL We will Remi, just have to wait a little longer. Blues, Merrick
  10. Oh my damn! Blues, Merrick
  11. Thanks brother. Apparently they only have one for ground school, and since it's been so long we have to take the full class. Blues, Merrick
  12. When you have your first re-currency class and jump scheduled for Sunday and the DZ calls to tell you their ground school instructor can't make it. Blues, Merrick
  13. Fiction? Non-fiction? What do you write about? Holy hell Dave, that sounds awesome, I'm going to check it out. How many books are contracted for? All the Best, Merrick
  14. Hey Don, how the heck are you brother. Nothing's really changed, 2/3 of our kids are adults now, and I need a little more nylon and jet fumes in my life. All the Best, Merrick