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  1. jumpwally

    DC - 3 Rebuild

    I've been watching the Mister Douglas build. i have many jumps from him from the 80's. I think its the sexiest plane ever. I just wished they had more pics and such. That being said anyone that likes the 3 you will enjoy another dc-3 build on you tube. Its called Plane Savers from the son of the ICE PILOTS show. They are trying to rebuid a 3 for the anniversary of D-Day. Skip to episode 102 to see actual work. enjoy....thx to all
  2. jumpwally

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    .....and that's all you have to worry about ?
  3. jumpwally

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Got mine yesterday,,,,incredible ,,,,a must have
  4. I think you would get more donors if there were progress photos for people to check out...most folks don't like investing into a black hole.
  5. Is there any video of the ash dive ? thx
  6. jumpwally

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Is there a web site,,how do I buy one ?
  7. jumpwally

    California City Stories

    What did the City end up doing with it ? For some reason I thought I heard Tom Cruise bought it....crazy shit...
  8. anyone ? is is t a secret ? Does Mark still own it ?
  9. Where is this work being done at ?
  10. jumpwally

    Reverse S fold pack job

    How about a rubber band on the tail to hold slider ? I've seen it before...
  11. jumpwally

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    30 million from what exactly ?
  12. jumpwally

    Has anybody tried Icarus (Spain) S Fire?

    Nobody ? really ?
  13. jumpwally

    Ash pouch

    I beleive Jump Shack has one or has made them in the past...